Hand Analysis and Palmistry Class with Jo Hayden and Sarah Yip

Want to know the secrets of your hands? Check out the replay in Patreon I recorded with Jo Hayden today! We do 15 live readings and discuss everything from relationship styles to psychic ability, genius lines and how rings on a certain finger limit your sex life! I also match traits to each person’s life path, where possible. Find your life path in numerology

Access this fascinating 2. hour video from $11, which includes a library of 50 classes plus monthly calls.

From working in law enforcement to becoming a healer and Hand Analyst, Jo has seen the best and worst of humanity. She is a 26/8 life path Boss, here to raise standards and boy, is she a blast of fresh air in the industry. I’ve known her for decades and you’ll love our high energy, super ‘hands on’ and detailed approach in this call.

There are now 2 comprehensive calls with Jo in my Patreon, she’s one of the best teachers I’ve met and certainly one of the funniest.

Thanks Jo x 888 for the opportunity to share your brilliance with the world.

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Book a 1on1 with Jo Hayden ($200 interstate/ international or $150 in person in Brisbane)
Please note, I may receive a referral fee if you mention my name to her, thanks in advance!
Hand Intelligence Australia
Palmreading with Jo Hayden (Hand Intelligence Australia), a 26/8 Life Path Boss in Numerology A related interview is below on YouTube
Palmistry articles
Love is Always in Your Hands – A Palmistry and Relationships webinar (now $33, was $143)

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