Love is Always in Your Hands

Love is Always in Your Hands – A Palmistry and Relationships webinar

Want to learn 6 ways to read your lover’s hands in palmistry?

Love to improve your relationships and understand your Soulmate/s?

Wish you knew what your body and Spirit were telling you?

Ready to welcome peace and let go of your exes?

Then this webinar is for you! Now $33 as of August 2023 (was $143) click here to buy 

What you'll gain from This Replay:

Reconnect with your intuitive powers and romantic self-confidence

This class will reconnect you with your intuitive powers and romantic self-confidence, by teaching you practical palmistry tips, focusing on personality, commitment and communication styles. To enhance healing, we have included processes for calling in Soulmates, as well as effective ways to release your ex-partners that go beyond cord-cutting and affirmations. I met my husband Kris teaching this class on TV! See a photo of us meeting below, back in 2012. We are now married with 3 kids. 

You’ll experience fresh calm and joy after these upgrades, because they are designed to open your heart in a safe way. We are experienced practitioners and have assisted many thousands of people between us. 

'When you love who you are, you can love who they are...'

A list of all the goodness you receive:

  • A 3.5 hour online palmistry and relationships class replay with myself and Deniz Akan. She’s helped hundreds of my clients and is one-of-a-kind. We co-created the popular Why You Chose Your Mother and Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds classes.

  • A 50 pages notes packages, so you can easily follow the replay.

  • A palmistry readings checklist to use for yourself and others. This assists you to do short (10-15min) readings and is a template I use with clients.

  • Meditations. The package includes a link to my Detox Relationships track (worth $15), which I have used 600+ times to clear energy before readings and understand those around me. There’s also a sound healing channelled on the day in the class.

Investment: $33 (was $143)

Want to learn more? Patreon members have access to bonus palmistry workshops with experts like Jo Hayden from Hand Intelligence Australia. Join our 11:11 learning community from $11 a month, no contracts. Prices include G.S.T and are in AUD.

Part 1 - Lovers' Palmistry (1.5hrs)

A peek at what we cover! I have been reading hands in person and online for two decades and there’s not much I haven’t seen in palmistry, especially regarding relationships. I’ve run 50+ classes on psychic topics, including palmistry, so you’ll be seeing a professional. Topics will include:

-6 ways to read your lover’s hands in palmistry – the secrets of
1) Their skin and sensitivity
2) Their thumb and flexibility 
3) Their 2D:4D ratio (finger lengths) and theories on male/ feminine traits
4) Their heart line/ Pinky finger area and expectations in intimacy. Includes relationship lines and children’s lines 
5) Their head line and communication style (so important in love!)
6) Their life line/ Venus mount and levels of passion

BONUS 1: I read my husband Kris’s hands to demonstrate the class techniques in an entertaining half-time segment. 
BONUS 2: I read a friend’s hand from a photo to show you how to use the palmistry checklist (included in the package). 

For examples of my style, see posts on the: Girdle of VenusComposite WhorlsLoops of Serious Intent and Humour, etc.

Did you know? Your lines can change – my head line grew after my first son (who taught me discipline) and my heart line grew after my second son (who is very loving!) Palmistry proves people can improve their destiny using free will. 

Part 2 - Relationships Healing (2hrs)

Deniz Akan and I share our tried-and-tested approaches in:

1) Detoxing your ex-partners (so you can break the overthinking) – see this meditation (you receive a link to this in the class notes). Also, these blogs on being friends with your ex and can-opener relationships. In the replay, Deniz creates a crystal grid and does a sound healing/ transmission to melt away tension or pain you are still carrying from the past. 

2) Clearing the karma of affairs (if you have been in one/ affected by one.)

3) Ways to manifest your next Soulmate and clear myths about them. Self-marriage. Brief chat on 11:11 Twin Flames.

As Deniz and I are both psychic, we tuned into the group (live and future viewers) to deliver a tailored class. Enjoy!

Feedback from Narelle, an attendee: “I thoroughly enjoyed this. The course gave a great overview with plenty of guiding information. Having the palmistry checklist allowed you to work through the hands in a structured manner, it’s a very helpful tool. Deniz’s crystal grid was a beautiful introduction for those that may have not seen your crystal healing webinar. Rounding out  with relationship healing and a meditation track was a bonus. Applause and thanks to you both.” 

Buy this class now to learn palmistry and improve your love life! Now $33 (was $143)

Things to know when Buying this class

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  • Please note, all online sales of digital courses are final, unless there is a technical failure preventing you from accessing the product. In these cases, Sarah can be approached for a refund. If you have any issues, email Sarah for help (allow 1-2 weeks for a reply). Thanks for your understanding and support.
  • For examples of what palmistry can reveal, see: 8 amazingly accurate palmreadings that busted my scepticism. Also, 7 terrible palmreadings that inspired me to become a better palmistry teacher! 
  • Expect many synchronicities once you connect with this work! From an increase in 11:11 sightings, to hot hands, goosebumps, finding feathers, having heightened dreams, seeing animal messengers etc. it’s all part of the awakening process and group healing that makes up the magic of this special event.

Why study with me (Sarah Yip)? What is the connection with 11:11?

As one of Australia’s top psychics, I am known for my numerology, palmistry and clairvoyant readings, workshops and media forecasts. A scientist-turned-reader, I am accurate, compassionate and friendly.

I specialise in helping those who see repeating numbers to navigate their rapid increase in intuition, which often brings radical changes in their relationships, careers and health – see The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. I went through a huge breakup on 11.11.11, which led to a total rebirth. 

True story! In September 2012, I met my husband Kris Anderson, reading his palms on TV for ‘How to Read Your Lover’s Hands’, the basis of this webinar. Watch our first meeting on YouTube – the video is posted below. We are now married with 3 sons and read together as 11:11 Twin Flames. 

For examples of my palmistry, see these profiles for Frances Abbott and Sam Loch (who got engaged after two weeks), Anna BlighIan White (Australian Bush Flower Essences) and  Salvatore Battaglia (Perfect Potion). A list of the famous people I have analysed is here. 

BTW, If you’re wondering why I’m running a class when I’ve written so much about palmistry and love on my blog, it comes down to personal preference and creating accountability. Most people learn faster in a group where they can ask questions and the information is synthesised in one place. The energy and compassion generated, is beyond anything we can do alone. It’s like listening to a CD, versus attending a concert where you get to help to make the music!

Love is Always in Your Hands is co-hosted by Deniz Akan

Deniz Akan

Hi, I am an International therapist, channel and facilitator for personal transformation. Compassionate and grounded Earth woman with Interdimensional connections, and crystals as my friends.

I live my life through intuition and open heart space and I hope for others to do the same. I grew up as a sensitive, natural nourisher and a healer. Understanding of the gifts and talents unfolded throughout the years of learning, experiencing, and diving into the depths of spirituality.

My business, Dimensional-Healing emerged as an authentic and unique practice. The therapy was shaped through decades of discovery and tapping into the wisdom of many modalities, attributes, and personal gifts. I assist people find their strength, confidence and trust again. 

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