7 Discoveries About Babies That Blew My Brain – A Psychic’s Tale

Did you know? Babies are fully telepathic and come to teach us reconnection. This is something I’ve learned from being a mother and doing readings for thousands of parents and psychic kids.

Forrest is seven months old. What a miracle. As someone who’s battled crises (tsunami, anyone?), I am joyfully overwhelmed when I see my son. I thank Heaven, even when changing his nappy. The joke is, ‘before enlightenment, wipe baby’s butt – after enlightenment, wipe baby’s butt!’ At 35, I feel like I’ve finally achieved my potential…

2022 update – I just recorded a class on Spirit Babies and Psychic Kids in my Patreon study group, you can access the 27 October replay here. If you see 11:11, you were probably a psychic child btw.

2021 update – We’ve now had three beautiful sons – Forrest, Charlie and Ziggy! That’s Ziggy in the cover photo, he’s a total Star.

Here are 7 Discoveries About Babies That Blew My Brain

1) They’re fully awake in the womb. Before Forrest, I thought babies were like vegetables. I had this idea I could get away with bad behaviour until they went to school. Not so! Forrest has been teaching me since before he was even conceived. My first vision of him was in a meditation. He told me I was running late. During pregnancy, I’d get ‘downloads’ from him regarding what to eat (home-grown sprouts, sausages and chocolate were favourites) and where to give birth (we moved house to get into the RBWH Birth Centre when I was six weeks’ pregnant).

He also sent reassurance such as 11:11, bird signs and dreams. When I was stressing about money, he vibed ‘my people will take care of that’. Within days, we received an avalanche of donated clothes, furniture, toys etc. In the end we just bought nappies and socks. Thank goodness for the kindness of family and friends.

My tip: Before and after conceiving, talk to your baby – they can hear you even if you whisper in your head. If you don’t believe me, try talking to a baby in the womb and see what happens – Forrest used to respond to my questions with a roll or kick. They’re smarter than we realise.

2) They come with a full Spirit team. Babies may be physically helpless, but they can manifest all kinds of things, including the perfect birth for their life’s mission, Spirit signs to help you connect with them and incredible abundance (many parents start businesses as a result of their children – I started my apprentice program when I conceived Forrest and launched my Patreon the week I conceived Ziggy – both times I only realised these syncs in hindsight). Know that you can talk to their Soul and Spirit team anytime you want, even when they are grown up/ have moved away.

3) They use pregnancy to heal and activate the whole family. The first time I told Kris I wanted a baby, he threw up and was sick for three days. The second time I told him, he threw up and was sick for a day. Let’s just say it took a year before we were both on the same page! Fortunately, having read Kris’s palm when we met on TV (see the video), I knew he was a loyal person, who would take fatherhood seriously.

I did hundreds of hours’ of healing before Forrest was born. Since I was a child, I’ve been afraid of dying in birth (I have a past life scar on my leg). So I prepared more than most for labour. I not only attended prenatal yoga and Active Birth classes (with Yogababy Brisbane), I practiced meditation, bellydancing, visualisation and did past life regressions. Even so, when Forrest was 99% out, I panicked, but luckily I had great midwives and Kris.

At one stage, someone suggested I have an abortion if I wasn’t serious about motherhood. I got angry eczema after that, which took months to clear – I ended up healing my own birth trauma as a result. I also did stand up comedy in Brisbane with Fiona McGary, to express myself – see the Youtube video. Plus I had to go to court while pregnant, to fight for money we were owed (funnily, the case concluded by 11.11)

My tip: Everything that happens just before and during pregnancy is designed to heal you. It may seem like unwanted change or problems, but Spirit is getting you ready for the child or children you are about to meet. Don’t fight your evolution – focus on healing any wounding and ask for all the help you need. This is good practice for when you are a parent.

Click on the child to buy Why Your Child Chose You – A Family Numerology Webinar. This eye-opening class explains the new children (born 2000-), their psychic abilities, lifepaths, compatibility with you and specific talents, as revealed by their DOB grids. Includes detailed templates to do your own family numerology chart. This $33 (was $99) package includes a 2.25 hour video and 80 pages of illustrated notes. Buy it now. Your children will thank you for this Soul-level understanding of their journeys.

4) The way you treat babies is how you treat all your ideas. As an entrepreneur, I’m used to surprising people with my zany life choices. I eat pancakes for lunch. I read minds. My baby gets crystal healings with Deniz Akan. Must be an Aquarian thing. As a scientist who became a psychic, I like dealing with sceptics. This experience has been invaluable for parenting – I think for myself and don’t believe the media. I also trust my intuition 150%.

So it makes me sad when I see parents doubting themselves, telling their kids to shut up, or trying to please others. I know they must be doing the same thing to their ‘inner child’ and heart’s desires. FYI 2019 is a 12/3 Year of Inner Child Healing and Creative Breakthroughs! Time to create your happy endings and be your own Fairy Godmother or Father.

My tip: You are a precious jewel of the Universe – no one like you will ever exist again. Same goes with your babies. Let them know everyday that they are immortal beings, who come from love and can never truly die. Encourage them to take risks – praise their efforts, and let them see you laugh at yourself. And hug and kiss them lots – it creates neural pathways for commitment later on.

5) Babies aren’t mean to sleep – they’re meant to wake you up!
I never know how to answer the query ‘Is Forrest a good sleeper?’ I’d prefer to be asked, ‘Is he healthy? How are you finding motherhood?’ That’s a true conversation starter. Admittedly, The first few weeks after Forrest was born, ALL I thought about was getting eight hours’ sleep (so far it’s happened, twice!)

