Four Lessons from Standing Rock – We Must Protect Our Sacred Spaces

You’d have to live under a boulder not to know about Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline protest(NoDAPL). Essentially, the US Army Corps fast-tracked an oil pipeline across sacred sites and waterways, without properly consulting Native American tribes, including the Standing Rock Sioux. As a result, there have been mass protests and court proceedings by the tribes, as well as reports of police brutality. There are many news articles on the drama, but few talking about its spiritual significance. Here’s my take. Photo is from the Sacred Stone Camp facebook page.

Four Energetic Lessons from Standing Rock
1) We must defend our internal AND external sacred spaces, more now than ever before. The people closest to nature are its true messengers. We can’t allow the Tragedy of the Commons to continue. This revolution starts with protecting our heads and hearts from those who would invade them – the media, gurus, forces and ‘experts’ who are supposedly keeping us safe.

Just because someone is an ‘authority’ doesn’t mean they are kind (would you let a politician babysit your newborn?!) – a truly enlightened leader creates peers, not slaves. A tyrant’s goal is to scare you into giving up your choices.

The angrier you get, and the more you worry about the future, the more energy they gain from you. You can’t drive straight when you’re powerless and distracted. Foil their plans by staying present. This is our purpose as Lightworkers – to hold space (see this amazing post by Heather Plett), maintain integrity and focus on breaking the cycle of mass unconsciousness. It’s not easy, but it’s essential. We have to succeed, and we will! Spirit is on our side.

My tip: Meditation is an act of rebellion in a society that wants you to panic, follow the herd and fit in. So meditate often, to maintain your centre and connection to Spirit. It will give you trust and courage when you most need it.

2) Rushing breeds pain – please, slow down so love can find you. Bulldozing your way to success only creates dis-ease and disaster. When you ignore and pollute your gut instincts (inner waters), trouble ensues. I’m sure the US Army Corps and Energy Transfer Partners wish they had done the proper consultation for the Pipeline – they’re losing $80 million a month due to the holdup. It’s profound that the Standing Rock dispute is over water*, as water represents the Source of life, our creativity, fertility, inuition and emotions (i.e. the Sacral chakra  – or lower belly).

The Dakota Access Pipeline spotlights the dangers of ‘violent, short-sighted logic’ over respectful collaboration with nature and its guardians. It’s about selling our Souls versus healing our Soulmates. 11:11 means we are one, but we are many – winning at the expense of others is no longer an acceptable form of progress. It just creates massive negative karma and blocks humanity’s evolution.

Our children need us to raise the Earth’s vibration – that’s why they’re coming in with so many allergies and sensitivities – I have read for sooo many parents who have switched diets, filtered their water, changed careers and or moved house, because their babies could not thrive in low vibration lifestyles. These Crystal Children have totally different numerology to Baby Boomers, revealing their immense compassion. They’ve chosen to ‘appear weak’ so we can find the strength to protect them – read more. Also see Forrest’s crystal healings.

*My Honours thesis at CSIRO studied contaminated groundwater, which I now see as a metaphor for my struggle with ‘dirty’ feelings and secrets e.g. eating disorders and a family history of depression and alcoholism.

My tip: When faced with problems, don’t take shortcuts – choose the slow, sure route to truth even if it upsets others. If it takes decades to find a Soulmate, or your lifepath, so be it. If you have to try a dozen counsellors before trusting one, do it. Better to annoy someone now, than to devastate them later. Cheating on your purpose attracts infidelity, and compromising your planet can bring financial self-sabotage – our hearts know that we owe nature everything.  

3) You protect what you know, so make sure to stay wild at heart. A day without evolution is a day wasted. Cityslickers forget their origins and become scared of bugs, because we look at man-made buildings all day. We see walls – constant limitations – as safe. We seek elevators to ride instead of mountains to climb. Most of all, we are so overwhelmed with work, that we think money is important (Listen to Jessie J’s Price Tag for her witty take). We no longer value what is priceless, only what is priced.

That’s why it pays to go outside our comfort zone, often. We weren’t designed to sit down and be spoonfed life by SMS or email. As much as petitions feel great, it’s the bravery of protestors at Standing Rock which is repelling the police. We need to move – dance – leap to release lymph fluid (cell waste) and the regrets of yesterday. Exercising creates willpower and momentum. We automatically ‘stand up for ourselves’ and don’t hold back when upset, leading to better relationships and community respect.

Imagine if everyone on your street lived in one house, instead of separate dwellings. If someone fell sick, you’d rush to help them, right? Well it’s the same with nature – spend time camping on the land and you’ll soon become a greenie, No wonder so many psychics and spiritual healers recall past lives as shamans or Native Americans – these people were the original ‘land and Spirit doctors’.

My tip: This week when you go shopping, buy at something local and organic, preferably from the people who made it. Money is energy and we need to invest in conscious people (e.g. see Spray Free Farmacy and this post on the psychic power of food). Imagine if all healers were millionaires? The skies would be smiling. Also – go somewhere beautiful, even if its a local park or your front garden. When we connect with the forests, mountains and seas, we remember that we are unlimited beings, worthy of peace. After all, the sun shines equally on all of us.

Here is a suggested prayer, to be done with your feet on the ground…before you begin, multiple your age in years by 365.25. For example, I am 35 and 35 x 365.25 = 12, 784. Use this number below:

Dear Mama Earth. Thank you for supporting me for (add number – e.g. 12, 784) days plus time in utero. I’m so grateful. You have given me constant hope, love, air, water, food, money, and shelter. Although I’ve doubted you, I can now see that the odds are in my favour. I am always enough and always have enough. If there is anything I can do for you, please tell me loud and clear so I can get moving (pause to receive any images or ideas)…thank you. Bless you, bless me and bless the world. Amen (optional).

