Happy 1st Birthday Forrest! Here Comes Your Sibling!

SarahYip_KrisForrestBirthdayHappy 1st birthday to Forrest! Little guy, we made it, somehow, with the help of your amazing Dad Kris, our family, friends and Guardian Angels. Wow, it’s really been the best, most tiring and enlightening year of my life.

I’ll keep this short and sweet – being a psychic mum has been wayyy better than expected. I avoided having kids until 35, because I thought my sensitivity would make it impossible to cope with the sleep deprivation, crying and lifestyle changes that babies entail. I was the type of person who couldn’t function without eight hours of sleep before I had Forrest. Just ask my partner.

So, it’s been a blessing to realise that, not only does my body know exactly how to be a mum, my years of spiritual training have prepared me perfectly for parenthood. My career has also given me the support network I needed to overcome all my fears around keeping Forrest alive and well.

For example, my ability to meditate not only helped me to have a natural waterbirth, I’m able to instantly relax even when exhausted – a few minutes of guided meditation truly feels like hours of sleep. See my latest Angel Meditation.

It’s also been a Godsend to be telepathic, because I can predict what Forrest wants, and don’t feel as helpless when he’s angry. I’ve also stopped him many times from hurting himself, through mother’s instinct and Spiritual warnings.

In Rupert Sheldrake’s book The Science Delusion, he mentions studies that prove lactating mothers let-down milk when their babies need them, even if they are miles away. He says “A telepathic connection between mothers and their babies makes good sense in evolutionary terms. (Telepathic) mothers would tend to have babies that survived better…”

I couldn’t agree more! People who don’t believe in psychics have clearly never met mothers like me, who knew when their babies were about to eat scissor blades, or give themselves concussion.

Forrest and I are so connected, that I’ll find him crying in his sleep after I’ve had a meltdown, and vice versa. Yesterday I awoke with tears, only to hear Forrest upset at the other end of the house.

This unbreakable bond is a good thing because it means that I can lift Forrest’s mood, by having a healing or cheering myself up. It’s also kept me more honest – I can’t harbour grudges anymore, because Forrest will stop sleeping when he senses I am anxious.It’s a case of two happy Souls for the price of one.

No wonder people say he’s calm – he’s used to having two parents who read people for a living – I do numerology and palmistry, while his Dad Kris does Tarot in Brisbane. All three of us have silk skin in palmistry, which means we feel things long before they happen.

That’s why we had to move house while pregnant – I needed to be close to nature, closer to my in-laws and away from pollution. Having a baby is enough stress without living next to a stinky highway. What skin do you have in palmistry?

I believe that, all children are deeply connected to their parents, especially their mothers’ feelings. They are simply loudspeakers for our hearts. That’s why i’m glad I’m in a regular yoga practice, because it gives me an outlet when I feel I can’t take one more day of nappies and chaos.

Thank you Forrest, for inspiring me to stop being anorexic, for healing my confidence through breastfeeding and teaching me all about psychic babies. You and Kris have given me a reason to stay here on the planet and I am so grateful.

Oh – and I hope you enjoy your new sibling!! That’s right, Kris and I are delighted to announce we’re having another baby.
Amazingly, for someone who was told they could be infertile in 2012, I fell pregnant for the second time just a week after fully weaning Forrest last year. I had been seeing a new baby in my meditations for weeks, and it looks like she (we think it’s a she) is ready to rumble.

Forrest always told me I was running late with him, so I shouldn’t be surprised the next kid has arrived so quickly. It’s like when you miss your bus then two come at once. I had just completed Holly Wodetzki’s Sacred Dance for Women Course and Hong Curley’s Quantum Healing Retreat when I conceived – all that Tantric learning and accelerated energy clearing definitely paid off.

So, I will be on maternity leave from August/ September 2017. I hope to see you for a psychic reading or numerology workshop before then, otherwise there’s always next year! I’m already taking bookings for April to June, so save your spot soon with a $100 deposit. Take care and thanks for your support of this blog.

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