If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional psychic, wait until you hire an amateur

A good psychic reading can resolve fears and questions you have had for decades. A fake one can ruin your confidence, love life and finances. I know because I’ve had plenty of scares.

Followup post: They Say I’m Too Expensive. Yet If I’m Too Cheap, That Drains My Life Force…

I’ve been told me Kris wasn’t my Soulmate and that my child would be sent away. That my mother was cursed and I had to pay USD 10K to fix her…

I’ve had clients who were told they would die or get sick at a certain age (what happened to free will?!) Just a few minutes with me helped them let go of these self-fulfilling prophecies.

Please, before you go to a psychic:

a) Google them. Watch videos (they reveal more than blogs and pics) If you don’t feel calmer after they talk, stay away. See my recent forecasts

b) Read testimonials – there should be a mixture of ppl and experiences. Here’s my feedback page and one for 360 Degree Readings with Kris

c) Check their about page. Do they list training? Why they do what they do? 3+ years experience is ideal. You want someone who names their mentors.
Here’s a list of my spiritual teachers and colleagues, for examples.

d) Expect to pay $120 to $200 an hour unless the psychic is in training, financially free, supported by a spouse, does large volumes of work or sells products to supplement their income.

My rate is higher because I have more experience, work quickly and prepare for up to an hour for every call. And I am the breadwinner for a growing family.

e) Ask to record the session before you book. This will give you an opportunity to relisten in future and check accuracy.

f) Follow the psychic’s policies. Pay in full. Don’t bring a friend in unless the psychic says ok. Be ready on time. Have q’s in mind before you start.

Most of all – don’t use the reading as a test. Yes, a reader should give you info within 10mins that shows they are legit. But if you show up drunk or tired, block them and refuse to answer q’s they may just give you a refund.

We’re not here to be your parents, we’re here to help you trust your inner voice again. It takes two to Tango with Spirit.

Happy self-healing xx

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