4) Collective non-violent action is the way of the new Millennium. It’s time to speak up, instead of listening to lies. The protestors at Standing Rock have been incredibly clever – using facebook to publish suppressed footage of police violence, voicing horror at the strip-searches of tribal elders, enlisting celebrity support and holding up mirrors to deflect aggressive energy from guards, See this photo by Lindsey Norton that went viral – it shows a girl called Sam, whose family were pepper-sprayed.

Imagine if the government razed your family’s property and graveyard without permission (after promising to protect them), then arrested and put you in a dog kennel. Unthinkable huh? Yet this is happening at Standing Rock.

My tip: The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creativity (as told to me by a Brahma Kumari). Educate yourself, but don’t be a slave to the news or facebook. Consider studying alternative religions, philosophy, psychic development or healing as a gift to your Higher Self. We can’t break patterns until we know them.

Please, check out my partner’s Conscious Wisdom Podcast and the Standing Rock links below.

In Conclusion

Controversy over Standing Rock, the US Election and other big news stories are part of the planetary shift towards accountability and energetic balance, aka the Age of Aquarius and 11:11 awakening.

We are in a 9 Universal Year in Numerology, which is about ending a cycle and embracing change from 2017. As 9 is ruled by Mars, the God of War, many people with 9 energy are drawn to activism – think of Gandhi (e.g. I am born on the 27th and my son is a 9 lifepath, or Old Soul).

I used to be an ardent environmental scientist and fundraiser, helping causes such as Greenpeace, Keep Australia Beautiful, the Australian Government and UN. Starseeds (Souls who have lived many lifetimes in other dimensions) often love charity work and travel – must be our restless natures…Many of us are sceptics, who see 11:11 and repeating numbers when it’s time for us to activate our healing abilities and connect with each other. The more you talk about synchronicity, the more miracles appear.

During my career, I witnessed many crises like Standing Rock, where ‘toxic people kept producing toxic results’. All the treaties in the world can’t stop pollution, because respect comes from the inside out. Those who trash their minds and bodies, always destroy their planet and Divine Mother. So I retrained as a counsellor and psychic, in the hopes of making a difference on a human scale. Honing my intuition has made me a ‘cosmic canary’ – someone who feels shifts long before others do. Being empathic is great in that I can guide people, but at times like this it sucks, because I’m so affected by group energies*.

I literally feel global sorrow in my bones and have had loads of aches and pains recently, as millions of people discover they have been manipulated by politicians and the media. *See these posts on the Girdle of Venus, Composite Whorls, Medical Stigmata and Silk Skin in palmistry. As someone with all these markings, I am 11/10 on the sensitivity scale. Perhaps you are too – if so, please, slow down and ask for help! Here is a list of my healers – I’ve had three sessions in the past week alone.

You are too precious to burn out. So am I – that’s why I’m not answering many calls or messages right now (thanks for understanding.) As hard as this month has been, I felt compelled to publish this post on the Great Shift.

I’m writing at a time when I’m getting 3 hours’ sleep a night, my son is weaning, I am weepy. my partner is between jobs, we’re a wedding, my body hurts and my computer has died (crashing this post several times). Yet despite all this stress, I feel happy inside, and totally on purpose. I love a good challenge. As they say, a woman is like a tea bag – you don’t know her strength until she’s in hot water (thanks, Eleanor Roosevelt). Apparently, I’m a very delicious blend…I hope you find some relief in this article – thanks for your support and may you grow closer to Mama Earth today. She loves you so much.

Help Standing Rock Now!
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 (we have!)
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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe facebook page
Sacred Stone Camp facebook page
A million people ‘check in’ to the Standing Rock Camp

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3 Comments to Four Lessons from Standing Rock – We Must Protect Our Sacred Spaces:

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Baheya Zahir Aysheh on Thursday, 10 November 2016 6:34 PM

Thank you dear star sister. We speak and feel the same. I’m humbled by your shared wisdom and I’m grateful for people like us, we are reclaiming our power back our natives know the truth always have, they are standing in peace role modeling for us all we are peace no war just love. Our voices are our call to stand strong and unite as one. I’m a true believer in all that you have shared and will keep sending love through light upon all of humanity to our sisters and brothers in Standing Rock it’s named that for a reason only the awakened soul understands through the eyes of consciousness can we remember to go back to our roots and Rediscover the beautiful immaculate light beings we are. We are all the flower of life we are one. I love you all unconditionally. Thank you again for being a light of love beautiful Goddess. Your star sister, Baheya Zahir Aysheh. 🙏❤️🙌🌸🌎😇🌟🌺⭐️️

Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Friday, 11 November 2016 12:31 AM

Hi Baheya, huge thank you for your kind feedback and support – I am so humbled by your reply and glad I posted about Standing Rock – I was quite nervous as its a little out of my usual blogging comfort zone. Your words are pure poetry and I agree we are all petals on the flower of life – in fact I wear this symbol all the time. Bless you fellow Goddess and hope to stay in touch xx

Paul Williams on Sunday, 27 November 2016 5:07 PM

Hi Sarah, thanks for your news/update. It is interesting that Donald Trump is one of the shareholders pushing for this pipeline to proceed, proving that pre-election promises mean nothing. If you access, you will see that a lot of US Army War Veterans are joining the protesters in the hope of having this construction stopped. Congratulations for your wedding, and don’t forget to ‘order’ a perfect weather day for the ceremony. Take care and stay safe, Paul

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