Greta Thunberg – A Pure 9 Lifepath and Old Soul on a Global Mission

Greta Thunberg is everywhere you look in the news. Here’s a look at her unique numerology and life purpose. As a mother and psychic, I work with many parents, families and children who believe in a better world and conscious parenting.

Here’s what I posted on Facebook recently. While most adults find their path in their 20s or 30s, the new children come pre-baked and many of them will hit the ground running by their teens. There were hundreds of comments on my post, so Greta’s work is clearly an important topic.

For the record, I don’t think Greta is a puppet of the establishment! In 2019, this 12/3 Year of Inner Child Healing, a part of all of us is screaming for change…she’s just reminding us that one person can ignite a wildfire.

“At a finish line? Find a 9! Greta Thunberg was born 3 Jan 2003 giving her a 3+1+2+0+0+3 or Pure 9 Old Soul lifepath. So she knew her life purpose by age 9, just after she learned about climate change. 9’s have been on Earth many times and have no patience for fakes. They can seem overly serious, demanding and ambitious to ppl without strong 9’s, but these traits are essential for their work to rewrite history and change the Universe.⁣

Greta Thunberg’s name adds to a 63/ 9 Destiny, matching her 9 lifepath in numerology. Her full birth name adds to 164 or an 11 Destiny, the Spiritual Messenger and Catalyst. This 911 Code in is the mark of a global healer.⁣

I acknowledge Greta’s clarity as one of the foremost crystal children now appearing on mainstream media. Her words about climate change, Asperger’s, eating disorders and bullying are helping many growing Souls to see the value in speaking out and focusing on collective activism. ⁣

Climate Change has a 56/11 vibration the same as Manifestation, 11 is the divide and conquer number or shows people working as equals, it’s our choice. ⁣

I believe we still have time to heal the planet but have to drop the focus on authorities saving us like pseudo father/God figures. We are our own saviours. ⁣

FYI I am an ex- environmental scientist with a similar background to Greta’s re: mental health. Funny story – a woman asked me what I did for a living and I said ‘numerology’ – she thought I said ‘meteorology’ and asked if climate change was real! Luckily I had an opinion on that because of my past research and work experience…I write about lifepaths, 11:11 and the challenges of being a highly sensitive person at⁣”

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Greta’s Family Background
Greta’s mum Malena Ernman is an opera singer. Born 4 Nov 1970, she’s a 4+1+1+1+9+7+0 = 23/5 Rebel lifepath, here to heal her Throat or 5th Chakra – no wonder she is so musical! My favourite singer, Deva Premal is also a 23/5, see this post on her numerology and mantra chants. At 23, her lifepath turning point age, she was just becoming known on Swedish radio.

Greta’s father Svante Thunberg is an actor. Born 10 June 1969 , he’s a 1+0+6+1+9+6+9 = 32/5 Rebel lifepath, also here to heal his Throat or 5th Chakra. At 32, his lifepath turning point age, his TV and film career was taking off. J.K. Rowling is another 32/5 lifepath, at 32 she had just published her first Harry Potter book, see this post on its 11:11 numerology.

It’s not often I find 5 lifepaths married, but their 5+5 = 10/1 Pioneer compatibility would be one-of-a kind! A 1 compatibility also suggests constant new beginnings and being ‘black sheep’ who help people to stand up for themselves. FYI, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are both 32/5 Rebel lifepaths and their children are likely to be natural stars (stars have 5 points, after all).

My father is a 32/5 Rebel lifepath who worked at the ABC and my partner Kris Anderson and I also met on TV (see our first meeting where I read his palmistry). I’m sure the early exposure to media has helped me run this business and spiritual blog.

The benefit of having family in the spotlight is that you understand the power of technology to spread a message at almost light speed – Greta’s spirit must have known this when it chose her very gifted parents!

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Thoughts on Asperger’s Syndrome, Psychic Ability and Anorexia
Extract: Asperger’s Syndrome adds to a 86/14/5 Destiny or a 14 Karmic Debt Number in numerology. 14 energy is about finding the middle path of moderation instead of being too rigid or reckless. It’s about the wise use of ‘4’ or Heart Chakra Energy (love and compassion) to create more ‘5’ or Throat Chakra Energy (truth and freedom) on the planet.

Too little 14/5 shows up as obsessive caution and a lack of trust. Too much 14/5 shows up as impulsiveness, e.g. addictions* and burning the candle at both ends. Healthy 14/5 expression is about creating a safe zone for learning, where mistakes are welcomed, questioning is encouraged and objectivity reigns. Sounds like the ideal environment for someone with Asperger’s, to be honest. Tania Gabrielle also links 14/5 to a life in the spotlight and media potential. Seems to relate to Greta!

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