My Beautiful Orchid – A Song for Those Who Feel Everything (Empaths)

A Song for You
My beautiful orchid ⁣
The one who feels everything ⁣
Follow your own star ⁣
Raise up a rumpus ⁣
Float into the greenhouse⁣
We love you⁣
We love you⁣
Everyone will be ok⁣

Source: Facebook post on 26 October 2019

Written after I read about a 14yo girl who is too anxious to leave home. I remember that stage acutely. Thank goodness my drama teacher taught us meditation as a class or I don’t think I would have made it out of high school! ⁣

I struggle to vocalise music at all but it doesn’t matter, the energy is more important…I’m more about the words.

Many 11:11 Starseeds wake up early, often at the 14-15yo mark, due to painful changes at home, growth spurts, love interests gone awry. It seems the spiritual anaesthetic wears off about then and we realise we are stuck in a human body for the rest of our current lifetime.    

My eating / cystic acne / mood swings were out of control then and I can see now it was me trying not to grow up, because I was so afraid of being a leader who got cut down or even worse, had children who got cut down.

At 38-39, I’m still afraid of bullies but at least I moved through the panic to have a little family and funny as heck husband Kris R Anderson and prove to myself I’m not a failure.⁣

I dedicate this song to the part of you that is frightened of starting again. Go back to who you are and all the pain will start to clear. You cannot be harmed when you place yourself in the centre of life’s furnace. It burns away all critics. ⁣

Highly sensitive people are often compared to orchids (which need TLC) vs dandelions (which grow anywhere). The line ‘everyone will be ok’ came from a doco I watched about a man taking toad medicine. When he came out of trance, those were his first words.⁣

Tshirt ‘Make the leap’ from⁣

Update: the girl’s mum said this video gave her daughter goosebumps!

FYI, Dr. Judith Orloff has great information on empaths

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