What Questions Can I Ask a Psychic? Can They Predict Lotto Numbers or When I Will Die?

What can you ask a psychic? Here are some questions we can answer for you, depending on our level of training and experience.

What do my Guides want me to know?
What are my themes for this year/ month? Hint: Find your personal year
What is my purpose right now? This lifetime? Hint: Find your life path
What energy am I putting out?
Why am I struggling with (issue)? What would clear this? How long will it take to resolve?
Am I on track with my career? My relationship?
When is my Soulmate coming? What are they like? How can I get ready? Hint: See this post on writing a romance wishlist (it has resulted in a number of marriages, including mine)
Is it time to move house?
What is (difficult person) teaching me?

How do I meditate to connect with Spirit?
How can I become psychic again? How can I protect my energy? Hint: See my Develop Your Intuition webinar
How can I let go of my ex?
How can I manifest xx?
What does this dream or animal totem mean? (spiritual mentoring)

Is there a baby Spirit waiting for me? How can we connect? What is my child’s purpose? (fertility reading, see my Why Your Child Chose You webinar and The Children’s Lines in Palmistry)

Why do I see 11:11 and repeated numbers?
What is the impact of my house number on my success? Will my business name attract money? Should I change to my married name? (numerology)

What is the spiritual meaning of (health issue)? (medical intuitive reading)

What was my past life? What gifts did I bring into this one? (past life regression)

What messages do my deceased loved one or pet have for me? Are they ok? (mediumship)

When will I die? (Some readers predict this but the karmic weight is heavy and they can be wrong, as you have free will)

What are the lotto numbers? (See above. Money goes to those who handle it well, so a strong financial education is crucial, otherwise you will lose the windfall and more. See my Change for Good webinar).

Can you place a curse on xx? (Trust me, that’s a dark path and a recipe for pain)

I hope this list helps you get more value from your psychics from now on.

Your money is a vote so please, support genuine readers. That is how we can clean up the industry.

A list of great psychics, including my husband Kris is here

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