12 Courses That Changed My Life! A Deeper Look at Personal Years in Numerology

I am a huge fan of going with the flow. That’s why I’ve devote my life to analysing people’s names, dates of birth and soul contracts. When you know your Personal Year in Numerology, you can make the most of upcoming events. To use a metaphor, you’re the first person at the buffet, while others are still looking for the carpark!

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This blog gives real-life examples of how I’ve navigated my Personal Years. I love learning and wanted to share some of my favourite courses with you. These reviews are from the heart, and I have no financial links with any of the people or organisations listed. I’ve listed pros and cons for each program, which must be my Composite Whorl fingerprints speaking.We live in 9 year cycles, so 2015 may remind you of 2006. You always have free will, so if you often find a particular Personal Year difficult, I suggest that you focus on healing that chakra and area of your life. This will help you to create a brighter future.

In 2007, I entered a 1 Personal Year of New Beginnings (Healing the Root Chakra – learning to start again, have courage and heal family roots dramas). 1 Years are all about kicking personal goals.Course 1: This was the year I made a big career change from science to fundraising. As part of my transformation, I completed eQ Events‘ Personal Success Intensive (PSI) and Life Design Course.PSI was around $150 for a weekend (you can find it cheaper through Groupon) and Life Design was $6995 for a week intensive and year of meetings. The company used to be Success & You.

Pros: I loved the positive atmosphere – we broke boards, did a firewalk, competed in team games and experienced kinesiology, EFT and breathwork. I started my palmistry business at Life Design during one of the challenges, which changed my life forever.

Cons: The Life Design course included an optional session where you were encouraged to buy an apartment from a developer. This part wasn’t for me. The events require a lot of energy and would suit people ready for major changes who thrive in a group.

In 2008, I entered a 2 Personal Year of Partnerships (Healing the Sacral Chakra – learning to listen to my intuition and be cooperative). 2 Years encourage relationships and slowing down.

Course 2: I followed my instincts and completed a psychic course with Julianna in Brisbane. It was around $300 for 6-8 weeks. Pros: I saw genuine channelling for the first time. Julianna is very direct and her approach to spiritual matters emphasises personal knowledge over superstition. I made some great friends. No cons but I note that Julianna doesn’t run this course any longer.

In 2009, I entered a 3 Personal Year of Creativity (Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra – learning to speak up and take back my power). 3 Years are good for travel and learning new skills.

Course 3: After much research, I enrolled in The Awakening Group’s Certificate in Holistic Counselling which was around $2000 at the time. Pros: Wow!  Nine months of group and individual sessions with passionate teachers was extraordinary. I pushed through so many blocks and still use The Work of Byron Katie, Family Constellations and other techniques regularly. I met great mentors (Brenda Sutherland and Caroline Byrd) through this course.

In a 3 Personal Year we often re-examine our relationships with parents and authority. Can you believe it? My Dad was diagnosed with cancer while I was completing my final assignment. Talk about timing! I could not have been better equipped for the experience (he is ok now, thank goodness).

Cons: You have to be committed to get the most from Holistic Counselling. There are no quick fixes on the road to wellbeing. This course is extremely deep and you can’t avoid your demons if you want to connect to the light.

In 2010, I entered a 4 Personal Year of Security (Healing the Heart Chakra – learning boundaries, forgiveness and organisation). 4 Years are good for improving your health and finances. I began studying Nutrition at AIAS this year, which was challenging as I also became a terrible workaholic (!)

In 2011, I entered a 5 Personal Year of Risk (Healing the Throat Chakra – learning to listen to your inner voice, break free of restrictions and see other points of view). 5 years bring opportunity and I chose to leave my 9-5 job in May 2011 (which was my 1 Personal Month of Beginnings – great timing).

Course 4: I studied Nutrition at AIAS, which cost around $550 a subject. Pros: I loved the people. One lecturer Leonie McDonald helped me immensely. She said ‘quit your job’ when I talked to her about work and I ended up taking her advice (!) Later on I discovered that Leonie is an 11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath like me. No wonder she recognised my potential. Sadly, I dropped out of school in 2012 due to an eating issue (see ISIS course below). 5 Personal Years often escalate our addictive behaviours.

Cons: The college raised their prices substantially, which led me to conclude that having one science degree was enough. No need to spend another $10K on more paperwork.

Course 5: I adore Rosie Stave and went to her five day intensive onThe Work of Byron Katie Retreat, which cost $2200, including accommodation. Pros: I loved being immersed in The Work and being with many conscious souls. Cons: There was a juice fast which I could not complete. My body wasn’t ready.

In 2012, I entered a 6 Personal Year of Love (Healing the Third Eye Chakra – learning about work/ life balance and opening our minds and psychic abilities). 6 Years often highlight our close relationships.

Course 6: I completed The Landmark Forum and various seminars with Landmark Education. The Brisbane Forum was $670. Pros: Doing the Forum helped me release severe anger towards my ex-partner, my family and myself. Interestingly, I met my current partner Kris a week afterwards, which felt like Divine timing. Landmark is full of 11 numerology/ energy and it pushes you to ask the big questions about where you are going. I still use their techniques to clear frustration with others.

