Talk to your baby bump – they have travelled across the galaxy to meet you!

Ziggy at work! I felt the urge to bring him into a psychic reading today. Sure enough, during the call, the client said she is pregnant and concerned about how to juggle kids, self-care and a business. She got the news just after booking in with me.

They say your best mentors are 5 years ahead of you. Well, 5 years ago I was pregnant with the same concerns. I used to sleep 8-10 hours a day. Now I only get 3-4 hours at a time!! So I’m not surprised this lovely lady came in. Her bubba’s spirit probably sent her, as I connect with babies in utero and pre-conception quite often.

I encouraged her to talk to her bump from now and we did a mini-visualisation on the spot, each holding our tummies.

It’s tragic that parents aren’t taught to communicate with their kids as much as possible in the early days. Imagine travelling across the galaxy to meet your Soulmate, only to have them talk about you but not to you, for 9 months.

Yes, it’s scary to converse with your baby’s energy before you make things public. But that’s also a critical time to heal both your Souls, to establish a strong relationship, and activate your psychic powers (which are essentially, a mother’s protective instincts).

I wish more mamas told the right people about their situations, as soon as they conceived. People who could hold space for them and not judge whatever came next. It would create far more love.

I had terrible morning sickness with Ziggy last year, which lifted once I shared my pregnancy news at 3 months. Based on muscle and medical testing later, it turns out a lot of the nausea was anxiety (plus low zinc due to still breastfeeding Charlie).

I wish I hadn’t put us through that, but at least now I can alleviate other mamas’ fears…

Please know, your baby chooses you, their name and their due date. There are no accidents. It’s okay to trust their choices.

Forrest’s spirit told me what to eat and that he didn’t mind a c-section or natural birth, as long as he got out on time!


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