Join Your 2020 Numerology Forecast – Webinar 2 Jan 2020

Announcing my latest webinar, hope to see you on this unique call!
Bookings now open, save your spot for $44

Are you ready for bliss?
See 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 111, 222, 333, 444 and other repeating numbers?
Sick of being a reactor instead of a creator (note the anagram)?
Ready to show your heart and build your biggest dreams with a tribe who adore you?

2020 is a Universal 4 Year of Perfect Vision and Heart Healing. It’s the year we go from always tired to globally inspired. Millions of us are ready to leave the lessons of the first 3 chakras behind (security/ approval and looking good). We’ll be transmuting the pain into gain (both have a 22/4 vibration) in 2020 to become virtual Buddhas (Buddha also adds to 22/4).

The new generation are growing up fast, and proving to be masters of peace and creativity, who work from heart frequency to shift everyone they meet into a higher octave of consciousness.

Bookings now open, save your spot for $44. In numerology 44 is the vibration of words like HAPPINESS, MEDICINE, COMMITMENT, ETERNITY and SWIMMING…44 adds to 8 which is the eternity loop/ God chakra. I love using using sacred numbers as the price point to help boost the learnings.

Join me on this 2 hour call (allow 2.5hours all up), as we explore:
– 11:11 Numerology and Chinese astrology tips for 2020 – a look at humanity and our biggest invitations this decade

– 2020’s numerology greatest themes, threats and teachers
(Hint: 22’s and 4’s will be super activated! Also the 2’s to a secondary extent Find Your Lifepath using your date of birth)

-2020 month by month highlights (everything takes off in June!)

-How your lifepath and personal year forecast interact with 2020’s energies

-Why Whales are the animal totem for 2020 (Whale, Sing, Water and Angels have a 22/4 energy – whales are the Guardian Angels of our oceans and em-oceans/ emotions – they speak for love)

– Questions and answer time

You will not find this combination of info anywhere else as it’s basically a group channelling/ educational event I create and run with the 11:11 Guides’ assistance. Don’t miss out on a special night! Remember you’ll get access to the video replay and full notes if you sign up.

Bookings now open, save your spot for $44.

Thanks in advance for your incredible support and see you on the call my Starseed and Spiritual Teacher friends. Together we rise.

With love, Sarah and the 11:11 Guides

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And a song to get you in the mood: Kevin James Carroll’s ‘Dance with the Whales’.

Dance with the whales/ Into the Sea
Deep blue water/ Calling to me
Dance with the whales/ Into the Sea
Deep blue water/ Calling to me

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