Does a Psychic Reading need to be in person to be accurate? How can you do palmistry online?

The most common question I’m asked is if a psychic reading needs to be face to face. My answer is: it depends!

Face to face is great if:
You live close to the reader
It’s the only way you can get privacy
It’s your first psychic experience ever
You are a kinaesthetic learner (like to touch wet paint for example)
You want to pay cash
You want to show the psychic physical items e.g. so they can tune into them

However online is better if:
You live far from the reader
You already trust them
You are busy e.g. juggling many appointments
You are an audio learner (you concentrate better without many distractions)
You are highly sensitive to energy
You want to save on travel costs or be environmentally friendly
You feel safer and more calm at home

As a scientist and former sceptic, I mainly did in person readings from 2007-2015. I liked the personal contact and feedback.

Then when I was pregnant with Forrest I got so empathic I couldn’t handle any touch or I would download the client’s life history in seconds. So I moved to Zoom and phone calls immediately.

That was amazing for my business and health. I now have over 50% international clients. Plus I can work odd hours, don’t have to clean as much and I feel free. That said, I do occasional in persons to mix things up, e.g. for long- term clients.

Regarding palmistry, I ask clients to email photos plus get them to show me their hands in the video. You can also do hand prints (see Jo Hayden from Hand Intelligence).

Kris my psychic husband is different. He prefers in person readings because he uses Tarot cards and they look better in real life. However the Zoom calls still work, he just sends photos of the spreads instead.

Almost all professional psychics offer online sessions these days. They know Spirit has no limits. I love Zoom calls because the video captures signs like lights flickering and other synchronicities.

When we discuss emotional topics or someone needs to go to the bathroom, the screen will freeze, for example!! So that helps convert the sceptics…

I hope this post has given you clarity. Here is a list of great psychics I recommend. You can also book in for a psychic reading with me here.

Cheers for your support.


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