Baby Forrest’s Crystal Healing with Deniz Akan

There’s nothing more nourishing for a sensitive person than a crystal, sound and Reiki healing.

2017 UPDATE – my latest post about Deniz and Dimensional Healing is here

Deniz Akan and I have been friends for years, since meeting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. We bonded over veggie spring rolls one night, and she is the reason I believe in other dimensions.

Deniz is a 28/10/1 lifepath in numerology, which Dan Millmanequates with ‘healing hands’. I call this path the Action Hero or Heroine and Pioneer. Deniz is one of a kind – every time I see her, she’s picked up new skills and her treatments are always different. I often feel that a team of Spiritual helpers are working through her, because she’s so effective.

This blog is a brief thank you to Deniz for her support over the years. Just this week, we booked treatments for myself, Kris and baby Forrest at home – it was bliss! I have been buzzing with new ideas ever since. Kris also looks completely different, younger even. Here are some photos of Forrest’s session. He loved it!

Obviously, Deniz did a shorter treatment for him – mine took hours and used 30 different crystals, whereas he only needed several minutes. Babies are so clear that they let go of baggage instantly.

I don’t let just anyone work with my child – Forrest only sees people whom I’ve tested numerous times. So far, he’s come along to my counselling sessionsmeditations and past life regressions.

As a 9 Lifepath in numerology, or Old Soul, Forrest knows what he wants. He’ll yell the house down or laugh out loud, depending on his mood so it’s easy for me to judge if he likes someone or not. His Spirit turns up in quite a few of my visualisations, and he wakes up once the meditation is over. This is nothing new – he appeared to me before he was even conceived (telling me to hurry up!). We also have frequent telepathy, which helped during his water birth and has made breastfeeding truly profound.

Back to Deniz – she does my personal healings, business and house clearings. I can’t recommend her enough, especially if you are interested in opening up psychically. She did in-person and distance sessions for me during pregnancy – up to 3 weeks before I gave birth, which shows you how gentle the treatments are.

Here are her details:

Initial treatments $180 (2.5-3 hours) and Followups $150 (1.5 hours) Please mention my name when booking her, it will bring both of us brownie points! Sessions can be done in-person when Deniz is in town or by distance (she sends an email report).

Warning! Many people I know (including myself) love Deniz’s work and become raving fans. So she often books out when in Brisbane. Keep an eye on her facebook page for new invites and crystal parties. Her next stops are Coffs Harbour and Sydney before she returns here for the Red Tent Retreat in late May 2016.

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Loyola Wills on Sunday, 8 May 2016 9:52 AM

Thank you so much for recommending Deniz! I felt like it was a meeting that was meant to happen – with myself seeing your post on the Tuesday and i was going to be in brisbane from adelaide on the friday for one day! At such short notice, Deniz had spare time to do my healing. I feel that this was integral for a new turning point in my life and learnt so much about the different connections with star beings. Thank you Sarah for recommending Deniz and Deniz for being amazing!! Now I will have to wait until august for my new personal year reading with you Sarah! Many blessings.

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apple iphone development on Thursday, 19 May 2016 10:42 PM

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