The Numerology of Halloween and Why Black Cats Represent Go(o)d

Happy Halloween! Today I’m looking at the numerology of Halloween and what one of its symbols, the black cat, can teach us about thinking bigger and embracing our shadow side as lovable. Post updated October 2022.

Word Numerology of Halloween
In numerology, every letter can be assigned a number from 1-9 (see the system under Find Your Lifepath).

Halloween has a 813365555 = a 41/5 vibration, note the 5555 code for change! Halloween is a time for surprising and shocking others into staying young at heart (5 lifepaths are The Rebels in the system I use!) It’s about pursuing thrills, by taking action to find new sources of happiness (going trick or treating is an exercise in ‘ask and ye shall receive’… assuming you follow the right ‘signs’!)

41/5 is about balancing loving teamwork (our 4th chakra) and individuality (our 1st chakra) to create diversity and acceptance (5th chakra). Our 5th or throat chakra, is literally, the con-neck-tion point between our hearts and heads. It’s about exploring new spaces.

Words like Jedi Master and Yin Yang have a 41/5 vibration too. Together with Halloween, these phrases invite us to integrate our light and dark sides to become spiritual warriors. Words are an anagram of ‘sword’. They can be used to hurt or heal and knowing their true meaning is empowering. See my post on Star Wars Numerology – The Master Numbers Strike Back

The throat chakra is the bridge between worlds, which contains our inner and outer voice. It includes our ears/ hearing, thyroid and ability to express ourselves honestly, no matter who’s listening. FYI, words like Intuition and Parenting have a 50/5 numerology . Intuition is about heeding our inner-tutor or teacher, which is also the basis of healthy parenting.

The throat chakra is about speaking up. It’s one of the most blocked chakras I see in my work as a psychic reader. So many people are afraid to reveal their true colours or appear wild, in case they ‘lose their heads’. See my post on 5 Spiritual Causes of a Stiff Neck and 7 Signs You Were a Witch, Wizard or Healer in a Past Life

Fortunately, you can balance your throat chakra by:
-saying what you mean/ meaning what you say/ but not saying it mean
-maintaining a moderate pace of living instead of rushing
-eating nourishing, slow-cooked foods rather than stress-filled fast food
-using your voice kindly (singing, chanting, giving positive feedback, etc.)
-regular stretching, yoga, massage, chiropractic and hip-opening work.
-increasing variety in all areas of life and being more playful and theatrical, for example dressing up for events like Halloween (!)

BTW, Pumpkin has a 37/10/1 numerology, the same as Spirit! 1 is root chakra energy, which is nourished by root vegetables like pumpkin, haha. Perhaps life is all about shining your light and carving your outer destiny to be less scary and more delightful…⁣

Date Numerology of Halloween
It’s interesting that 31/10 is the date of Halloween, as 31+10 = 41/5, the same vibration as the word! This is no coincidence.

Once you learn numerology, you see Divine patterns everywhere, including awakening codes like 11:11. Our Universe is made of numbers and the only reason things look random is that you don’t know how to ‘read’ between the lines yet. Spiritual literacy needs to be taught, it’s not automatic – we forget many of our gifts when we incarnate, but they can be activated easily when we are ready and willing to question why we are here. See my webinars

31/10/2019 (Australian date format is dd/mm/yyyy) = 3+1+1+2+1+9 = 17/8 vibration, so today is an 8 numerology day, perfect for ‘connecting the dots’ and seeing the bigger picture. I call 8 lifepaths The Boss in numerology, because they are here to play God (a 17/8 vibration) and uplift whole communities. Find your lifepath

Word Numerology of Black Cat

I’ve always loved black cats. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and have black hair, so I feel a kinship? Or because I was bullied as a child (my parents arrived as the White Australia policy was ending), and I relate to the furry racism that goes on at animal shelters?

Black cats are far more likely to stay in shelters and to be euthanased. Some people still consider them unlucky (due to their association with witches and witchhunts – which also had an element of racism), even though they are a good omen in cultures like Japan, Britain, France etc. (where they are called ‘magician’s cats’ or ‘money cats’).

In recent years, it’s thought that black cats are often surrendered as they don’t look as photogenic as other cats in selfies (?!) Geez. Imagine if we did that with people? Just saying…I wish people would remember that beauty is an attitude, not a skin or fur colour. On the up side, the movie Black Panther has made black cats more popular, at least temporarily.

Cat has a 312 = 6 vibration in numerology, which opens your sixth or third eye chakra (mind/ ESP/ vision). 6 energy is about seeing the beauty in everything, while still thinking for yourself and protecting your loved ones. 6 is associated with children (as it looks like a pregnant woman or someone with a ‘food baby’!) When our sixth chakra is blocked, we can fall prey to silly ideas like black cats being evil, death being scary, life being tragic etc. which unfortunately makes us easily controlled by others. See my post about Intuition Vs Superstition and my post on Water and Your Third Eye

Black Cat has a 23132 312 = 17/8 vibration, which I mentioned before is a powerful number – 17/8 is the numerology of words like God, Karma, Books, Database and is about the ethical use (1) of wisdom (7) to create infinite connection (8). Our attitude to black cats reveals our relationship to the God, or Go(o)d energy within ourselves, especially its feminine aspect. In Egyptian mythology, cats were sacred to the Goddess Bastet, she is depicted as half black cat, half woman.

A Spiritual Look at the Fear of Black Cats
Things to consider if you think they are unlucky or scary:

-Am I afraid of my dark side? (Maybe it’s time to stop running from myself? Or to spend time working with people of different backgrounds?)

-Do I have trouble sleeping or have a fear of the dark? (It’s time to find some beautiful endings again – consider watching the sun set or reading my post on Why Spirit Can’t Hurt You – 3 Ghost Stories with Happy Endings)

-Do I believe that death is a bad thing? (Go to a forest and look at how the older or drying trees shelter and nourish the new ones, or explore other religions where past lives/ reincarnation are more accepted) I do past life regressions (2022 – on hold)and they have helped me to release my fear of leaving this body

-Do I think it’s dangerous to predict the future or use my intuition? (This is a damaging belief that gives your power away to authority figures who rule with fear! The best way to predict the future is to create it – our psychic ability helps us to plan for success, think of it as high beam headlights for those dark nights of the Soul)

-Do I think that women are inherently untrustworthy and hard to deal with? (Cats are the butt of so many jokes because their love can’t be bought, they also have high self-respect…notice how the word ‘catty’ is used as an insult when it’s actually a good thing to have boundaries!)

Scared of spiders? I have a blog on them too

I hope this article has helped you to see Halloween and black cats in a new light. Next time a black cat crosses your path, why not say ‘Hi Lucky Friend’ instead of jumping back?

While writing it, I discovered that National Black Cat Day is 27 October, my mother’s birthday! I just blogged about her 26/8 Boss lifepath and how she’s taught me about recovering from being misunderstand. What a wonderful synchronicity. I love how Spirit always weaves our lives into patterns more beautiful than our minds could imagine.

P.S. Janet Jackson is a 34/7 Spiritual Teacher lifepath who wrote a song called Black Cat! Born 16 May 1966, Janet has a 666 in her date of birth. No wonder she loves cats. For more myth-busting, see my post What 666 Really Means in Numerology – Trust Your Sixth Sense!

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