Our Special Baby News!

Happy early Father’s Day Kris! Yep. We’re having a baby. A third gorgeous son. Due 27 or 28 February 2021. The pregnancy has been very difficult with constant nausea but it’s easing now. We thought he was a girl but he surprised us all!! Three musketeers it is. His nickname is Ziggy Starbump.

I am keeping a journal for baby every day and he is very cheerful and amusing. So happy to be able to finally share this news with you all.

Baby was planned to coincide with our Personal 6 Year in 2021. Kris and I also met in a Personal 6 Year so this is the celebration of a full 9 Year cycle of life together.

6 Years in numerology are a wonderful time for family healing and meeting Soulmates (6 looks like a pregnancy). Find your personal year in numerology

Tips from mothers of multiple boys would be much appreciated on my Facebook announcement at The Numbers Queen. And thanks to everyone who sent love and inspiring memes recently. We had a blood test scare and only got the all clear this afternoon. Time to stock up on pretzels!!

P.S. If you’d like to support us on a practical level, please check out my Develop Your Intuition webinar (replay launched today) and Why Your Child Chose You – A Family numerology webinar. Interestingly, two days after running my Develop Your Intuition class, I had to use all the techniques covered to help my family through a crisis with the pregnancy!

Thank you in advance for helping our family business (busy-ness) to keep growing! Your energetic and financial generosity is deeply appreciated.

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