The Hunter Who Loved Cheese – What My Past Life Regression Taught Me About Courage

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You can’t learn from what you don’t study. Time spent with your Soul always pays off. Until you ‘marry’ your head and heart, and get them talking regularly, it’s hard to see the big picture and move forwards.

Since I began taking Transition Essence (a combination by Australian Bush Flower Essences) on the recommendation of a naturopath, I’ve felt off-colour. Transition Essence is for overcoming the fear of death, so you can more smoothly accept major life changes. See my psychic reading for Ian White, Founder of ABFE

Having had my second baby in 19 months, I really needed a boost. I love flower essences, because they never bring up more than you can handle. However, sometimes things intensify before they improve. I’ve been seeing plenty of 11:11s and repeating numbers (specifically 222 for slowing down, and 555 for speaking up, listening to my inner voice and embracing change). I only attract these codes when I have mail in my Spiritual inbox, and am poised for rapid evolution (here’s a video on why you see 11:11).

In the past week I’ve had hot and cold feet, witnessed a car accident, had a flat tyre, experienced trouble breathing and been crying/ thinking about mortality and the afterlife. I’ve been craving bread and sausages (not my normal food). Almost everyone I’ve met has been a 9 Lifepath, or Old Soul and Thinker – they are the hermits in Tarot. I’ve also been facebook-ing a lot (i.e. zoning out), and had numerous people kick my butt around finances, self-care and my appearance.

For example, after my 11/11 event to thank my facebook fans from The Numbers Queen, someone remarked “it was a good talk, but you looked terrible under those fluorescent lights”. I got defensive and said, ‘That’s not what you say to someone who got their makeup done…I thought I looked beautiful.” Privately, I thought, ‘Bah! I don’t care what people say.’ No wonder I’ve been watching Janet Devlin’s cover of Mad World

Normally, I’m a bit more relaxed and not so touchy. After all, you can’t afford to believe the sceptics when you’re a psychic, otherwise you’d never leave the house! The reason I’m successful in this crazy industry, is that I trust myself and don’t let people sway my values. Plus, as Byron Katie says, ‘what other people think of me is none of my business’. However, after this series of wake up calls, I knew it was time to do a self-regression, and to find my centre again.

Why I love Past Life Regression
As much as I enjoy personal growth courses, as a mother-of-two, it’s impractical for me to constantly run off to classes. To get around this situation, I do a lot of healings on myself through meditation and with teachers-in-Spirit (often while breastfeeding Charlie).

I  often do regressions on myself using music by Steven Halpern (specifically, his album Higher Ground), and a past life regression technique I learned from Toni Reilly. 

May 2020 Update – Please note that I no longer have a professional association with Toni Reilly . However I am keeping the above post up as she was integral to my journey into past life regression therapy and I am deeply grateful for her past support in that field. 

Of all the spiritual techniques I’ve studied, past life regression is hands-down the one I use the most on myself, because it’s such a powerful tool for emotional release and energy recharge. In addition to numerology and Tarot Cards, I use past life regressions to access my subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds so I can see the reason for events and people coming into my life. It’s a pipeline to my Higher Self.

My Past Life Regression From Today – The Hunter
Why: I did this regression to answer questions around my career and how I could ‘get my courage back’. As it’s a New Moon, I knew it was a good time to integrate my ‘dark side’.
Where: Europe, sometime around the turn of the century. Maybe Yugoslavia. I didn’t study History at school so my knowledge of the world comes mainly from past-life regressions.
Who: Male, approx. 33 years old at the start of the regression, but late 40’s when he passes.

The Hunter looks down at his boots. His feet are hot, even though it’s cold and the snow is falling. A cigarette hangs out of his mouth, which is handsome and framed by a brown beard. He’s carrying his satchel and furs, and eager to reach the village. Strong legs carry him quickly through the forest.

‘Give me the saltiest cheese you’ve got’, he says to the Grocer Man. The Grocer Man laughs and says ‘Okay, here’s my best. You’ll need a lot of beer to wash this one down’. The Hunter replies, ‘Fine. Then I’ll have double ale this week.’

As the Grocer Man packs a wheel of cheese, loaves of bread, lamp oil and beer* in paper, the Hunter looks through the window into the street. She’s there. He gulps, takes the parcels from the Grocer and nods. Then he hands over the rabbits and pelts he’s prepared as payment, and walks out. (*I call it beer, but it may have been a type of ale).

‘It’s good to see you again’, he murmurs as he walks up to her carriage. She smiles and extends her hand for him to kiss. He holds up the watch she gave him. ‘This was a great idea, now I always know when to come into town’. They chat briefly. As always, it is never long enough to get past the weather or how her parents are pushing her to get married to so-and-so. Her hair looks beautiful in the light.

As she moves to leave, he passes a wooden carving to her. It’s a pretty brooch, a flower with many petals. Hand-made. Not perfect but exquisite, at least in her eyes. She thanks him and waves, as her driver takes her home. It is the last time they will ever meet.

Restless, he drinks another mug of ale. Reflecting on that day, he wonders if she knew she would never return. It doesn’t matter, his friend tells him. Women like that, aren’t meant for men like him. Hunters and Ladies inhabit different worlds. What could he really offer her?