After doing some research, I’ve realised that it’s a myth that we need uninterrupted sleep – in ancient times, people often woke at night to work. When we keep looking at the clock, we’re living in our heads. Instead of counting hours, focus on enjoying the sleep you do get (meditation, diet and exercise can help to de-stress).

Fortunately, my midwives showed me how to breastfeed lying down, so I’ve always napped with Forrest. This has been lifesaving, as one of my greatest fears about parenting was being too tired to do a good job. These days I still dream of a sleep-in, but I’m learning to enjoy Forrest as he comes. After all, he could be my only child, and he’s such a cute alarm clock. Note: I’ve now had a second son, Charlie, who was born in August 2017.

My tip: Babies pick up on our vibration. When I’m calm, Forrest is easy to handle. When I’m worried, he starts fussing for no apparent reason. Babies have an energetic cord to their mother (and vice versa) for most of their early life. So if your baby seems highly-strung, nourish yourself first. Maybe they need you to slow down. Focus on your breathing – a quick reset is to breath in for four counts, hold for two, breath out for four counts, hold for
two. You can’t breathe and worry at the same time – test it and see.

6) Children and parents have joint destinies, which shows up in their numerology. I’ve read for thousands of parents, mainly Baby Boomers. It’s clear that the women who keep part of their identity are happier than those who give up everything. Having done numerous family readings, it’s incredible how a baby’s numerology matches their parents destiny. I truly believe some children choose their parents years in advance. For example, Forrest will mature at 18 years old (his lifepath age), which coincides with my peak at 53 years old (a major cycle change).

At the highest level, maybe our kids know what is going to happen to them, including house moves, health issues and parental breakups?  We’ve often had past lives with them – perhaps they were our parents, or even our partners. Kris and Forrest are inseparable – as you can see in the video below. It’s been that way since the day Forrest was born. They’re definitely Soulmates.

My tip: Health comes from balance. People become unwell when they give too much time/ energy/ money/ headspace to others. Your baby is a Soul who has lived many lives – maybe even more than you. So don’t feel bad about leaving them alone at times, while you pursue your career/ hobbies/ travel etc. They need space too, to help and heal others in the world.

7) The babies coming through now are VERY different to us. I can’t stress how brave these new Souls are. They are coming in at a critical turning point (2016 is a Universal 9 Year of Conclusions) to an Earth with a stressed ecosystem and population. In some ways, they’re like twister chasers – happy to be in the thick of the action.

Consider this summary of numerology. Those born in:

-the 1950’s have the 1-5-9 of Leadership in their date of birth grid – they are survivors with the ‘5’ for the Throat Chakra and discipline.

-the 1960’s have the ‘6’ for an active Third Eye Chakra and inner/ outer vision. Dreamers who wanted a beautiful life.

-the 1970’s have the ‘7’ for a developed Crown Chakra and spiritual ideas/ curiosity. Sceptics and prophets.

-the 1980’s have the ‘8’ for the Karmic Pattern/ God Chakra and personal power. Material girls and boys.

-the 1990’s have ‘9s’ for the Spiritual Blueprint Chakra and deep thought/ humanitarian action. Futurists.

In comparison, children born from 2000 onwards have many ‘0’s for sensitivity, and less numbers in their grids. They have strong likes and dislikes because they are ‘specialists’ here to fill gaps in the population.

It’s essential they have many friends and helpers (why have two parents when you can have a dozen aunties?) and support to finish tasks. They are hands-on, not rote-learners.

Think of them as ‘mortar’ bringing people together for a cause, whereas those who came before are the ‘bricks’ who shaped society. Many babies coming in have karmic lifepaths (13, 14, 16, 19) and will know their purpose by their teens – read more on karmic numbers.

Greta Thunberg is a pure 9 lifepath and she discovered climate change at eight – see my post on her special global healer numerology (911 code)

My tip: What worked for you may not work for your children and grandchildren. The school of hard knocks could knock them out. Not only do they have different lifepaths, the world is radically different. There is more pressure on kids to perform, they have less down-time, more exposure to technology, and even the food has changed (hence the rise in food intolerances and allergies).

You can’t raise a fern the way you grow an oak tree. Be open to learning new forms of healing to help these Souls thrive. They are definitely psychic*, and need our protection. I’m keen to work with more of them soon – they’re so inspiring.

*True Story: In April, I was seeing 111, 333, 444, so I knew my Guides wanted to chat. While nursing Forrest, I felt inspired to Google Kauai in Hawaii and found a kayak tour. The second review said: ‘Forrest, our guide kept us entertained and educated the entire trip.’ It was only posted 24 hours prior and was the first link I clicked. No coincidence. Forrest is truly my teacher. He’s always sending messages of hope.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas on babies, parenting and numerology. Until next time, enjoy the adventure of love.

Further Reading
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“I felt drawn to ‘Why Your Child Chose You’ after I made the decision to leave my child’s father. Ours charts blew me away and opened my eyes. I felt like I needed more information, so I added my mother, sister and child’s father’s charts and that ROCKED my world. The synchronicities were insane.

My relationship compatibility with my daughter is the same as mine with my mother, and my mother and sister’s is the same as my daughter and her father (as a child I used to jokingly call my protective, younger sister my Dad). My sister, daughter and myself all share a similar chart and we’re like 3 peas in a pod.

Your course taught me information I wouldn’t find anywhere else and made me feel confident in where I’m at and the direction I’m heading. It also made me feel more connected to my family, I’m usually the odd one out. Thank you Sarah!! It was an invaluable experience <3.” Sophie F.

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