Halloween 2020 – Explore My Numerology, Black Cat, Ghost, Friday the 13th, 666 and Spiritual Healing Posts

Happy Halloween 2020! It’s a huge energy today – a Blue Moon during a Mercury retrograde, which brings major opportunities for spiritual awakening. Here’s a compilation of 7 blogs I thought you might enjoy:

1) The Numerology of Halloween and Why Black Cats Represent Go(o)d

Extract: “Halloween has a 813365555 = a 41/5 vibration, note the 5555 code for change! Halloween is a time for surprising and shocking others into staying young at heart (5 lifepaths are The Rebels in the system I use, who are healing their Throat Chakra – a big theme for 2021.) It’s about pursuing thrills, by taking action to find new happiness (going trick or treating is an exercise in ‘ask and ye shall receive’ assuming you follow the ‘signs’!)…

Black Cat has a 23132 312 = 17/8 vibration, which I mentioned before is a powerful number – 17/8 is the numerology of words like God, Karma, Books, Database and is about the ethical use (1) of wisdom (7) to create infinite connection (8). Our attitude to black cats reveals our relationship to the God, or Go(o)d energy within ourselves, especially its feminine aspect. In Egyptian mythology, cats were sacred to the Goddess Bastet, she is depicted as half black cat, half woman.”

2) 7 Signs That You Were a Witch, Wizard or Healer in Your Past Lif
“Extract: In numerology, the words ANGEL and HUMAN both have a 21/3 vibration, suggesting that we’re equals. Truthfully, we define Go(o)d and what’s possible, not the other way around. Once you reset your beliefs around magic, healing and psychics, it’s amazing how your world will expand. You’ll feel like you’ve left a mental prison cell once and for all…

Hint – one of the biggest shifts you can make is to reframe words like WITCH as positive. They call it spelling, because it’s magic.

Suggested alternatives are:
Woman. In. Total. Connection. With Herself.
Wild. Inspiration. Taking. Communities. Higher.
Witty. Insightful. Talented. Creative. Hippy.
Wise. Intuitive. Teacher (or Therapist). Creating Hope.
As you open up your language, you open up the possibility of reclaiming your energy and past life abilities.

In numerology, Witch has the same vibration (27/9) as Leader, Voice, Hair, Money, School and Child. Witches were people like you and me, who often had influence in the community or worked in education, healing or midwifery. It’s time to find a peaceful way forwards again.” See the word numerology system I use.

3) Why Spirits Can’t Hurt You – 3 Ghost Stories With Happy Endings! (A Post on Mediumship)

Extract: “Spirits can’t hurt you. Only your thinking* about Spirits can hurt you. That’s something I’ve learned the hard way in this lifetime. My goal as a psychic is to free someone from fear, every day (even if that person is me)…

 If you come across a confused Spirit (some call them earthbound Spirits), before you freak out and escalate things, talk to them out loud, as if they were a lost tourist in your hometown. Be honest and tell them they are not in the right place. You can picture Angels carrying them home or lifting them into the Sky/ The Sun if that helps.

If this doesn’t work, then please call an experienced psychic medium or energy clearing professional (links are in the post). You can find someone local (check their reviews or call first if possible),or hire someone to do distance work. Spirit is not bound by physical limits, so it’s absolutely possible for psychics to help from afar. 

4) What 666 Really Means in Numerology – Trust Your Sixth Sense!

Extract: “Honestly, I half expected the screen to explode when I sat down to write this article. Hence why I chose the ‘fiery’ cover image – I wanted to burn away some fear with this post. First up, let’s get one thing straight. The Devil, and Hell for that matter, only exist in your head.

Remember, ‘Devil’ is lived backwards, and She-Devil is an anagram of She-lived. A lot of what we have been taught is thought control, it’s not spiritual truth. The truth relaxes and expands us – it gives us courage to grow.

Hell is not a physical place, and you’re not going there because you lied on your maths exam, lost your temper or swore in public. There is nothing you can do to stop the Universe from supporting you. To prove this, walk out into the sun – note how everyone receives light, no matter what their ‘sins’?