He looks around his wooden hut. It is basic, but comfortable, warm and clean. He’s proud of it, because he built it himself, with help from his friend. The door handle and table are smooth from use. Although he doesn’t own much – a black kettle, a gun and some knick knacks – everything has its place. His bed in the corner is covered in soft furs, the only concession to comfort.

Sometimes, his friend asks if he misses his family. He says, honestly, that he doesn’t. Although he learned to hunt from his father, and has many brothers and sisters, his need for silence is stronger than his need for people. Anyway, they know where to find him, but he’s out hunting so often, they stopped visiting many years ago.

It isn’t until he finds, and loses his Lady love, that the ache begins. For someone who has an uncanny resilience to harsh weather, the feelings in his heart take him by surprise. He finds himself crying, as he chews on the hard bread and cheese that are his staple diet. Being illiterate, he can’t get the thoughts out of his head through writing, so he makes things instead. Little wooden people, houses and toys that he gives to the children of his friend.

It takes months for the feelings to subside. Perhaps they never do, because then he develops a cough, deep in his lungs. Unusual for him, as he is never sick. He lies in bed, tossing with fever and chills. His friend doesn’t know what to do, as he refuses to see a doctor. It looks like heartbreak, wrapped in pneumonia. Each time he smokes or drinks, the cough worsens. It’s a catch-22.

One morning, his friend arrives to find the Hunter has left his body. He looks peaceful. The furrow in his brow has softened. His friend buries him in the forest, with his gun and the watch from the Lady. Neither of them are religious, so his friend doesn’t pray. He just looks up at the trees and stars, and asks them to keep the grave safe, so the Hunter can finally rest in peace.

Post-Regression Analysis
My favourite part of a past life regression is where you reconnect with the Soul whose life you explored, and ask them about their purpose. Spirit doesn’t mince words and I often get a big epiphany from this short but important part of the session.

Me: What was your life purpose?
The Hunter: To learn determination.
Me: Did you fulfil your life purpose?
The Hunter: Yes. I turned up to see the Lady, rain, hail or snow. I looked after myself and didn’t compromise my values to please others. I made sure I was okay and always had enough food etc.
Me: Did you have any regrets?
The Hunter: Yes. I wish I could have seen the Lady again, but it wasn’t meant to be. And I wish I could have thanked my friend for burying me.
Me: What is my life purpose right now?
The Hunter: To focus on what you want, and ignore everything else. I was good at doing that when I was hunting. You can’t let yourself get distracted or you will go home hungry.
Me: What advice do you have for me? How can I regain my courage?
The Hunter: Don’t worry about appearances. The right people will understand you, just like my friend was always there for me. I always had to plan ahead because I lived by myself. Get more organised financially so you can cope with the changes in weather.

See money as an exchange of skills, not something to be scared of. The Grocer Man relied on me to catch his meat and make furs, just as I depended on him to supply me with my favourite bread, cheese and lamp oil.

Me: Is there anything else? Will my family be ok?
The Hunter: Everyone is fine. Go and make things with your hands, it will help you to relax. Spend more time outside. And keep your feet warm!
Me: Thank you.

I hope this post gives you an insight into the valuable knowledge that can be uncovered through a past life regression. While not everyone will experience this level of detail – I am clairvoyant – you will still get exactly what you need to grow. I have been feeling grief in my lungs recently, which could relate to The Hunter’s loss, as well as similar situations of heartbreak in my current life. Experiencing his emotions helped me to release my own.

Oh, and after some reflection, I’ve booked my next event at SILO Paddington (which has more natural lighting to do me justice) 😀 It’s good when you can separate the feedback from the emotion. Maybe that’s the secret to happiness in life??

If you are interested in a past life regression in Brisbane or by Skype, I encourage you to book a session with me, or to see my colleagues Vicki Haspels (Brisbane), Karen Joy (Maleny) or other qualified therapists.

Although I do regressions on myself, this draws on years of meditation and psychic training, which have given me the discipline to put myself in and out of trance states. Not everyone can do this when they start.

For most people, it’s important to have a facilitator when you do a regression, as our ego tends to avoid or mock anything that removes fear and brings us back into our heart.  While past life regression CDs are helpful, I find I get more out of one-on-one sessions with someone I trust, be that a person or my Spirit Guide. Read my post on finding a great healer.

Feedback from Kari (30/3 Lifepath) Past Life Regression, August 2017
“This was my first ever Past Life Experience…The clarity with which I saw, felt, smelt and heard things happening in all 3 visits (dimensions/ lifetimes explored) was incredible. The way you guided me…was so comforting and reassuring. At no time did I feel out of control or unsafe. I was really apprehensive in the lead up but as soon as we started talking I was sure I was doing the right thing for me. I know I made the right choice with you, the way our appointment just came together was truly guided…I certainly did not think I would get such solid confirmation on my Starseed question. (It) happened at 33.33 mins, I had 3 visits and I’m a 30/3…

I feel a definite shift in my psychic ability. Things in my life seem a lot clearer and my fears around (a specific personal issue) have all but dissipated. I will be eternally grateful to you for assisting me with this one. It was very distressing and causing me a lot of anxiety which I had tried to bury. So, THANK YOU Sarah, from the bottom of my heart for shifting it. With deep felt gratitude and blessings to you and your family. The more people who see you the better for the world.”

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Connect with us
Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

If you found this post helpful, then please:
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