Please. Stop. Rushing. My Near Car-Accident & Spiritual Wake Up Call

Yesterday my baby and I could have died or been seriously injured. The young driver of the car one in front of me fell asleep and drove at speed straight into the fence along the M1 to the Gold Coast. His bumper flew past us, landing on the verge hundreds of metres away. I braked so hard boxes flew everywhere. Thank Go(o)d the car behind didn’t hit us as Charlie was in the back. That’s a photo of Charlie I took after the accident, to remind me to slow down.

The driver’s door was so smashed he couldn’t get out. When he climbed out the back he started clutching his chest in panic. I was the only car who pulled over to check on him. We were both in shock. I called the police and ambulance but by time the latter arrived the driver had left in his badly damaged vehicle. I could swear his Soul was partly hanging out of his body too. His name? Early. Hm – I was tempted to say better late than never!

As I got back in my car the words of the ambulance driver rang in my ear. ‘He was probably too embarrassed to get help’. The sweet smell of flowers was in the air, definitely a Spirit Sign. As I looked at my Angel baby Charlie in the back, I thought ‘At least if something happened, I would have no regrets.’

The rest of the trip, I noticed all the skid marks where other ppl had crashed. Very sobering. Just yesterday I had a big cry when I meditated on death and the fact that one day, even Kris and my kids will move on. I’m taking Transition Bush Flower Essence right now. It busts the fear of dying, so all these thoughts make sense.

Look – I don’t blame Early for his lapse in judgement. The next day, I also felt sleepy while driving home from the Coast. It could happen to anybody! I’m sure what happened was a message for me to ‘not follow others too closely’, as I write about in my post on Psy-CAR-Logy – 5 Things Your Driving Says About You.

And all week long I have had a song in my head called Medicine by Rising Appalachia. Specifically the line, ‘Wise men know that rushing is violence’. Interestingly, this is about wise women and men, and I was on my way to see healer Karina Katz from the Infinite Potential Centre at the time.

Friends – please stop believing that asking for help is weak, or that you can fall behind! It’s just not true. Spirit loves us and keeps us on track at ALL times, no matter what the outside world says. Come into your heart. Trust in the rhythm of life. When you are tired (like now, at the New Moon), rest. Only rise when you feel well, otherwise you create more chaos.

The World can wait. Just rest. That is love. Amazingly, I just got a text from my psychic friend Carmen, saying she saw me with the ambulance…Brisbane is a small place 🙂

Jokes aside, I believe that we are all connected and here to help each other make the drive home in ‘one peace’. That’s the message of 11:11. The journey is long, but you and I are strong. You are always watched over. You are always safe. Stay awake and be present to the gift of life.

If today was your last, what would you do first?

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All articles on this blog are copyrighted. Content may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. Comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online.Selected comments from facebookEvie Joannou Garrett on 17/11/2017: So true. I was only just thinking about car/road safety yesterday around 4.30 as I collected my 3 year old from playschool. Mindfully driving at a safe pace knowing if something were to happen I’d have the best chance of stopping etc. why was I thinking this? Wondering if driving a classic car is selfish or not. Toying with all this in my head I tried to not think the worst. To not think of being in an accident. When I drive home there were ambulances police and a fire engine just up the street. No idea what happened. Wake up call for sure and so very happy you are both safe x your angel was in top form x hugs

Reply from Sarah: Our crash was at 4.27pm dude major connection between us! There was a crash up ahead of me too. Maybe Mercury shadow.

Karina Katz on 17/11/2017: So lovely to see you both and have that time together even though u had that harrowing experience on the drive down, all is well! Charlie is adorable, so loved our cuddles and our chats together too .. with both of u!

Reply from Sarah: Thanks Karina, one can never have too many reminders of Divine protection. Much love always xx

Deborah Faye on 17/11/2017: Hi Sarah Sorry to hear about your near miss, so glad you and your young family are safe and well. It is quite poignant that I came across your post today. I found myself drifting around a round a bout yesterday (must have hit a patch of diesel in the rain). I am a very competent driver and was able to navigate out of the drift safely but it did make me think differently.