Sure, there are higher and lower vibration actions you can take, which will keep you on, or distract you from, your lifepath. But you won’t get roasted over coals when you pass over.”

5) Numbers are Neutral! Clearing the Myths of Friday the 13th (aka Goddess Day)

Extract: “I am not surprised that Friday the 13th has been painted as a terrible date, when you consider the witch hunts, persecution and suppression of anything remotely connected to natural therapies, healers, midwifery and women’s intuition throughout the ages. I’ve written about the karmic number 13 in this (older) numerology post. It’s about the ethical use of free will (1) to express your intelligence (3) for heart healing (4 energy – the sum of 1+3). The wise use of words to free people, rather than to enslave them. They call it spelling because it’s magic! See this external video

So please, make Friday the 13th a day you catch up with your female friends, or call your Mum, or give thanks to all the women who’ve helped you in life, and show people that you’re not scared by the negative advertising. See Red Tent Australia and Tanishka – The Moon Woman’s excellent post on why it’s futile to fight patriarchy for ideas.”

5) Why Do I See 11:11 When I’m Not a Master 11/22/33 Lifepath? Intuition Versus Superstition, Explained!

Extract: “Basically – intuition Is like car headlights, useful when you’re going through a dark night of the Soul/ difficult times, and need to see what’s ahead, so you don’t crash. I compare seeing a good psychic to finding your high beam headlights – they can help you cut even more of the fog (but the reader must practice extreme self-care due to the energy required, this is something I’ve learned the hard way).

Ignoring advice from your Soul is like letting toast go cold – it’s just not as tasty, and sometimes you end up throwing it out! Although we always get second chances (what’s yours will keep returning), it’s also like catching a bus. There’s often a lag, so it’s best to jump on the signs in front of you instead of waiting around for a miracle. Spirit gives you a hand up, not a hand out. For every step you take, the Universe takes two to meet you. Action, not thinking, brings enlightenment…

Superstition is like a windscreen covered in Vaseline, it causes you to keep losing your way and giving up. A superstitious (and in many cases, sceptical) nature comes from accepting untrue stories about yourself, which deny your core truths. This is why, even if you develop your intuition (see my downloadable class) or spiritual headlights through psychic development etc., you can still get mixed/ no results – because you’re carrying outdated, blinding beliefs. Your left brain and right brain haven’t learned to trust each other yet.”

6) 7 Signs of Spiritual Whitewashing – How to Avoid New Age Silliness!

Extract: “You’ve heard of the term whitewashing, where a problem is dealt with superficially (e.g. painting a fence to hide a broken paling)? Well, it’s time to talk about spiritual White (Light) washing, where New Age concepts, are mis-used or compromised, to keep people confused…

They say, ‘if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything’. Just because someone says they are a teacher, doesn’t mean they are the right guide for you – whatever their qualifications or experience, it’s best to check in with your body – do you feel tensed or relaxed around them? This can be a helpful sign of whether they are on your wavelength. Also consider whether they can handle a joke – a sign of awakening is a goofy sense of humour and healthy dose of playfulness.”

7) Fear of Spiders – What’s the Spiritual Meaning? Spider Animal Totems and 35/8 Numerology Explained

Extract: “Spiders represent opportunism. They prepare for success, can make a living anywhere, and jump on new ideas before they get away. Their confidence is incredible.

If you keep seeing spiders, or are scared of them, ask yourself:
-Do I control my life, or do I feel trapped in a web of words/ lies?
-Where do I avoid confrontation? Where do I let small things stop me? 
-Am I willing to receive my good from the Universe? Do I trust that, if I turn up prepared, Spirit will send what I need (through the Law of Attraction)? Also see Change for Good, my spiritual money webinar on 22 Nov

-Where can I enlarge my social and online networks?
-Who taught me that spiders are evil? Do I still want this belief?
-Am I scared of looking like the bad guy? How would life be if I held my ground? After all, leaders need to lead themselves first.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my Halloween related blog posts, as much as I loved writing them. Happy exploring and I wish you peace.
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