Mercury Retrograde April 2016 – Fun Times at The Ranch!

It’s Mercury retrograde again. Are you having fun yet? I am. As Voltaire said, “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.”
It’s times like these that people start believing in psychics and intuition, because Spirit sends them miracles they cannot ignore.

Dates of the 2016 retrogrades, in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

As a sensitive person, I feel the impacts 1-2 weeks before and after each retrograde, in the shadow periods.
5 January 2016 – 25 January 2016 (in Aquarius)
28 April 2016 – 22 May 2016 (in Taurus)
30 August 2016 – 22 September 2016 (in Virgo – could be a big one)
19 December 2016- 8 January 2017 (in Capricorn)

2016 has four Mercury retrogrades, instead of the usual three. This makes sense as 2016 is a 9 Universal Year of healing and forgiveness. Mercury retrogrades are a great time to sift through the past and discover what we missed the first time around. I find that lifepath 5’s and those with strong 5 numerology feel this event intensely. Find your lifepath.

Although not everyone is affected to the same degree by these cycles, it’s good to know them because when you have the weather forecast, you can pack an umbrella. Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet. I like being the former!

Here’s how the April 2016 Mercury Retrograde has impacted me
1) Computer, Phone and IT Glitches
-While typing on my laptop, I was reviewing photos of Forrest, my new baby. I closed the window, and was astonished to find my desktop had changed from a quote about leadership to THIS hilarious picture of my disgruntled son. I still can’t figure out how it happened, as I definitely didn’t click anything.
-A similar thing happened to my friend. She took a photo of Forrest, then her phone wouldn’t let her close the window. I guess Forrest loves to make his presence known…

-I chuckled when logging into my Vistaprint account – it kept directing me to the Russian, then Japanese sites. My emails have also stopped working on my phone. This kind of thing only happens to me during Mercury Retrogrades.
-I wrote a spiritual breastfeeding blog and thought ‘goody, nothing went wrong’. After posting it, I realised I had typos in the title, photos and link and had to amend it. My brain had somehow swapped the words around. Lucky I checked.
My Tip: Always back up your info before a Mercury retrograde. If your technology stops working, or goes haywire during this period, replace it a week or two after Mercury retrograde, if possible. Consider glitches a sign to slow down and go offline!
2) Impulsive Catchups and Changes of Plan
-I felt a sudden urge to catch up with my friends R&S. We went for brunch at the yummy Wholesomeness cafe. That day, Kris came home and said ‘I felt like you should catch up with R&S today.’ I thought that was funny.

-Quite a few clients who booked in with me months ago have needed to change dates. I am keeping their spots flexible as I know that they might alter them again – during a Mercury retrograde we don’t always have the full picture.
-We received 24 hours notice that our rental house might be put up for sale. Yikes! Upon analysis this proved to be a bit of a false alarm, it could be months before this takes place. I had pulled the New Home card from the Modern Oracle Deck the night before.
My Tip: Try not to make major decisions when overly tired, hungry or emotional, especially during a Mercury retrograde. As they say,”successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly” (life coach, Peter Conna). The exception is if you already know someone or the project was in progress when Mercury retrograde began, but I’d still double check everything.
3) Blasts from the Past
-I received a voicemail from someone I haven’t spoken to in years – she saw my number in someone else’s phone, even though she is travelling in India.

It gets weirder – when I played the message, Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing was next to me.

Deniz said, ‘I remember that person – I was there the day you met her.’ Given that I only see Deniz a few times a year, this was super uncanny. Here is a photo of Deniz giving Forrest a crystal healing – she also treated myself and Kris. Baby loved it! Read more

-I’ve had extremely vivid dreams about my past, and childhood events during this Mercury retrograde in Taurus. It’s a deep time for financial planning and home life discussions.
Sarah Yip Forrest Marc
-No kidding, straight after I posted this blog, Marc (see photo) knocked on my door for a charity donation. He said ‘I know you’ and we realised we had met years ago at a spiritual fair.

