8 Benefits of Running Your Own Business (and Life)!

Running your own business is the best personal growth program you’ll ever complete. That’s a quote I heard a long time ago and it’s not far from the truth!

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As much as I love being a parent, there’s no question that switching from a fundraising and science career to the esoteric world of palmistry and numerology has been far more difficult and profound, at least for now.

It’s literally been a change of religion. I chose to follow the Christian faith until my late teens (and would bug my parents to take me to church), and those principles dominated my life until my lifepath turning point of 29 (I am a 29/11 lifepath in numerology – find your lifepath).

Now, I believe that the old way is being replaced by the 11:11 Way and Age of Aquarius (this post). Seeing 11:11 is a sure-fire sign you’ll be starting a new lifestyle in the next few years, often changing careers in the process!

Here are 8 Benefits of Running Your Own Business (and Life), based on my experiences as a professional psychic over the past 12 or so years.

1) You never stop (l)earning (it’s 5:55pm as I write this, the code for positive change and revolution). If you want to stay forever young, fill your days with something you never get tired of – love can keep us going through the darkest hours. I do numerology and palmistry readings in my downtime, meeting people in public, even in my sleep sometimes! It never gets boring, I just love figuring out how people tick. Notice how Learn is ‘Earn’ with an L plate in front? You make money when you grow people. Roger Hamilton has a useful system for profiling called Wealth Dynamics, FYI I’m a Supporter type, which means my network is my net worth. Adrian Pon runs a related Meetup in Brisbane which I recommend.

2) It makes you a visionary leader and can balance your polarity. Almost always, people are buying a perception rather than a product. They are investing in your ideas of the world and creativity. So if you want to stay in business, you quickly learn to manage your vibration and attitude. No one buys coffee from someone grumpy unless you’re the only option around! As the (apparently) Chinese saying goes, ‘a man without a smiling face must not open a shop’. Even in this online world, your energy travels through emails and customer interactions – people know when you’re just in it for a quick buck. Seth Godin’s blog is a must-read for marketing wisdom.

For me, running a business has balanced my male-female energies as I need to be an all-in-one achiever who can made decisions while still being compassionate. It’s always interesting to observe when I get floods of female or male clients as I work through issues in my personal life. Often the clients have the same lifepaths as the people I am struggling with!

3) You attract fellow sailors instead of barnacles. As the quote goes, ships are safest in harbour, but that’s not what ships are made for’. Your relationship with your Soul starts before you are even born. It sent you here to fulfil a purpose and you’ll only discover what that is by taking risks.

Since I started my own business, I found a side of myself that’s rebellious, swashbuckling and adventurous – not qualities I expressed when I had a 9 to 5. I’ve met so many Souls I admire simply by asking to look at their hands or numbers – see my Famous People page. That said, I encourage people transition into self-employment if possible – it’s kinder to your nervous system and bank balance! It took me a few years of part-time readings before I was ready to walk from my day job. I also used a credit card to fund the first stage of business, which took some time to pay off.

4) The sky’s the limit – you can really breathe. The first few times I met Suki Kasinathan (Party Palmistry – she studied with me), she was so involved in events that I joked I’d have to quit my career to stay her buddy.

We would hang out on the beach on the Gold Coast and I’d wish that I could spend Mondays with my feet in the water instead of getting into hot water with my boss! Well, my words came true – I kept my friend and now I can swim whenever I get the urge. That’s prosperity to me, especially as a Silk or Psychic Skin in palmistry (see this post) – we need water to thrive.

5) You learn to appreciate money as physical gratitude. When I worked for the Australian Government, United Nations, NGOs etc., I was around a lot of money (especially as fundraiser) but it didn’t give me a feeling. I liked the paychecks however something always felt missing inside – honestly, I think I was born to be an entrepreneur. I used to run a book club at age 8 and sell handmade toys to other students for pocket money. No surprise, as many members of my family also had their own businesses in Asia.

I’ll never forget the first time someone gave me $10 for a palmreading (I wish I had framed it) – it felt like pure profit, the result of years and years of self-study and waiting for my chance to share the joy with somebody else. I still get that thrill when people book for readings and workshops – it feels like a privilege as I know many girls in my lineage never got the chance to work or to live their lives independently (due to bound feet, sexism etc.)

6) You stop judging your parents and their perceived faults. The longer I run a business (and family), the more I appreciate the turmoil that my mum and dad went through to keep me moving up in life. Like many migrants to Australia, my dad used to work 7 days a week to pay for our simple lifestyle, after coming to Australia with only a few dollars and a small radio.

When you run a business, you learn that nothing is certain. Some weeks, you put in long hours only to get $30 income, other weeks you take your eye off the ball and somehow, the $$$ roll in. The consistency is what matters. I’m so happy I started my psychic career before having kids as it has given me ultimate flexibility to stay at home with my husband Kris and our sons, Forrest and Charlie.

7) You stop stressing about breadcrumbs and focus on the bakery.
At the funeral of my friend Butterfly (a 33/6 Master Healer lifepath, who I posted about), another friend told a story of how she taught her children to be self-sufficient. When they ran out of money at a festival, they started busking to create change, literally. I love that tale, as it inspires me to think that my kids will have a huge head start – they’ll see from our efforts that ongoing creation brings 100x more satisfaction than appeasing the critics. FYI, my cousin Anthea Cheng is an amazing vegan baker, see Rainbow Nourishments. She has 151K followers on Instagram alone.

8) It inspires fitness and mental health, inside and out. They call it running a business because it’s an exercise of your power. See my post on the solar plexus and self-employment. In my late 20’s, I knew I was off-track. I was unfit, not falling pregnant, fighting with my partner and colleagues and depressed. Later on, I discovered that I had anorexia and probably, Asperger’s (no diagnosis yet as I am a bit funny about labels).

Around my lifepath turning point age of 28-29, not only did my dad get cancer, I went overseas and found out that a number of female relatives had mental illness and some had suicided or died from their conditions.

These revelations convinced me that I had to pursue my dream of psychic work and writing, because it would force me to look after my sanity and sensitive body. I can only do psychic readings when I am eating well and working out, because they require incredible concentration (similar to a driving test or job interview – all my sessions are recorded for accuracy!)

While running your own business isn’t for everyone, it is a wonderful adventure that’s well worth exploring at some stage in your life, especially if you see 11:11 and repeating numbers. There is a confidence and humour you gain from looking after yourself that cannot be bought.

Yes, you may fail, but you will fail forwards. Byron Katie talks about ‘minding your own business’ for happiness, and that’s definitely what being an entrepreneur gives you – a chance to birth your dreams and raise them how you want! Thanks to Lisa, Alexis and my other clients this month who asked about new businesses and finding the courage to back yourself.

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