10 Ways Making Breastmilk is like Making Money

Do you live in the flow, or resist Universal abundance? What if making money was as natural as making breastmilk?

Being a mother is all about giving and receiving love. In numerology, the word LOVE even adds to 18/9, the same as MILK (see the system I’ve used). It’s amazing how breastfeeding has opened up my heart chakra and life. I’m so much better at trusting my body, which has really improved my readings.

After my post on breastfeeding and psychic boobs, I thought I”d explore this topic further.

As an entrepreneur, psychic and mother, I make a living by listening to my inner voice, no matter how much people criticise me. See my tips for staying zen in tough times. Here are some ideas for manifesting more money and milk. Enjoy!

P.S. I highly recommend The Possums Clinic in Brisbane for breastfeeding support, also The Discontented Little Baby Book. In a nutshell:
Creativity is essential
Not everyone’s comfortable producing in public. They worry they’ll make other people feel uncomfortable. Just remember, it’s none of their business, literally. Although some people follow a schedule, that drives others crazy. The more of us who succeed, the more we show others that it’s normal and okay. Hooray!
Women are naturals
Most women can breastfeed, and/ or make money, given the right conditions, hydration and support. Even if they can’t, we should congratulate them for trying. Don’t worry about making too much milk or money, because you can always donate it to those who can’t make enough.
It’s an emotional ride
No one tells you how hard it is in the beginning, that’s why many women give up. The secret is, the more you do it, the more confident you’ll be. There are no shortcuts.
It’s good to celebrate
Some people find it orgasmic, for others it’s just blood, sweat and tears – the ultimate sacrifice for their family.  If breastfeeding and/ or making money is causing you distress, seek help. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you should put up with crappy working conditions.
Saving keeps you sane
You can’t produce when you’re sick, that’s why it’s vital to save for emergencies. That said, stored energy is meant to be used, not just frozen forever.
It pays to speak up
Forgive your mother if she didn’t teach you how to make lots. Back then, women weren’t encouraged. It’s time to break the cycle of stress. Believe in, and love your body. You’re one in 6 billion!

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