Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman! A Post on Breaking Family Cycles

Babies come to heal the tribe. I had a big cry today to release some icky comments that got under my skin…

1) Someone told me that having 3 boys would be ‘a nightmare’. Others have said I am insane or a sucker for punishment.

2) When I mentioned I was at my 40wk weight (for Forrest and Charlie) even though I’m 26wks with Ziggy, a family member told me I need to stop eating (my midwife disagrees – Ziggy is super healthy!) and

3) We keep have people asking us if we will try for a girl or saying they feel sorry for us.

Hmmm. Let me share something with you.

I am a 29/11 Spiritual Messenger in numerology, here to do double healing on family patterns. At my lifepath turning point age of 29, I was shown a thick red book. It contained the names of 500 years of men in my family. I wasn’t allowed to keep it as my relatives said it could only go to a son.

Wow. That explained the comments I heard growing up, about what a shame it was that I wasn’t a boy. I can tell you that fuelled my anxiety as a teen, which I am only getting clear of now.

Back then, I was so confused energetically that I hid my gender behind baggy clothes. Lots of people thought I was a man right until my early 20s.

So here’s a request. Please, celebrate our baby! No more weird comments about ‘better luck next time’

I’m going to pull myself up on this too (i.e. no more wishing we got a girl. Yes, I’ll still need to cry it out, but we’re also just happy to be pregnant).

I’m bringing this up because Ziggy has started kicking when his name is called and I want him to feel loved completely. His Soul has clearly come in now.

11:11 means everyone is perfection returning home to itself. Below our outer appearance is infinite power and unity consciousness.

Btw, this post was inspired by radiating arm pains I’ve been having – apparently a heart chakra release around ‘wishing you could embrace someone, but not knowing how’.


Thanks for your support xx


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Feeling better after a session at the IPC on the Gold Coast. Laughed when I saw Wonder Woman at reception, as I channelled a golden lasso meditation in my spiritual money webinar yesterday (the replay comes out soon).

I said to my students, ‘I used a golden manifestation lasso to draw in my first son Forrest after years of thinking I died in childbirth in a past life…as a child I used to say that due to a birthmark on my thigh’.

Shed a lot of baggage today around becoming a mum again and feeling unworthy. I had this thought that I’d blocked having a girl due to fear/ not having done enough work on myself but can see now that’s crap.

Kris and I can do a lot of good raising three conscious sons, it’s just about looking at the bigger picture.

Thanks everyone who sent love after my last post. Hugs from Ziggy and me.

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#thenumbersqueen #sarahyip

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Don’t throw yourself at the feet of those who kick back in response. Even if they are your family. Especially if they are your family. Have mercy on your inner child. Break the cycle of pain worship. Show them how to fly…

After teaching a class on spiritual money and healing from financial abuse on Sunday, my arms stopped working (I pinched a nerve in my neck from hunching). For the next 24 hours I had radiating pain in both arms, which even 6 panadol couldn’t stop. The last time I had this level of ouch (and took panadol) was 3 years ago after giving birth to Charlie.

What did I do? I tuned in and got the message to drop everything and refill myself. So I paid a friend to help with the house. I asked another to type up an interview. I got Charlie to stand on a stool instead of me lifting him. I posted online and received incredible msgs of kindness that gave me hope (thank you).

I went to network session and cried out the toxic things I was told by certain family when I announced Ziggy’s pregnancy (e.g. comparing me to a pig having a litter). Kris did the shopping. More friends came over with dinner and kept the kids so I could have an epsom salts bath. I talked to my midwife and a doctor to make sure I didn’t need to go to hospital. My mentors sent Reiki.

After all that, I went to sleep and woke up okay! I did weights training but have not tried computer work yet. Will be using a standing desk from now on. Will take the hint to stop ‘over-reaching’ my limits. I also texted some ppl to set down boundaries.

I am not angry with myself for breaking down. I am proud of myself for getting help. Being healthy doesn’t mean never getting sick. You can do that by just avoiding life!

It’s more about being able to resolve challenges with positive and humble proactiveness. As I said in my last forecast, 11:11 Starseeds need a big constellation to stay shining.

The steps above cost less than $150 all up, but they worked. See my article on why high flyers need a safety net for more self-care tips and links.

I hope this post will give you the courage to face your obstacles with a team by your side, human and Angel. You are dearly loved.

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