My Black Butterfly Totem

Butterfly has a 39/12/3 numerology, the same as Freedom, Routine, Writer and Daughter. See the word numerology system I use. 3 heals our solar plexus – our inner child, hope and confidence in the process of life.

Yesterday, I wrote two book chapters about butterfly totems, Kris and my friend Butterfly (a Master 33/6 lifepath) who passed at age 44. Cried my eyes out as it was a hard topic to relive.

This morning, for the first time since we moved in a year ago, a butterfly was sitting by our breakfast table. I said ‘are you Butterfly (my friend)?’ It flapped its wings, flew three metres towards me, did circles then went back to the garden. I went inside to get my camera but it was gone.

I said ‘please come back’ and it did. I took a movie and here is a screenshot.

Black butterflies can symbolise death (usually ego death rather than physical death), rebirth and turning a dark night of the Soul into a show of beauty and wisdom. I often see them when I make a leap of consciousness.

The pattern on this butterfly (black and white) reminds me that polarity can be beautiful. As a Master 11 lifepath, this is a life lesson for me. 11s are often extremely good in certain areas but not others. Find your lifepath

When I moved house after my 11.11.11 breakup, a black butterfly followed me into my new rental home as soon I opened the front door. It sat on the wall for a long time, before leaving once I had started unpacking. I also write about a black butterfly trying to help a blue butterfly escape captivity in my blog about Kris below.

I feel like I’m just emerging from 2020, do you? See my 2020 Energy Update for meditations and tips for recovering from this chaotic year.

Hint: Mercury retrograde is the best time to meditate and connect with Spirit. The next steps can be ultra clear if you tune in now. Logic steps back and intuition is on stage for another week (until 3-4 Nov). Ask for the truth and it will be revealed.

P.S. This is a Common Crow Butterfly.

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