He still remembered my romance palmistry talk and 11:11 obsession!

He’s just entered his 9 Personal Year (a big turning point). I often attract people in 9 or 1 Years as my specialty is helping people start over again. Find your personal year.

Seeing him reminded me of why I keep this blog – to provide info that’s otherwise hidden from public view. Everyone deserves to know their infinite potential.

My Tip: If someone from your past contacts you during a Mercury retrograde, consider if you need to ‘clean up with them’. Perhaps the relationship didn’t end smoothly, or they have important information for you. The Universe speaks loudly during a Mercury retrograde, and it pays to listen to your Guides, human or Spirit.
4) Triple Number Discos
-Not only have I been seeing 777 everywhere, so have my tribe. When Deniz came over, I made a video of her that was 777MB. Then another friend came over, who had $7.77 in her account. Later, I checked my email, which showed 3777 messages. In numerology, the number 7 is about Crown Chakra healing and learning from (sometimes harsh) life experiences. It’s also making sacrifices, and taking leaps of faith to set up your future.
My Tip: If you keep seeing 11:11, triple numbers or codes, do some research now. During a Mercury Retrograde, our logic slows down and our intuition speeds up. We often find answers to questions that have bugged us for years.
5) Traffic Jams and Weird Drivers
-I’ve definitely noticed some tired drivers on the roads recently (the waning Moon will have contributed – we get sleepy near a New Moon). Not only did I pass a multi-car crash yesterday in Brisbane, someone almost side-swiped me recently.
My Tip: Think of your car as a metaphor for your outer life. During a Mercury retrograde, it pays to drive carefully, and spend energy wisely. Be the calm amidst the chaos and you’ll feel like the smartest kid on the block.
Sarah Yip Powder Movie6) Extreme Synchronicity, aka One Degree of Separation!
-Kris and I watched an amazing movie called Powder about a gentle albino man who has psychic abilities and radically changes the lives of everyone he meets in small-town America. He reminded me of many Starseeds I have met.
Incredibly, the last scene has a strong 11:11 message of unity and altruism – see photo. When I Googled the (controversial) director Victor Salva, I found he directed Peaceful Warrior, the adaptation of Dan Millman’s book. Dan is Kris’s fave author – see my psychic reading for him.

-I brought Forrest to the library for storytime, and sat next to a mother with a baby. Can you believe it, her baby was born on 27/1 (my birthday), and the lady’s name was Sarah as well!

My Tip: Be open to gifts from God/ Goddess around this time. When we get out of our own way, life delivers roses. Think about it – if you plant a seed in the right soil, it almost always sprouts. Doesn’t that suggest we live in a positive Universe?
7) Discounts Galore
-Kris and I often pick up bargains during Mercury Retrograde. The secret is to buy things you were already researching, and to ask lots of questions before handing over money. A warranty is essential! Be flexible, you may find something better than you originally expected but in a different model.

-We bought our king-sized Orthokinetic mattress during Mercury Retrograde last year. I was set on a certain brand but then we found this one on sale for $1000 off. I negotiated a half-price ensemble base and voila, we had a lovely bed.

-Last week I purchased a Medela Swing double breastpump – I’d been looking up reviews for months. As I pulled up to the chemist, I realised there was a baby store next door. Suddenly, an old friend passed by – she worked at the chemist I’d planned to visit! It was a happy reunion as she got to meet Forrest.

The pump was marked $399 in the baby store, but I got it for $296 after finding a price match online. They even gave me a $250 photography voucher. Read more tips for spiritual breastfeeding.

Of course, when I tried to pay, my internet banking went down (St George had just introduced a new, slightly annoying system), but after some perseverance it all worked out.
My Tip: If you know a Mercury retrograde is coming up, start researching (non-IT) things you want to buy. People feel confused under this energy, so salespeople may be more open to your offers. Some astrologers recommend not booking travel during a Mercury retrograde – I find that last-minute trips are ok, especially to places you’ve been before.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into the lighter side of Mercury retrograde.
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