Perseids Meteor Shower Australia 2015 – Astrology & Numerology Forecast

Here’s a short and sweet post on the Perseids Meteor Shower, which peaks from 11-14 August 2015. In astrology, the Perseids represent the conquering of fear through brilliant ideas and courage.
This meteor shower is named after the constellation of Perseus, from which they appear to originate. Perseus was the son of Zeus and the ‘first hero’ in Greek mythology. He is famous for beheading the snake-headed Medusa, whose direct gaze turned people to stone. He did this by sneaking up to the Medusa while she was sleeping, and using his shield to reflect her image. Clever, huh?

The annual Perseids meteor shower has been observed by humans for about 2000 years. During this spectacular, about 60-100 meteors can be witnessed streaking through the night sky every hour.

Although these meteors are more easily witnessed in the Northern Hemisphere, this year Australians are in luck. The Perseids coincide with a New Moon (August 13) so the sky will be darker than usual, making it easier for us Aussies to spot these beautiful falling stars.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Seeing 11:11 on Clocks JellyfishThe Perseids Meteor Shower is a time for flashes of insight and sudden awakenings.

If you have a chance to go outside (especially in an area away from bright city lights), why not make a wish on one (or many) of the shooting stars?

A New Moon plus Meteor Shower is the perfect time to send out good vibes and intentions.

I’ll be doing just that at 11:11pm…(read more on why you might see 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333 etc.)

Interestingly, Jupiter also moves into Virgo around 11-12 August 2015. This transit will encourage us to dig deep and to find the discipline and patience to pursue our dreams to conclusion.
The next few weeks are an excellent time for personal growth and helping others through community service. Perhaps the Perseids Meteor Shower will help us to understand exactly where this evolution needs to take place?
In numerology, PERSEIDS adds to 7+5+9+1+5+9+4+1 = 41/5
(see the system of Pythagorean number assignment I’ve used) 41 is the vibration of YIN YANG, the symbol for cosmic integration. The number 5 represents the fifth, or Throat Chakra, the con-neck-tion point (literally) between our head and heart. A healthy fifth chakra allows us to see other points of view, while honouring our intuition (the word INTUITION adds to precisely 50/5).

So the Perseids will awaken our inner voice and encourage us to be more rebellious/ get out of our comfort zone. (something that lifepath 5’s are famous for – find your lifepath/ life purpose here).

The phrase METEOR SHOWER adds to 65/11, a Master 11 vibration, which is the exact vibration of the word ENLIGHTENMENT (read more about Master 11 words). I often explain Enlightenment as a spiritual principle, i.e. ‘in light you’re meant’ to live. Under a meteor shower we experience a moment in time when light is all around us. No wonder some cultures consider shooting stars a gift from the Gods. Perhaps, watching a meteor shower reminds us, deep down, that we are ALL made of stars…cue Moby.
As Indian mystic Osho mused, “even the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star, and it is as significant as the greatest sun.”

Feeling inspired? Then it’s time to get your tents out folks, because the Perseids are coming! Happy wishmaking & stargazing!

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