33 Ways to Say No (and Stay in Your Spiritual Power)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of running a psychic business, working in the NGO/ charity field and helping people to find their voice, it’s this: Saying no to insanity is saying yes to your longevity. Updated December 2023.

In numerology, NO has an 11/2 vibration, which is the number for enlightenment and higher consciousness. Successful people understand that ‘no’ is the centre of the word ‘know’ – self-understanding and compassion is about accepting what works for you and what doesn’t, at any point in time.

Here are 33 ways to say no while staying in your spiritual power and saving your relationships, time, energy and money. I’ve created this post to help you enjoy 2021 – a Universal 5 Year in numerology of throat (fifth) chakra healing – it’s time for our radical truth to come out.

1) I know that’s not for me.
2) Sorry, I’ve made other commitments. (Note – saying sorry too often creates an energy leaks and a victim mentality – only use the word when it’s truly appropriate).
3) That’s actually not something I’m into.
4) That sounds great but I’ll have to pass.
5) I’m busy then but I wish you the best with finding the right people.
6) I wish I could help you however I’m fully booked up.
7) If I said yes to that I’d have to break some promises to my family, so I won’t be able to make it.
8) That sounds so interesting. I don’t think I’m the right person for this opportunity however I wish you all the best.
9) That just doesn’t turn me on (‘on’ is an anagram of ‘no’ so this is a type of word magic).
10) I’m completely at capacity right now.
11) I can’t make it but let me know your future dates (only say this if you genuinely mean it)
12) That’s out of my comfort zone actually.
13) I’ve decided to put my work/ life balance first and this doesn’t fit in.
14) I really love honouring my body and it’s just not feeling right.
15) I’m working with my coach/ mentor/ counsellor on saying no right now, thanks for understanding.
16) That’s not possible but here’s what I could do (offer an alternative way of assisting them e.g. refer them onto someone)
17) I’ll have a think about it and get back to you (best to only use this one if you intend to respond to them)
18) *big sigh* I wish I could! I’ve just got so much on and I need to focus.
19) *smile then silence* (this is good if the request is ridiculous – often it will lead to the speaker backing down).
20) That’s not realistic for me to do unfortunately.
21) If I did that, it wouldn’t be coming from my heart and that doesn’t feel good for me.
22) It’s just not resonating for me.
23) *laugh then walk away* (sometimes this is the only way to deal with people who aren’t respecting your personal space and ideas)
24) Are you kidding me?/ Are you being serious? *raise eyebrow and pause* (you may need to follow with 23 above!)
25) Have you ever heard that quote, ‘a no to others can be a yes to yourself’? I feel like that’s relevant right now.
26) Is there some other way we could get the same result without overloading either of us?
27) As a rule, I don’t do that kind of thing.
28) I’m not comfortable with that. How about (offer another solution)?
29) No. I said No. (Use for energy vampires – see this post on empaths, psychopaths and being the path).
30) Last time was great, but I think it’s time for someone else to have a go.
31) I’m flattered you’ve asked, I’m sure you’ll find the right person.
32) If I say yes to that then I’d be opening a can of worms. Thanks for understanding I need to keep the boundaries clean here. My business is all about self-respect and raising standards.
33) It’s not going to work for me however you’ve given me something to think about. Thanks. I appreciate the effort you put into this request.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to say no while preserving your integrity and self-respect. Funny tip: You can always buy a NO button from shops like Officeworks! We love ours.

Below is a song that seems appropriate. It’s about being the King or Queen of your reality!

This post is dedicated to Nicole, my lovely client today who is a 25/7 life path Spiritual Teacher learning to treat herself like an Angel in human form. Find your life path

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Also see How to Deal with Criticism – 3 Tips for Staying Zen! Quote “When you get angry, or annoyed, you leak life force. So when someone criticises you, what they’re trying to do is to harvest your energy, and get high on your pain. Don’t let them! Stay calm and foil their plans. 

Someone living in their power doesn’t NEED to steal yours. See past the mind games and stay connected to your purpose…Here are some examples of how you could defuse criticism (which may or may not be based on my actual life)…

Person A: You should be married by now, you’re over the hill.
Person B: It’s true. I guess my weird body odour is just too much for men to handle. If only I could meet someone without a nose. Do you know of anyone?

Person A: You should get a real job. What you do is just a hobby.
Person B: I know, it’s weird that people want to pay me for doing what I love. It’s like I’m actually onto something. I’d love to give this up, but I wouldn’t want to disappoint all the people on my waiting list. Including your best friend Mary.

Person A: You know you’re going to Hell for being a psychic.
Person B: Really? That’s not what God told me. I checked in with him/ her this morning. By the way, they mentioned you’re behind on your taxes. You might want to look into that before someone reports you *cough cough*.

Jokes aside, never let someone take your thunder. If you truly believe what they are saying is unacceptable, take a deep breath and give them some thoughtful feedback. You might be the first person they’ve met in ages, who’s loved them enough to say No to the madness.

Focus on the behaviour rather than the person, for example ‘I feel uncomfortable receiving feedback from you without permission. I’d feel better if you could let me make an independent decision.’ If your critic continues, keep repeating ‘I’ve made my views clear’ until they back off. You may need to hang up the phone or leave, if they are not getting it.”

Happy healing my friends xx

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