Silk, Paper or Sandpaper? Skin Texture in Palmistry – Why Psychics Have Thin Skin

Skin texture is one of the fastest ways to ‘read’ a person’s character in palmistry and it takes only seconds to assess. Your skin forms a barrier between you and the environment. Together with your skeleton, it’s what stops you from melting into a jelly-like puddle! It also gives a palmreader important information about your preferred lifestyle and work conditions. Please note: skin texture can change over time, as can your hand lines.

It makes sense that ‘thin-skinned’ people are sensitive to noise, pain and even criticism when you look at the skin as an indicator of ‘toughness’. Similarly, ‘to have a thick skin’ implies that you can brush things off easily without getting offended. Who knew that so much palmistry was built into the English language?!

In palmistry we classify people as having silk, paper or coarse/ sandpaper skin

Silk skin (Water element) – This type of skin is so fine you can run your fingers along the palm without feeling any ridges. The palm may be damp (indicating even higher sensitivity and intuition) and you may be able to see the blue veins below the surface of the skin. Empaths often have this skin. It’s no coincidence that so do most babies and children. Empath and Child have the same vibration in numerology (27/9). See the word-analysis system I use.

Someone with silk skin tends to absorb energy from their surroundings and prefer to live and work in a peaceful, harmonious environment. They are psychic and benefit from regular auric clearing – meditation, salt baths, ocean swims, flower essences, crystals and Reiki can also make a huge difference to their mental and physical health.

There is a tendency to ‘act tougher’ than they are (e.g. working with aggressive people), which can result in burnout. Inviting a ‘silk’ to a rock concert or a Boxing Day sale at Myer would be akin to putting a fern in a microwave, they will fry from all the energies bouncing around. In that way silks are like the canaries that miners used to bring underground to detect gas leaks. They love cleanliness and their own office, especially if it’s at home or in a garden.

Paper skin (Fire/ Air element) – This is a common skin texture (about 50% of hands). It feels smooth and resilient without being rough like sandpaper skin. People with paper skin tend to like office work or work involving communication and variety. 

They are more connected with their thoughts than their feelings. You will find a paper chatting away on their mobile while typing an email and making themselves tea, they are the classic multi-taskers. They can deal with emergencies more objectively than a Silk skin, who might get anxious or overwhelmed.

Coarse/ sandpaper skin (Fire/ Earth element) – People with this type of skin are usually too busy playing sport or working outdoors or in tough workplaces to come for a palmreading but I find them occasionally at markets, usually they are the fruit and veggie growers. You’ll know when someone has sandpaper skin because the skin feels rough under your finger and the patterns and fingerprints are very defined.

They tend to have fewer lines on their hands as well. They communicate briefly and like to get to the point – they tend to be sceptical and rational although their deepest hunches can also be accurate. Not all men have coarse skin, and not all women have silk skin – it varies widely.

What if the skin texture on the inside of your hand differs to the skin texture on the outside of your hand? My thoughts are that the skin texture on the outside of your hand is what you were born with…so for someone who has silk skin on the outside but paper skin on their palm I believe they have had to ‘toughen’ up.

What type of skin do you have? Are you living according to your strengths or are you doing your best to conform to those around you? As a silk skin who has worked in many office and outdoor environments I can only suggest to you – BE YOURSELF!

That way, your kindred spirits will be able to recognise you, which means you’ll have more support in life. It’s like buying beans. If the beans are on the shampoo shelf in a shop no one is ever going to find them (unless they are a psychic silk skin, hehe) 🙂

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