I’m psychic, not psycho. Also, twice-exceptional. Very 11 life path, huh?

The verdict is in. I’m psychic, not psycho. Also, twice-exceptional. Sounds like an 11, huh? Find your life path

So, I’ve been seeing a psychologist in Brisbane (Tania A. Marshall, author of I Am AspienWoman and I Am AspienGirl) to figure out my lifelong quirks (e.g. sensory issues like extreme hearing and smell and inabilities to gauge clock time or keep up with ‘mum’ things like remembering social occasions).

Also, because one of the coaches who saw my book draft commented that people with my abilities to hear, see and know things could be called schizophrenic by the media and written off as nutters.

That prompted me to go get various tests done. Turns out, I’m not schizophrenic. However, I am twice-exceptional, which means I am gifted in some areas and disabled in others like executive function. Like, I can remember your life path forever but not find my glasses or fit into an office environment without getting anxious.

It’s been a relief to get this diagnosis. My friend said ‘do you need a label and folder like that?’ and I said ‘yes, I’m Asian, we love stationery!!’ My science brain also digs it. Now I can research hacks and hire skilled helpers to create an easier life for our family.

I actually got this news when I was super unwell in July. The two things were likely related as I often see my asthma coughs and colds as signs of old grief being shed.

Since then, I’ve found it easier to ask for help with the kids and getting organised and also been weirdly punctual a little more often, because I’m not busy shaming myself angrily, like I have for years.

Not promising miracles of course. I am still likely to run 15-20 min late if you have a psychic reading with me, while all our Spirit Guides and thoughts gather in one space.

Just wanted to share this finding today as it’s coming to a new moon and September 2021’s numerology forecast is all about maximum freedom of expression – the truth and nothing but.

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