I eat meat and i’m spiritual. A story about iron, eating issues and motherhood.

Iron-ing, it’s a controversial topic! I’ve wanted to write this post for 9 years and held back due to the fear of judgement. Comment on the Facebook post or Instagram, I’d love to hear from you.

Trigger warning: mental health, diet choices and eating issues.

So, I eat meat. And I’m spiritual. You’d be surprised how much angst that has caused me, as almost all my friends are vegan or vegetarian.

As a girl, I heard things like, ‘You should have been an eldest boy. Daughters are a waste, they just get married and leave.’

Combine that thinking with me being tall, loud, bossy and a huge eater, and you get anorexia (it runs in my extended family).

I could eat 9 lamb cutlets in one go as a kid. Whole pizzas. I heard, ‘That’s not ladylike. Don’t get big, you’ll never find a husband. Don’t run or jump. Stop playing sports.’

My parents gave me the best education, food and support they could. But they were from a culture that repressed women.

I grew up ashamed of being ‘expensive’. After working in a steakhouse and getting into hippy stuff, I gave up red meat.

Looking back, I suffered for that. I had insane PMS. Poor focus. I lived in self-denial. I thought I had to solely save the planet (l later realised this was about saving my mother/ women from harm.)

When my doctor told me I needed to increase my iron/ zinc and eat red meat or be hospitalised for anorexia, I was relieved. I was 32, had not been able to fall pregnant and felt sad about the future.

Now, I eat (mainly organic) meat regularly, especially when I need to face problems head-on.

I know this helped me to conceive our three sons. It also restored my health and a connection with my upbringing/ Chinese culture.

I believe that all beings, plant and animal are conscious. I spread the load rather than eat one type. I pray over meals and do my best to use the energy for good.

To my critics, I have studied agriculture, enviro science and nutrition and do know where my food comes from. Even the Dalai Lama now has meat for health reasons.

I wish that more people would intuitively eat what they need to.

It’s okay to be human!

P.s here is Ziggy, me, our iron (a joke) and Thai beef salad (I am gluten free and dairy free due to medically diagnosed intolerances). See photo below.

P.p.s. Iron adds to 29/11, the same as Wisdom. We can’t stand up for ourselves if we can’t stand up, right? Iron deficiency and hunger robs us of so many great leaders, especially women leaders. They just stay in survival mode. Iron gives us an ‘iron will’ to live, spiritually speaking. I am a 29/11/2 life path in numerology and definitely need more energy than most to accomplish my mission! Find your life path


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Feedback on this post:
4 Feb 2022 “I thought this was going to be about ironing! My mother took in ironing for a side living when I was very small and I love things pressed to this day because of it. I appreciate this post so much as I have also dealt with this subject/guilt forever. I was a vegetarian for years, then went back to meat when pregnant, he wanted a burger!

I eat dairy free now because of health reasons and now only seafood but have been having some other meat now and then, just a bit and it has caused me to feel guilt yet I feel my body is asking for it when I do. I love how authentic and honest you are, thank you for this timely post. I started to buy a rotisserie chicken yesterday ( organic and free range) but I put it back and have thought of it a few times since. Time to let my guilt go and listen to my body! I appreciate you!” Jade Davis, member of my 11:11 Patreon group

“I was preparing to defend my decision to never iron my clothes for a second but whoa what a relief—it’s that OTHER controversial topic in my household. Haha. Lots of love and support to you and your family and thank you for speaking out.

I was watching your Developing Your Intuition class ($33) this morning and noticed the meat-mention on a slide and was similarly relieved and have spent the morning writing my own essays about meat in my head. Long story short: I feel ya.” Kelly Palmer

My reply: “What a wonderful synchronicity. It is a topic I feel strongly about as another top numerologist is a vegan and often talks about that lifestyle. However I think it’s so important to acknowledge some people just don’t thrive as vegans. I eat vegan meals however the meat stabilises me. Thanks for your support.” See 7 Signs Of Spiritual Whitewashing – How To Avoid New Age Silliness!

Kelly’s reply: “Yes, I totally agree. I’m all for sustainability and ethics but I loosened up my own former-veganism (I now eat fish and chicken and eggs) because I didn’t want to teach my kids that you have to starve and ignore your body when you’re hungry—I wanted to teach them that being ethical doesn’t mean suffering.

Actually, your Dan Millman recommendation really validated that decision too, as he talks about eating for your own body and not trying to force theories and diets that don’t work for you. So thank-you so much for that as well.”

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