Love is Always in Your Hands – A Palmistry and Relationships webinar

Want to learn 6 ways to read your lover's hands in palmistry?

Love to improve your relationships and understand your Soulmate/s?

Wish you knew what your body and Spirit were telling you?

Ready to welcome peace and let go of your exes?

Then this webinar on Sun 24 October, 9.30am - 1pm AEST is for you!


What you'll gain from joining us:

  • A sense of coming home to your Soul (as the hands are the tips of our heart chakras and Angel wings)
  • An understanding of basic palmistry, which you can apply daily
  • Greater self-awareness and body-Spirit connection 
  • The ability to have deeper, more objective relationships based on understanding and patience. 

This class will reconnect you with your intuitive powers and romantic self-confidence, by teaching you practical palmistry tips, focusing on personality, commitment and communication styles. To enhance healing, we will include processes for calling in helpers, Guides and Soulmates, as well as effective ways to release your ex-partners that go beyond cord-cutting and affirmations. I met my husband Kris teaching this class on TV!

You’ll experience fresh calm and joy after these upgrades, because they are designed to open your heart in a safe way. We are experienced practitioners and have assisted many thousands of people between us. There are no limits to connection when unconditional love is at play!

'When you love who you are, you can love who they are...'

A list of all the goodness you receive:

  •  A 3.5 hour LIVE online palmistry and relationships class with myself and Deniz Akan. She’s helped hundreds of my clients and is one-of-a-kind. We co-created the popular Why You Chose Your Mother and Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds classes.

  • A video replay, sent 1-2 weeks after the call

  • Group sharing and question time on the call (not recorded)

  • All slides in a PDF, so you can easily follow the replay.

  • A palmistry checklist to use for yourself and others. 

  • Guided meditations. Before the class, I will send you a link to my Detox Relationships track (worth $15), which I have used 600+ times to clear energy before readings and understand the people around me. We may also channel tracks on the day. 

Investment: $143, however if you join by 10 Oct you receive the earlybird price of $121 (save $22!) Use coupon code LOVEPALMISTRY at checkout. Save your spot now (40 places left)

Want to save more? Patreon members pay $99. Join our 11:11 learning community for $27.50 (USD20) a month, no contracts. The best time to join is the first 1-2 weeks of the month, as fees come out upon signup and on the 1st (Pacific Standard time). Prices include G.S.T and are in Australian dollars.  

Sample Hand Photo - Taken on a smartphone with flash

Want to book a palmreading with me, in addition to this class?

Although I’m booked out 3 months ahead, I’ve created spaces for 6 to 8 attendees to have a 25 minute palmreading with me before the class (or shortly after it, depending on my schedule). I know how helpful it can be to have a ‘guided tour’ of your hands, especially when you are first learning.

This option costs an extra $275 (fixed, no further discounts). You can select it at the time of booking and I’ll be in touch with a suggested date and time (usually Saturdays – please note I am in Australia, so this is Friday night in the United States). If we cannot find a suitable time, I will refund you. 

Please note, my analysis may go beyond what is discussed in the class as I am clairvoyant and a numerologist. I will include Tarot cards discussing your relationship energy and email a palmistry checklist. You are welcome to record via Zoom on a PC, or with a phone set to flight mode > voice memos.

This is a one-off offer, as my readings are usually $550-660 an hour and I rarely offer short sessions due the amount of preparation required. 

Tip: I’ll need you to email 2 x hand photos, one of your left and one of your right hand (don’t SMS) 72 hours before we talk. See sample photo of my hand.  Photos can be taken on a smartphone. Please include the entire palm, including your complete fingers and thumb. Best to take images in bright daylight or with a flash. Check fingerprints are visible when you zoom in. File sizes of 1-2MB are ideal. I will advise if new photos need to be sent. 

Part 1 - Lovers' Palmistry (1.5hrs)

A peek at what we’ll cover! I have been reading hands in person and online for two decades and there’s not much I haven’t seen in palmistry, especially regarding relationships. I’ve run 50+ classes on psychic topics, including palmistry, so you’ll be seeing a professional. Topics will include:

-6 ways to read your lover’s hands in palmistry – the secrets of
1) Their skin and sensitivity
2) Their thumb and flexibility 
3) Their 2D:4D ratio (finger lengths) and theories on male/ feminine traits
4) Their heart line/ Pinky finger area and expectations in relationships and intimacy. This will include relationship lines and children’s lines 
5) Their head line and communication style (so important in love!)
6) Their life line/ Venus mount and ability to follow through with passion

Depending on time, I may discuss further features, including the Girdle of VenusComposite WhorlsLoops of Serious Intent and Humour, etc.

Did you know? Your lines can change – my head line grew after my first son (who taught me discipline) and my heart line grew after my second son (who is very loving!) Palmistry proves people can improve their destiny using free will. Pretty cool, huh?

