Spiritual Interview on the U.S. Election, Trump Numerology and Healing Your Inner Sovereign

Hi folks, for those of you who love numerology and all things spiritual, don’t miss this in-depth interview (75min) I did on the U.S. Election, Trump Family’s numerology and healing your inner sovereign. It contains insights not shared until now in my public Yahoo articles or blog posts.

As in the title photo, I saw the Titanic eventually sinking with the captain onboard, a Kraken (felt like Trump’s energy) fighting a flock of Eagles (felt like Biden’s energy) and thousands of people watching this battle of the Titans/ War of the Gods around the world. We shall see what this all means once the results come out. One of the challenges with psychic predictions is that their timeframes are estimates – I may be seeing further into the future than just the November 2020 election.

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Thank you to Jeffrey Shaw and Julia Chai for this opportunity to be on Dreaming the New Dream and Radio FM 88 again. Honoured to know you!

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