Spiritual Babies - A Conscious Conception and Pregnancy Workshop

Babies choose their parents, long before conception. Discover the spiritual side to bringing in life with Sarah Yip and Caroline Byrd.

Love to conceive a baby/ raise your child with spiritual assistance?

Ready to learn about your powerful sacral chakra, sexuality and intuition?

Fascinated by books like Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen?

Keen to experience healing in a safe, nourishing, group environment?

Then this workshop is for you. 

Date: Saturday 22 April 2023, 10am to 3pm AEST (Postponed 3 April, apologies for any inconvenience)

Location: Soulbyrds, Mount Cotton, Brisbane QLD

$297 Earlybird or Patreon price. $330 after 8 April, if places remain. 

Please note, this is a women-only event.


This workshop is a deep and sacred exploration that will bring healing and confidence to your parenting journey.



  • This half day workshop is designed to help women understand and embrace the spiritual side of conception. Topics may also include pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

Who this is for


  • Women who are ready to conceive or who want to learn about conscious conception. The workshop is also suitable if you are pregnant and wish to connect with your child at a Soul level. No experience required, just an open heart.

  • The workshop is $297 earlybird or Patreon price. $330 after 8 April, if places remain. Limited to 10 people so that we can provide a quality and personalised experience.  

  • As the saying goes, ‘the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek’ (Joseph Campbell). The journey to health, fertility and calling in your dreams can bring freedom in so many ways. Come to this workshop and experience a level of truth, spirituality and self-nurturing that brings new bliss.

  • Sarah and Caroline are therapists and mothers, who have worked with thousands of women over the years to help them access to their intuitive, creative and Soul gifts. 

  • They are trained psychics and Holistic counsellors, who are experienced in gentle techniques to remove fear and suffering. Both are meditation teachers in their communities.

What's Included

  • A detailed workshop + notes + meditation tracks and lunch

  • A rare opportunity to learn in person with two teachers!

  • Here’s a closer look at the topics we plan to cover:

  • 1) Divine timing and group dynamics – Babies are Souls waiting for the precise moment to enter the womb and outer world, They choose timings based on their intended life purpose and Soul contracts, parent, family and community energies and global factors. Free will is also at play. 

  • Themes explored: Dreams, signs, numerology, past lives

  • 2) The power of surrender – Babies may wait for their parents to heal certain wounds or accept the possibility of not having children. Sarah experienced this phenomenon – it was only when she committed to loving herself with or without a baby that her son Forrest came in (he is an 18/9 life path Old Soul, they teach ‘letting go’). Find your life path in numerology

  • Themes explored: Meditation, sound healing, mandalas/ art

  • 3) Womb love and healthy sexuality – Our sacral chakra (hips, belly, womb, reproductive and urinary systems) represents our water element. It correlates to our emotions, fertility, sensuality, secrets, receptivity and Divine feminine/ Priestess. Also to our sense of financial and social support networks.

  • Sexuality has a 37/10/1 numerology, the same as Spirit. Far from being ‘dirty’, it can be a holy path to consciousness. When a mother’s passions are respected, her child also wins. Children are empaths. They know when we fake happiness. 

  • Themes explored: Bellydance, food, alternative healing, rituals

  • 4) Birth, death and the afterlife – When we heal our fear of change, everything changes. Experience a compassionate, non-judgemental discussion of what happens to the Souls of babies involved in miscarriage, abortion, IVF  and other situations. Do children in Spirit keep growing on the other side? Do they reincarnate? Can they come back as their parents’ guides?

  • Themes explored: counselling, mediumship, palmistry. See my blog on the children’s lines in palmistry and bullying!

  • Bonus meditations will be sent out, include a healing track from Deniz Akan who also helped me on my fertility journey. 

  • This workshop is based on experience and influenced by books such as Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen. Buy a copy 

  • Please note that sensitive topics, including mental health will be covered on the day. We request only adults attend (18+). 

  • For privacy reasons, a recording will only be circulated to attendees. No replay will be sold to the general public.

  • As the class is being run during a Mercury retrograde, allow extra travel time and room for last minute changes! We find these periods to be wonderful for self-reflection and healing.

  • Thank you to everyone who inspired us to create this workshop – our families, clients, my 11:11 World Changers (a program for spiritual business) and Patreon members.

Join Spiritual Babies - a Conscious Conception and Pregnancy Workshop

$297 Earlybird or Patreon price. $330 after 8 April, if places remain. Postponed 3 April 2023.

Things to know


About Sarah Yip, Professional Numerologist

As one of Australia’s top psychics, I am known for my numerology, palmistry and clairvoyant readings, workshops and media forecasts. An environmental scientist-turned-reader, I am accurate, compassionate and friendly. Since 2007, I have helped 4, 900+ people to find their purpose. I specialise in working with those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to navigate rapid increases in intuition, which bring rapid changes in their relationships, careers and health. See The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening

Kris and I are advocates of conscious birth and parenting, that honours children as Souls. Our birth impacts our confidence, and lifelong follow-through. Truly, everything that happens to us gives us a chance to grow or to hold back. To open, or to close our hearts and intuition. To live, or forever wonder. As someone who began a family at 35, after a lifetime of health issues, being scared of motherhood, I know that it’s never too late to rewrite your history. We now have 3 sons, Ziggy (2), Charlie (5) and Forrest (7).

Read Pregnancy Diaries: ‘I recovered from decades of anorexia to have kids after wanting to be a mum for 14 years’

In numerology, PARENTING has the same vibration as INTUITION and LEADERSHIP (50/5) – it’s about an healthy throat chakra and voice. Think of intuition as an inner-tuition or teacher – guidance that comes from blending logic and heart.  As a psychic, I’ve helped many parents and potential parents to connect with babies and heal their families. It’s the best feeling in the world.

FYI, I am a Master 29/11/2 Life Path who picked up numerology at age 29, my life path turning point age.
 Find your life path

Want to learn numerology in a supportive community? Join my 11:11 Patreon community from 11, 22 or 33 AUD a month. You receive access to a private Facebook group, mentoring calls AND discounts. Plus gifts, including a lifepaths webinar and dozens of meditations. We have over 40+ replays on topics including numerology, palmistry, Tarot, psychic kids, past lives, dreams and more!

About Caroline Byrd, Intuitive Therapist, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher

Caroline is the owner of Soulbyrds. She has an adult son, Scott. Caroline has a rare talent of bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious, the known and unknown using alternative healing modalities. Individuals and groups experience profound healing, awareness and insight as their consciousness expands to encompass a deeper perception of truth.

She is the developer of Therapy for your Soul and the founder of The Breath of Life Meditation process. As an Intuitive therapist, with a diploma in Holistic Counselling, she also has expanded her portfolio of therapy into transformative education, Meditation Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Personal empowerment education and Reiki master, all this, including her unique training through Eastern Meditation practices using the Breath, make her a powerful and authentic, “Modern Therapist”.

Developing her natural gifts as an Emotional Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empathic, and Channel, she uses her abilities to see beyond the body, the mind and its constraints, utilising her life skills, connection to Source and training to go beyond the perceived world.

Caroline was extremely helpful when I was trying to conceive children and continues to be my spiritual mentor. We previously created 11:11 Angels – Meditation and Healing Class in November 2022, replay now available.

See Caroline Byrd – My Soul Sister & Psychic Mentor Since 2009 and book in with her 

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