Organic Cooking Class in Brisbane with Jasmine Norton, The Wholefood Goddess

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius! New Moons are a great time for beginnings, so I’ve spent the afternoon learning organic cooking in Brisbane with Jasmine Louise Norton, The Wholefood Goddess.

Jasmine is a whip-smart 34/7 lifepath or Spiritual Teacher in numerology (find your lifepath here).

She sees repeating numbers too, especially 7’s. As an 11 lifepath, I mainly see 11:11. We met through my palmistry workshops, and I love her inspirational recipes on Move Nourish Believe.

As the Lorna Jane Active Chef, Jasmine is one of the happiest, most talented food coaches I know. I’ve read for Lorna Jane Clarkson and love her passion (she’s a 28/10/1 lifepath or Action Hero in numerology). She has great taste, literally.

Many of you know I overcame an eating issue (orthorexia) this year, in order to fall pregnant (read my holistic fertility tips). I booked Jasmine to help me plan for motherhood, as I’ll be super busy in a couple of months, juggling baby, psychic readings, this blog and wedding plans.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Healthy People are Naturally Psychic
You are what you eat. Fresh food equals fresh ideas, and a good diet is vital when your business depends on staying psychic and picking up subtle frequencies.
Healthy people are naturally psychic, because they listen to themselves and their bodies’. Apart from meditation, the best way to skyrocket your intuition is to improve your diet, water quality and hydration (read about water and your Third Eye). Regular exercise also boosts your energy, increasing your ability to manifest miracles.
Here’s what Jasmine covered in her organic cooking class:

Jasmine Norton Cooking Class-We talked through my food needs (I kept a meal for a week), and how I eat well, but not regularly, which leads to mood swings.
-Jasmine went through 4-6 recipes with me, and cooked them in my kitchen. She brought all the ingredients, pots, pans, and even her Thermomix, and dachshund puppy Jackson for company. I learn by doing, so it was extremely helpful to watch Jasmine make the dishes from scratch.
-Her yummy recipes included:
Healing Chicken Soup with Asian Flavours(see photo), Chicken, Leek, Thyme and Pinenut Pie, Oven-baked Seed Crackers
with sesame, chia, linseeds, pepitas and almond meal, and Coconut Cashew Yoghurt with Vanilla (made with fresh young coconuts – heavenly.)

We didn’t have time to make Jasmine’s famous Salted Caramel Pecan and Sweet Potato Pie, or Cauliflower Pizza base, but I’m going to try the recipes soon.
I loved Jasmine’s class, and feasting on the finished products. I now have a fridge full of leftovers to keep me going for days.
Here’s what I learned and confirmed about healthy eating:

-It’s ok to freeze food. It’s much better to reheat a nutritious meal than to eat toast or fruit as I’m prone to doing.

-Some people feel better eating meat (preferably organic). I have experimented with vegan, vegetarian and no red meat diets and they don’t work for me in the long term. Maybe it’s my blood type (I’m an O+, some people say we need high protein, low carb lifestyles – apparently A’s are ok to be vegetarian), or because I was raised Chinese style, on rice and stirfries.

In Ayurvedic medicine, I’m a Pitta-Vata type, so warming food suits me rather than salads, juices or fasting. My medical recovery plan from orthorexia required me to return to meat and seafood and I noticed an improvement in wellbeing straight after the change.

Once I fell pregnant with Forrest Bump (my son’s nickname) I also craved meat, especially in the first few weeks. So I followed my instincts and, 30 weeks later, Forrest and I are in great shape.

-Eating fresh food beats swallowing handfuls of supplements. I used to buy vitamins rather than food, in the mistaken notion that I had to get my nutrition from pills, because I couldn’t trust food.
Unfortunately, my blood tests showed I didn’t absorb a lot of these supplements because my gut wasn’t in good shape. It’s only since I’ve gone onto probiotic foods and broths etc. that I’ve felt better.
For the past few years, I have been dairy and gluten-free (blood tests show I am sensitive but not allergic). I hope to regain my ability to eat these foods over the next couple of years. Jasmine used to have similar issues digesting gluten, but after following a healthy lifestyle, she can eat it again without fear or discomfort.
I’m so grateful to Jasmine for her time and wisdom – there’s nothing as comforting as nourishing food eaten in good company.

Jasmine has given talks at health resorts and trained with Jude Blereau (Whole Food Cooking). She really knows her stuff. Check out her mouthwatering recipes (like this raw vegan Snickers Cake) and health articles at Move Nourish Believe.

Raw Snickers Cake Jasmine Norton
To contact Jasmine for at-home or group cooking classes and food coaching, contact her on 0413 059 712. You can also visit:

Her one-on-one classes are approximately $150 for 1.5 hours (sometimes longer), which includes meal sampling, all ingredients and a recipe folder. They would make a great Christmas present.
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