7 Signs That You Were a Witch, Wizard or Healer in Your Past Life

Ever felt you were a witch or a healer in a past life? Do you feel blocked around public speaking or being rewarded for your gifts? Want to begin to recover your sixth sense and body wisdom? Then this article is for you! Updated Feb 2022.

It’s an extract from my workshop notes for Intuition for the 21st Century, which I recently presented at Perfect Potion Brisbane (see photo). I’m sharing it because the more of us who find our voices again, the better. 

2019 was a Universal 12/3 Year, a time for Inner Child Healing and Creative Breakthroughs. It’s about reclaiming your 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra energy – personal power and courage. They say it’s never too late for a happy childhood. Here’s your chance to have a ball, without needing a Prince/Princess Charming to bring you into the light. You can be your own Fairy Godmother, it’s just a question of knowing how.

In numerology, the words ANGEL and HUMAN both have a 21/3 vibration, suggesting that we’re equals. Truthfully, we define Go(o)d and what’s possible, not the other way around. Once you reset your beliefs around magic, healing and psychics, it’s amazing how your world will expand. You’ll feel like you’ve left a mental prison cell once and for all…

Please note, although the following article is based on my experience working with highly sensitive people, this list is a work in progress. Feel free to provide feedback on it via the comments section or by email. It can take me some weeks to reply, due to our young family.

Here are 7 Signs That You Were a Witch, Wizard or Healer in Your Past Life

1) Vivid flashbacks of witch past lives. These flashbacks could arrive as repeating thoughts, déjà vu, dreams or synchronicities. The Soul contacts us in this way, to remind us of our gifts and spiritual mission.

e.g. When I took Fire Essence (from the Australian Bush Flower Essence – White Light Essences Range), I went through a 360 degree past life ‘movie’ of being burned and watching myself from everyone’s perspective. It was so realistic I can still recall the details, years after the workshop. See my review of the White Light Essences

Hint – one of the biggest shifts you can make is to reframe words like WITCH as positive. They call it spelling, because it’s magic. Suggested alternatives are:
Woman. In. Total. Connection. With Herself.
Wild. Inspiration. Taking. Communities. Higher.
Witty. Insightful. Talented. Creative. Hippy.
Wise. Intuitive. Teacher (or Therapist). Creating Hope.

As you open up your language, you open up the possibility of reclaiming your energy and past life abilities. In numerology, Witch has the same vibration (27/9) as Leader, Empath, Voice, Hair, Money, Business, School and Child. Witches were people like you and me, who often had influence in the community or worked in education, healing or midwifery. It’s time to find a peaceful way forwards again.

2) You love books, TV programs and movies of a magical nature, like Harry Potter (which is full of Master 11 numerology), Jonathan Strange, Lord of the Rings, The Magicians, The Witches, Terry Pratchett’s books etc. Or there can be an interest in Starseeds and aliens (E.T., Star Wars – also full of 11/22/33 numerology, see this post, X-Files), unsolved mysteries, Superheroes (Dr Strange, Wonder Woman), myths, fairytales and legends. What you resonate to, can often reveal your hidden talents and powers to be developed in this incarnation.

e.g. I cried when I started watching Wonder Woman. It felt like I’d been a strong and magical female warrior before and I missed the camaraderie. Imagine my joy when I was invited to talk at the Red Tent Australia Retreat – Invoking the Warrior Woman (2019). I taught palmistry for self-love, see my 2021 relationship palmistry webinar. Fleassy Malay’s amazing poem Witches is below, she was also there. 

3) People have referred to you as a healer, wizard or witch, at various times in your life, and you’ve felt they could be correct.

e.g. When I was younger, my parents wanted me to become the first doctor in the family. Although I didn’t go into medicine, clients and peers have commented on my ability to heal with words via my blogs and readings. I was always good at ‘spelling’ – see this video by Laurel Airica on common words we use and their alternative, energetic meanings. It will change your life in 2min.

4) You are drawn to animals, children and trees and vice versa. For example, pets are friendly to you even if you don’t know their owners, or kids talk to you a lot. They’re sensing your open heart and integrity.

e.g. Animals used to chase me because of my fear. After spending time with a friend’s puppy and baby, I became an animal and child magnet. I once had a little girl come up and say, ‘I’m older than my Mum’. I knew from her tone, that she was referring to the age of their Souls. Another time, someone’s guard dog lay down when it saw me, which shocked its owner. I talk to plants, too.

5) You have studied multiple healing topics, such as: anatomy, aromatherapy, astrology, cooking, energy healing, herbal medicine, kinesiology, naturopathy, nursing (very common), nutrition, martial arts, massage, medical intuition, medicine, meditation, mediumship, midwifery, numerology, palmistry, past life regression, permaculture, psychic development, Reiki, shamanism, sound healing, spiritual healing, Tarot, toxicology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yoga and so on. This makes sense, as a Soul with an interest in wellness love to keep building up their ‘CV’, lifetime after lifetime.

e.g. As a child I loved reading about astrology, but then my religious upbringing forced me to put that aside until my 20’s. Since then, I’ve taught myself things including numerology, palmistry and Tarot. They’ve always felt familiar.

6) You’ve had unusual abilities and sensitivities since birth or particular life crises (near death experiences – think Anita Moorjani). These abilities could include animal communication, Angel messages, mediumship, predictive dreams, telepathy, etc. You thrive in quiet surroundings, with simple foods and nature. I believe there’s an overlap with Asperger’s syndrome traits in some cases (see my post on psychics and autism, which I have been diagnosed with). 

E.g. I had uncanny hearing as a kid, and heard voices (clairaudience), which helped my musical and academic studies. I felt Spirits (clairsentience), however my ability to see (clairvoyance) didn’t strengthen until my 30’s. Ideas pop into my head (claircognisance) plus I can ‘smell’ health (clairolfaction).

7) You’re highly creative, curious and love travel.
Open-minded views towards religion, sexuality, Indigenous people, alternative lifestyles etc. are the norm, as you’ve been an outcast before. Mixed feelings about ‘using your charms (or sexuality) for good’ could be present. See this post on the Girdle of Venus in palmistry. Or you could be afraid of public speaking and being ‘seen’.

Finding a community of like-hearted people (like the 11:11 tribe and Red Tent Australia circles) will be essential for recovering your trust in collective goodness. Once burned, twice shy. You might also struggle to receive money (credit) – see my Change for Good webinar. In numerology, you could have many 5s or 9s in your lifepath, name and chart. These are the numbers for spiritual rebellion and maturity. Find your lifepath

e.g. I used to question in Scripture Lessons why my Buddhist relatives were destined for Hell, it seemed so unfair. I wanted to be an astronaut so I could explore the galaxy. In some ways, I’ve been able to do this via astral travel.

How did you go? Did many of the above points resonate? Remember – you had the last laugh, no matter what happened last time. You came back so your enemies lost and you won. Your Soul is immortal and so very powerful. Believe in your capacity to rewrite history my friends. 

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