6 Reasons to Talk to Ghosts (instead of saying they don’t exist)

Are you afraid of ghosts? Then it’s time to overcome your fear and stop being scared of your (higher) self!

Here are 6 reasons I believe it’s useful to talk to ghosts, instead of pretending that you can’t see, hear or feel them.

1) You’ll learn from the past
2) You’ll teach others to learn from the past
3) You’ll have a new bunch of friends
4) You’ll be forewarned of danger and in touch with your Soul guidance
5) You’ll have less fear of death
(a word that is 80% ‘head’)
6) You’ll start laughing at funerals (respectfully), honouring your ancestors and focusing
on what really matters

“Want to see a ghost (Spirit)? Look in the mirror. You’re a ghost in a body. Fear of ghosts is just fear of your eternal wisdom.”

FYI, I used to be terrified of ghosts but after decades of research and direct experience I now find them to be incredibly helpful.

In numerology, all names, words and addresses can be reduced to a numerical vibration (see the system on Find Your Life Path). Ghost has a 24/6 numerology, the same as Truth.

All babies can see ghosts.
All animals can see ghosts.
Most children can see ghosts.
Many dying people can see ghosts.

The only reason you may have stopped experiencing them as an adult is due to consumerist miseducation, designed to keep you rudderless and looking for answers instead of living your purpose.

Just because I drive a car (own a body) and you don’t, doesn’t mean your opinion isn’t helpful.

In fact, ghosts (such as passed loved ones who come into your dreams and meditations) can point out plotholes, long before we humans fall into them.

The fear of getting help from those who have ‘been there and done that’ will cripple your courage and growth. You’ll always be trying to avoid death instead of flourishing your ideas.

2022 is a Universal 6 year of third eye healing and visionary service (stay tuned for my annual forecast). Isn’t it time to stop the ‘spiritual prejudice’ and start communing with your teachers again?

To be clear, not all ghosts are here to uplift you – I’m referring to connecting daily with the spirits in your Soul team rather than earthbounds, for example.

If you come across the latter, a simple ‘go to the light now’ can help, or please, see a psychic medium/ healer who is experienced in these matters.
For more tips on this topic, have a look at the first story in this post about why Spirits can’t hurt you.

I hope this post will bring back your courage.

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