Reply from Sarah: Be careful driving atm – Mercury shadow and lots of people affected by the energies…

Marie Bowdler on 17/11/2017: So happy to read that you and your gorgeous boy Charlie are safe❤️at 4.27pm yesterday I watched a driver try and cut a young girl if the road, yelling abuse at her all because she was driving to the speed limit

Reply from Sarah: Thanks Marie – totally synchronistic! If you are in Brisbane let me know on 0408 898 028 I might start a group

Natasha Jane on 17/11/2017: Please rest assured that the statistic for a child dying or being seriously injured in a correctly installed rear facing seat even in a high speed nose to tail is almost 0. Sometimes a healthy dose of science can help calm the nervous energy

Reply from Sarah: That is wonderful to know thanks Natasha

Melanie Senft on 17/11/2017: thank you for sharing and I’m so very glad you and your baby Charlie were spared. The year 2017 has been riddled with death…at least for me it has not only personal friends and family but in the news daily celebs…more than I think any other year…keep on with your page I read it daily was not your time and people need you and the work you are doing .. xo

Reply from Sarah: Yes Melanie it’s the end of a 1 Universal Year of New Beginnings for Earth, which means letting ppl go too. I wish you a very sweet 2018 of peace and wholeness xx

Lee Davies on 17/11/2017: Wow, so scary. So glad you are both ok, and so kind of you to offer assistance. I had an incident yesterday on the way to school drop off where a police car was chasing a car in front around the round a bout we were entering and I thought the police car was going to smash into us. It didn’t thank goodness. I was so shaken though, you don’t expect that at 8.30am on a Thursday! Take care xo

Reply from Sarah: Crazy times Lee, especially for the sensitive among us. Check out your personal year. You might be in a big one. Take care x

Cammie Keith Mayfield on 17/11/2017: So sorry to hear about you and baby Charlie! Glad you both are safe! I Love your page and I love your blog! I found it earlier this year when I continued to see 11:11 1:11 and seem to have 11’s at every turn, I have been seeing 11’s since 2013, but nothing like this year! Finally I started looking into it, and came across your blog, and reference back to it often, it has been so helpful in my new understandings!! Thank you for all you do!!

Your blog is where I originally found you when searching for answers, and at the time other things began happening, and I new this cant be a coincidence anymore, so I bookmarked your blog, and after the third time I referred back to your blog, you had given me a new understanding, and I knew that I would be reading it regularly, so I had subscribed to and then after reading several of your blogs that referred to your FB page, I requested to follow you! Thank you. Knowledge is Power! A Peace has come over me since finding you, and you explain things so well!! Plus I love watching you and your journey with your boys! I have three boys!! many Blessings to you and yours!!

Reply from Sarah: Thanks Cammie, very happy you are enjoying the 11:11 goodness. Very grateful for your support!

Darlene Fay Banfield on 17/11/2017: It’s law of attraction… it’s simple! As more of the universe is taking care of you and your loved one… Abraham-Hicks might help! I know it did for me. I’ve. been watching all you numbers stuff… I love numbers and see many things too. love you

Reply from Sarah: Thanks Darlene I use the Vortex meditations and appreciate the reminder xx

Krystal Mayne on 17/11/2017: Glad to hear you are both ok. As I read your post and got the part on 11:11 I noticed the time was 11:11. Very cool

Reply from Sarah: Fantastic 🙂 you’re in the flow

Don Elias on 17/11/2017: So glad you are both ok Sarah 🙏🏻 Awesome post & a good reminder! Transition bush flower combination sounds very interesting. I’m forever trying not to think/fear death… became very real when a close friend passed 4 yrs ago. I know it’s something we all face & it’s my mind I need to quiet just putting that into practise needs some work lol

Reply from Sarah: Thanks for your support Don, it’s really important to find a peaceful belief system around death otherwise we never really live. See this post on letting people down and maybe look into past life regression. 



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