11 Secrets To A Successful Therapy Business – Webinar

This class was a huge success! Keen to know what we covered? Buy the replay for $22 at my online store A more recent class is Change for Good – A Spiritual Money webinar for 11:11 See’rs.
I also now coach women business leaders in 11:11 World Changers.

Do you want to start a successful therapy business?
Already working as a therapist/ reader/ coach/ healer and want to supercharge your energy?
Sick of being paid peanuts and feeling under-valued?
Tired of not trusting yourself to go to the next level?
Struggle with marketing and pricing your services?

Then join me for this special two hour evening and intimate Q&A.
Due to the sensitive content, I’m working with 20 people max. so book soon!! It’s $99 per person for insights you won’t find anywhere else. This information will absolutely save (and make) you many thousands of dollars if applied accurately. I’ll share 11 secrets to a successful therapy business, including:

-Business name numerology and how it attracts/ repels clients

-Why healing your inner sceptic is the key to unleashing your inner genius and entrepreneur

-Why sensitive people have exactly what it takes to create ethical businesses which change the world and earn them a great living

-Ideal levels and types of self-care for longevity as a therapist

-Pricing yourself so that customers commit (and refer friends!)

-How to avoid ‘crown shyness’ & racing competitors to the bottom

-The joy of critics and trolls and how to objection-handle them

-Why a healthy ego, sense of humour and network of mentors, peers AND followers are the key to a healthy business ecosystem

and much more…

Who am I? A former United Nations and Australian Government scientist, policy worker and NGO fundraiser who:

-Made the switch from a 9-5 job to self-employment (and has read for 3, 000+ people since 2007, making over $400K in take home income. Not bad for a former sceptic who started from scratch)

-Recovered from major traumas including the 2004 tsunami, workplace bullying and anorexia to get married and have kids.

-Has read for many celebs and people on my bucket list, including Liz Gilbert (Eat Pray Love), Nat Cook (Olympian), Ellen (I sent her a Xmas reading) and Robin Bailey (former radio host). See Famous People Readings

-Has qualifications in Holistic counselling, Past life regression and has worked as a psychic reader/ therapist for over a decade.

From market readings for $15, my starting packages are now $450-$1100 and I have a waitlist year round. I’ve been featured on radio, in media and met my husband Kris Anderson, reading his palm on TV for a relationship segment. He is now a psychic too.

My blogs at sarahyip.com have reached 1-2 million people, all with the help of the 11:11 Guides who will work with you on this call as well. Good things happen when you let the light in!

Keen to learn more? Buy the replay for $55 at my online store

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