Are you a Wordaholic? Palmistry Markings in Writers’ Hands (Writer’s Fork, etc.)

Like many people, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was little. I have diaries dating back 25 years full of drawings, photos and tales of odd moments in life (e.g. my mum breaking her foot outside the doctor’s surgery – how convenient!, my best friend putting her sister in a wheelie bin after a fight, and so on…)

Of course – just because you have something, doesn’t mean you use it! Hence the number of ab-rollers and footspas for sale in secondhand stores. The joy of being human is we still have to get off our butts to succeed.

In a recent consultation I examined a woman’s hands and noticed every single marking for a writer in them. She exclaimed ‘Oh! All the psychic readers I’ve ever seen have said that! But I just never get around to it.’ At which point I recommended The Artist’s Way to her and let her be. Sigh – you can’t bring a horse to water, as they say!

Could you be a great writer? 
Prolifice writers like J. K. Rowling (see my Harry Potter post) have long, slim fingers, prominent knuckles, long nails and fairly long thumbs. These are good signs for writing as they indicate a patient, detailed and methodical personality with the determination to finish what they start.

Other signs for writing are:

-The classic Writer’s Fork at the end of the head line (the line travelling through the middle of your hand, starting about an inch above your Thumb). If the head line is fairly straight (like a ruler) the writing will be more technical or factual in nature. if the headline curves downwards like a willow branch, the writing will be more imaginative.

-A long Mercury (pinky) finger, that reaches to or beyond the first knuckle of the ring finger. The Mercury finger reflects our ability to speak, learn languages, write, teach, make money and flirt, among other things!

In many writers, the Mercury finger is low-set (starts almost 1cm lower than the ring finger), which indicates distance from their parents when young, and increases their desire to be heard. Owners of low-set Mercury fingers may attract partners resembling their parents until they work through early family issues. They benefit from personal growth courses and counselling regarding relationships. Often, success comes after the age of 30 and there is a deep connection with children.

-Long first phalanges of the fingers (the top thirds of your fingers) – indicating a deeply spiritual/ intellectual nature.

-A well marked line of intuition (Mercury Line) up to the Mercury (pinky) finger, indicating a good gut instinct and decision-making abilities.

-A well marked Sun line up to the ring/ Apollo finger – indicating you are ‘quiet inside’ and are connected to your higher purpose/ Spirit.

Note: You may have a writer’s fork in one hand but not the other. If the writers fork is in your active/ writing hand you are probably using your skills in your career. If it’s in your passive/ non-writing hand you may write more for personal interest e.g. by keeping a journal or writing postcards to friends.

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