Part 2 - Relationships Healing (2hrs)

Deniz Akan and I will be sharing our tried-and-tested approaches in:

1) Detoxing your ex-partners (so you can break the overthinking) – see this meditation (I will send you a FREE copy once you book in). Also, these blogs on being friends with your ex and can-opener relationshipsDeniz will create a crystal grid and do a group sound healing/ transmission to melt away tension or pain you are still carrying from the past. 

2) Clearing the karma of affairs (if you have been in one/ affected by one.)

3) Ways to manifest your next Soulmate and clear myths about them. If time allows, we may discuss 11:11 Twin Flames.

As Deniz and I are both psychic, the order and coverage of topics may vary, because we tune into the group and deliver what we feel will help. Thanks for understanding!

Join us for this healing palmistry and relationships class on 24 Oct 2021

Use coupon code LOVEPALMISTRY by 10 Oct to join us for $121 (save $22!) Patreon members pay $99 (a discount code is required.)

Things to know when booking:

-Full payment is required to save your spot. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give me 72 hours notice via email of postponement or cancellation. No refund is given for postponement or cancellation within 72 hours of the webinar start date and time, however exceptions may be made at Sarah’s discretion for genuine emergencies (e.g. serious medical issues). In these cases please allow 3-4 weeks for the transfer.

-I’ll send confirmation emails before the class begins, which include your life path and personal year for reference (palmistry shows your free well, numerology shows the original plan).

-Love is Always in Your Hands is a long class. Our classes may run overtime (up to an hour). You can enter and leave at any point, we are flexible and understanding. We recommend having an early night’s sleep beforehand, plus drinking plenty of high-quality water and hiring a babysitter if needed, so you can concentrate. Keep some snacks on hand if you can. It’s best not to plan anything strenuous afterwards as you will want to rest and integrate. Think of the class as a half-day experience and it will be so much more enjoyable for all involved.

-Please do not turn video on after we have started recording (unless otherwise advised). You’ll also need to mute yourself during the webinar, apart from during question time and breaks. It’s best to download Zoom and familiarise yourself with the dashboard (and chat messaging function) before the event. It’s ok to arrive late/ leave early if needed.

-This webinar will be sold from 
my classes page as an online product. Your voice may be heard if you ask a question during the recorded sections. By booking, you agree to hereby release Psychic Readings by Sarah and Sarah Anderson nee Yip from any infringement or violation of personal and/or property rights of any sort whatsoever based upon the use of the recording. If you have any issues with these terms, please let me know before booking in.

-You will be sent a link to view a recording within 1-2 weeks of the event, barring any technical issues which prevent a recording being made. A copy of the slides will also be sent to you for reference. 

-As I have a young baby (Ziggy) at home, I sometimes need to take breaks to attend to him (he will also have a carer on the day). 

-Expect many synchronicities once you connect with this work! From an increase in 
11:11 sightings, to hot hands, goosebumps, finding feathers, having heightened dreams, seeing animal messengers etc. it’s all part of the awakening process and group healing that makes up the magic of this special event.

Thanks for your understanding and I look forwards to seeing you soon. 

Why study with me (Sarah Yip)? What is the connection with 11:11?

As one of Australia’s top psychics, I am known for my numerology, palmistry and clairvoyant readings, workshops and media forecasts. A scientist-turned-reader, I am accurate, compassionate and friendly.

I specialise in helping those who see repeating numbers to navigate their rapid increase in intuition, which often brings radical changes in their relationships, careers and health – see The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. I went through a huge breakup on 11.11.11, which led to a total rebirth. 

True story! In September 2012, I met my husband Kris Anderson, reading his palms on TV for ‘How to Read Your Lover’s Hands’, the basis of this webinar. Watch our first meeting on YouTube – the video is posted below. We are now married with 3 sons and read together as 11:11 Twin Flames. 

For examples of my palmistry, see these profiles for
 Frances Abbott and Sam Loch (who got engaged after two weeks), Anna BlighIan White (Australian Bush Flower Essences) and  Salvatore Battaglia (Perfect Potion). A list of the famous people I have analysed is here. 

BTW, If you’re wondering why I’m running a class when I’ve written so much about palmistry and love on my blog, it comes down to personal preference and creating accountability. 

Most people learn faster in a group where they can ask questions and the information is synthesised in one place. The energy and compassion generated, is beyond anything we can do alone. It’s like listening to a CD, versus attending a concert where you get to help to make the music!

Love is Always in Your Hands will be co-hosted by Deniz Akan, whose intro is below

Hi, I am an International therapist, channel and facilitator for personal transformation. Compassionate and grounded Earth woman with Interdimensional connections, and crystals as my friends.

I live my life through intuition and open heart space and I hope for others to do the same. I grew up as a sensitive, natural nourisher and a healer. Understanding of the gifts and talents unfolded throughout the years of learning, experiencing, and diving into the depths of spirituality.

My business, Dimensional-Healing emerged as an authentic and unique practice. The therapy was shaped through decades of discovery and tapping into the wisdom of many modalities, attributes, and personal gifts. I assist people find their strength, confidence and trust again. 

Learn more about Deniz's work

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Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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