Why I Cut My Hair The Shortest It’s Been In 23 Years (A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair, Is About To Change Her Life!)

What a weight off my shoulders! Last month (on 9/11 – the healer’s code), I listened to my new Detox Relationships meditation, and forgave my parents for some big stuff in the past. Then I had this urge to cut off all my hair. It’s now the shortest it’s been in 23 years!

When I was 14*, I was fairly happy and confident, then my Dad had to leave the country and I fell over, emotionally speaking. I grew my hair, partly as a rebellion thing, also out of grief I think. I wanted to hide behind it. I had a vision of getting married in Hawa’i one day with waist-length hair, but every time my hair got long enough, I’d cut it. Finally, Kris and I got married anyway! *Many Starseeds seem to have dramatic changes in their home life and mental health around 13-15 (see my Starseeds and 11:11 post).

Recently, I had healings with Jane Sleight-Leach (also an 11 lifepath), Carmen Low and Lotus Kruse (my alchemy coach) and just totally released the pain of being born a girl, with full body eczema and feeling ugly and ashamed of my face.

So, here is the new me, ready to be seen and with so much more time now I don’t have a horse’s mane to tame anymore! In numerology, HAIR adds to 8199 = 27/9, the same as HOPES and MONEY. I’m letting go of my old stories and embracing how rich my life is, with or without the happy endings I craved as a kid.

I cut my hair around a New Moon, just before the huge 11/11 portal. 11:11 is a reminder to stand in the spotlight, get active and let your words out, because the sunshine can only heal you when you meet it halfway.

P.s. Thank you Carole Haddad from Corcorz Hair Brisbane for years of brilliant haircuts, you really are a 32/5 Rebel lifepath and genius at your art. Interestingly, my Dad is also a 32/5 lifepath – it’s amazing how things connect once you know your numerology. Find your lifepath

Update 4/12 – Now that I’ve had my new hair for almost a month, I’ve noticed so many changes:
-I care less about what people think of me (less hair = less expectation and pressure on my brain, literally)
-I’m more carefree and playful (I can run around with kids without getting tangled or having my hair pulled)
-I have more time (less showering slash wrestling my hair like a frenemy)
-I feel and look younger (when I look in the mirror, I see my teenage self looking back, with the extra wisdom of motherhood)
-Almost all my close friends and students have short hair, or have just cut their hair to bob length. Must be the energy of 2019 pouring through – it’s a 3 Universal Year of Inner Child Healing, and we’re going to be too busy having fun to be worrying about ‘preventable knots’.
-I am more confident because I did something I was afraid of – I thought cutting my hair would make me less feminine but I actually feel more peaceful with myself now and in tune with my emotions. How amusing that I cut my hair to be ‘less pretty’ and now I get way more compliments. That’s what happens when you surrender to love.

Now I understand why Coco Chanel said, ‘a woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life!’

Wow – I also just realised Coco was a 38/11 lifepath, will add her to my Famous 11 lifepaths post. Loving this Mercury retrograde synchronicity!

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