How Sleep Makes You Rich – Why Health is Your Best Piggybank

One of the questions I’m asked in psychic readings is “will I be rich?” My answer to this is usually “it depends – what does being rich* mean to you? Are you open to being rich in many ways?”

Update: See my Peaceful Sleep Meditation for help! Also Change for Good – A Spiritual Money webinar. 

We all come to Earth with different skills and opportunities to earn income, which are highlighted in our soul contract (something I cover in your psychic reading).

Not everyone is here to get rich through physical labour (trading time for money). Some people will inherit wealth, others will create passive income streams, still more may help from their spouse or kids.

In Chinese face reading they say that the broader the wings of your nose, the more likely you are to receive money from many sources. Someone with a narrow nose usually receives the bulk of their money from a job. Your nose may change over time as your  work varies.

Body analysis aside, my take is that as long as you are healthy you don’t need to stress about money. I mean healthy in the broadest way – when you meditate, eat well, sleep enough, enjoy your work and have loved ones around, your need for money as a form of significance will subside. There will always be someone who can help when you need assistance. You’re only one bank transfer away from support.

On the other hand, if you are disconnected from your guidance and the people around you, eat junk, hardly sleep and hate your job then no wonder you stress about finances. You probably need money so that you can distract yourself from all the pain in your core (and save for the medical expenses that may arise, once your body hits its limit).

I first came across this theory in one of Louise Hay’s books, where she made the connection between overspending and feeling off track. It made sense to me because in the end, your money is your life energy. The way you spend it shows how comfortable you are with being alive. People overspend when they take their lives for granted, or feel unworthy of life.  

People also penny pinch when they haven’t faced their fears of death (see Other Lives, Other Realms for insights into the afterlife – a past life regression may also help). Conversely, people spend wisely when they believe their life is precious, and their future hopeful.   So how does getting enough sleep make you rich?

Well, most people people want to be rich so they can take more holidays, enjoy life and explore their interests, right?

SO…if you give yourself enough sleep:-

you’ll get to do more astral travelling (that counts as a holiday doesn’t it?)

-you’ll be more productive at work (what takes a tired person 8 hours to complete you may finish in an hour) – giving you an opportunity to take breaks. You’ll be less prone to working overtime, which leaves you more stressed.

-you’re sending a sign to the Universe that you love and respect your body (resulting in love coming back at you in the form of healthy relationships).

-you’ll receive nightly input from your Soul, allowing you to intuit what’s coming up for you in life and what decisions to make. It is only during sleep and meditation that your Soul can recharge your ‘spirits’, so if you cut back on these activities you’ll often end up feeling depressed and left out in life.

Not only that, sleep increases your creativity, which is great because it helps you to think like a genius – you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

So next time you have a conflict to solve, try going to bed at 9pm and letting your Soul bring you the answers. According to Chinese Medicine and books such as The Perfect Day Plan, our decision-making abilities are massively enhanced if we’re in bed by at least 11pm each night. Be sure to record your dreams in the morning!

Getting enough sleep is essential because it gives you the energy to move forwards in life. When we are tired, we stay put because it’s too much effort to change our mindset/ career/ relationship etc. Being rested gives us the power we need to overcome our fears and start afresh in any area of life.

If you’re going on a long journey, it’s better to set off with a full fuel tank…Similarly, if you’re going through a lot in life, you need your sleep tank at 100% so that you don’t make impulsive decisions. Disasters such as Chernobyl and many car accidents have been blamed on sleep deprivation, so please don’t become another zombie or statistic.

Sleep is your invisible route to wealth. It leaves you feeling ‘rich’ with time. Prioritising rest it will give you a sense of freedom and inner peace that no two week holiday could ever buy.

So next time you feel like staying up late, consider the merit of this Workaholics Anonymous saying…”Rest is the best reward I can give myself” (not insomnia!) Or as I say, ‘health is your best piggybank’.

What happens if you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep? You may need help with your ‘sleep hygiene’…see this followup article.

Til then – happy napping! *See this anecdote for a funny story on wealth – I loved this in the book The Four Hour Work Week. 

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