Cons: Landmark is not for the faint hearted. Although I wouldn’t call it a cult, their staff and volunteers pressure you to bring family and friends along. This can become stressful. I found some of their teachings overly intellectual. At one stage, someone suggested to me ‘if your partner doesn’t agree with Landmark maybe you need to choose between the two’. So I left Landmark. I wouldn’t rule out going back, it’s just that I’m getting better results using creative therapies and counselling.

2020 update: Please note, I no longer recommend Landmark Education AT ALL and I wouldn’t go down that path again. I find counselling and energy healing way more effective and less hit-and-miss. Research its founders and you will understand where I am coming from. It is like a church without the compassion and the focus on selling courses is way too calculating. 

In 2013, I entered a 7 Personal Year of Wisdom (Healing the Crown Chakra – learning to declutter, simplify and embrace inner growth). 7 Years are good for study and taking sabbaticals.

Course 8: I went back to study mediumship with Debbie B Mewes, the weekend was approx. $350. Pros: Debbie was one of my first teachers and knows her stuff. It was at her Goddess retreat many years ago that I discovered my abilities. 7 Personal Years encourage us to question the status quo. Debbie advocates drinking fresh water without fluoride, which I agree with. I developed clairvoyance after giving up tap water for a few months and increasing meditation. Read more.

Cons: I find mediumship confronting as it can bring up strong emotions for the client and psychic. However Debbie and my other friend Amanda Morrison are excellent teachers.

In 2014, I entered an 8 Personal Year of Power (Healing the Karmic Blueprint Chakra – learning assertiveness, generosity and wise investment). 8 Years are about seeing the big picture.

Course 9: After her presentation at Red Tent Australia, I attended Angela Hryniuk’s Enlightenment & Money Retreat, which cost around $1900 for a weekend, not including accommodation. Pros: Angela is an inspiring person who’s recovered from alcoholism and child abuse to become a public speaker and spiritual teacher.

Cons: Although the people were lovely, the retreat was not groundbreaking for me. Upon reflection, I prefer structured training programs to brief intensives. I also had concerns regarding the referencing of materials/ handouts, which were not addressed until some time after the event. I studied part of Angela’s Ascension Mastery program, and enjoyed aspects such as the Mind Gems techniques, but did not complete the post-weekend followup for various reasons.

Course 10: I was excited to attend Ian White’s Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences workshop, which was around $350 for the weekend. Pros: This was my first formal numerology class and it exponentially improved my self-confidence. Ian is very generous and he shifted me to the next level of abundance. My business soared within a week of this event – read more on the metaphysics of money. I’ve published a reading for Ian, see here. Note: I repeated this course in 2017 because it was so interesting.

Cons: There was a lot to learn. If you love numerology this will be paradise. If you’re a beginner, don’t sweat if it doesn’t all sink in the first time around. Take your time.

In 2015, I entered a 9 Personal Year of Rewards & Conclusions (Healing the Spiritual Blueprint Chakra – learning surrender, morality and truth). 9 Years are full of surprises and change.

Course 11: I was delighted to attend Toni Reilly’s SoulLife Past Life Regression Training, which was $2200 for five days, not including accommodation. Pros: One of the best courses I have ever done. I was overjoyed to learn from Toni, who I truly admire. She has worked her way up to become one of Australia’s foremost Past Life Regression experts and is spot on with her observations. I discovered a passion for regressions I never knew existed. 9 Personal Years reveal our past life talents and give us a chance to heal the globe through philanthropy. Read more about my adventures in Toni’s course.

Cons:  You can’t rush into past life regression, and it’s not something you can ‘sell’, as Toni explained. There are many misconceptions. For example your Soul may take you to a current life or life between lives memory. You don’t always see a past life. Some people think they can’t be hypnotised when this is not true, or they wonder if they are making it up. So part of being a regression facilitator is myth-busting and education. Fortunately, I quite like sceptics, after all I used to be one (!!) Nowadays, I find that good work speaks for itself…

Course 12: I’m currently completing a group therapy course with ISIS  – The Eating Issues Centre, which costs $300 for 10 weeks. Pros: It’s a supportive, safe environment to explore recovery from my anorexia. I’m enjoying the workbook ‘Don’t Diet, Live-it!’ Therapies such as art, music, dance and meditation definitely work better for me than psychoanalysis.

Read more about my metaphysical take on anorexia. 9 Personal Years encourage spiritual growth and rewiring your psychology/ belief systems. They’re a wonderful time for letting go of chronic issues. Cons: None. I feel blessed to be in this program.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the Personal Years. Of course, your experience will differ from mine, but I hope you find some inspiration from this writeup. If you have any questions, please book a reading, numerology course, or join me on facebook at The Numbers Queen.


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This is great things. Thanks lot for sharing useful things. It’s helped me happy with myself.

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Live Stock Future Market Trend on Friday, 27 November 2015 5:32 PM

I really like to visit your blog post regularly. There are useful details that I catch for my use. good job..

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