5 Awesome and 5 Awkward Things To Say To Me About Autism! A Mum With Autism Speaks

5 awesome & 5 awkward things to say to me about autism! (Special post for the holiday season) Comment on Facebook or Instagram


1) Was it a relief to get a diagnosis? (Yep)

2) So glad you told us! I have autism/ my child has autism too etc. (Cue many heartwarming conversations about being extra-sensory.)

3) Thanks for trusting me with that information. Is there anything I can do to make things easier for you? (Hell yeah – expect me to be 20min late and to not make eye contact alot. Also, let me fidget.)

4) I knew you were special! *smiles*

5) I’m amazed how you juggle so much. Can I give you a hug? (I like hugs when they are requested instead of imposed.)

Awkward (all these things have happened)

1) *recoils and never contacts me again*

2) But you don’t look autistic!! (Oh, dear.)

3) We’re all on the spectrum/ don’t buy into labels/ you don’t need a diagnosis (actually, I like labels, Asians are into stationery didn’t you know?!)

4) You shouldn’t tell people that. You could lose a lot of business/ credibility. (Whoa, spot the judgey pants.)

5) Autism doesn’t exist/ Here, try this internet diet/ therapy which will cure you. (Thanks but I am already getting medical and holistic help and I don’t consider myself diseased…)

I hope this post brings some insights for you. Autistic or artistic, that is the question! So many of us are deeply creative, empathic and social.

Don’t buy into the stereotypes. Ask the actual person about their neurodiversity. It will be a welcome relief for them.

With thanks to Claire McFarlane @footstepstoinspire and my psychologist @taniaamarshall and legends like @jerico.mandybur and @sharynaholmes etc. Also @heatherplett

It’s a disability – something different. In my case I am twice exceptional which means I am gifted verbally but have an invisible challenge around fitting into ‘normal’ life.

Photos: taken at Tallebudgera Creek on the Gold Coast in Australia

Sarah looking happy on a beach

Sarah making a face thinking about people who think autism is a disease.


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