Tragic TikTok Suicide Video – R.I.P Ronnie McNutt

Trigger warning: This post mentions the graphic man with a beard video trending on news atm.

“Facebook has a 31/4 vibration. It can powerfully open or close our heart (4th) chakras and compassion. September 2020 is a global turning point for 4 energy people and companies to get back into integrity.

I see Ronnie’s tragic death as a reminder to disconnect from virtual reality and go back to creating our realities. There is no healing greater than looking into someone’s eyes and asking them how they are going, at a Soul level. Letting them know that they are unconditionally perfect in Love’s eyes. 444 Means Follow Your Heart Home.

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I wanted to post this tonight to address the internet storm about Ronnie’s terrible video on Facebook, Tik Tok etc. I have a lived understanding of the impacts of suicide. It deeply impacted my childhood from age 8, plus I have counselled many people affected by it.

Here’s what I want to say about Ronnie McNutt. You can’t expect a sick person to have healthy thoughts (quote from a self-help group). Ronnie was not thinking straight when he broadcast his actions. He just wanted to end his torment.

Instead of pouring scorn on his Soul, I hope we can make his death the catalyst for more honest discussion around mental health, especially given the pandemic.

Talking to our kids about the risks of social media, educating them about who they can talk to, curing ourselves of the addiction to denial and confronting our fears of mortality…these could be the gifts of this extreme wake up call.

I note Ronnie was 33 years old and wonder if he had Master 33 numerology. These are the lifepaths who most often talk to me about depression. Find your lifepath (I’ve had many 33 lifepaths come for guidance all this week).

They can also be some of the most extraordinary therapists, healers and performers because of their dramatic paths back to self-love.

Either way, may his Soul rest in peace. I hope that Facebook and Tik Tok (a 5 energy – they are in the spotlight in 2021) will be forced to overhaul their practices and stop the zombie-fication of our population.

Things are out of balance in social media and the heart needs to be returned to the internet.

If you need help in Australia, please, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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