14 Thank Yous (on the Anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami)

11:11 Flames of Love
11:11 Flames of Love
The next step is always illuminated – Sarah Yip

This morning, I was overcome by anxiety. So I asked Kris to mind the kids, and lay down to do my detox relationships meditation. As soon as I tuned in, I remembered that it was the 14th anniversary since my family survived the Indian Ocean tsunami (links are below). In the meditation, I forgave someone who’s been so kind to me, they freaked me out – perhaps it’s true that, when you love someone more than they love themselves, they end up resenting you (until they grow up…or meditate!)

So I’d like to pay tribute to all the healing Spirits who’ve helped me in life. It’s a poignant post, given the tsunami in Indonesia last week. Mother Nature is sending us huge wake up calls to take her seriously and stop looking for short term fixes to human-generated problems. The precautionary principle has never been more needed. Consider signs, like the mysterious seismic event on 11/11/2018, which caused Earth to ‘ring like a bell’ on this spiritual date. More on 11:11 awakening.

Our relationship with water represents our relationship with Source, because we come from the ocean and are creatures of emotion (em-ocean, I see this as ‘me’ jumping head-first into the waves). There’s a huge connection between hydration,  intuition and your ability to let go/ receive support. It can even impact your finances.

Here are 14 Thank Yous to the Universe from my Soul
1) Thank you for not wiping out my flames of love – see the photo above (i.e. my mother, dad, sister and self), as we have more to do!

2) Thank you for jolting me into consciousness, when I realised that 200, 000 + people couldn’t have had the drowning mark in their palmistry, and that we must have free will as well as planned destinies.

3) Thank you for the crazy year in 2005, when I returned to volunteer in Thailand and was so bullied at the United Nations that I quit bureaucracy. Chasing approval was prematurely ageing me and I’m nourishing way more people now, especially my future Self.

4) Thank you for getting me to counselling (albeit a year later), so I could learn to drink a glass of water while fully present, and finally feel my body. I don’t think I really landed on Earth until that moment. It felt like most of childhood I was half-in, half-out of myself.

5) Thank you for the opportunity to pursue my passion for spiritual work, and the green lights you sent me every time I tried to quit, e.g. being hired for Lorna Jane’s Christmas, speaking on 97.3FM from 2013-2016 and meeting my inspirations like Dan Millman.

6) Thank you for sending thousands of funny, warm and loyal clients and fans my way, especially the ones who bring soup or flowers.

7) Thank you for introducing me to my 11:11 Soulmate and Twin Flame Kris, on live TV, so our kids can laugh at us forever.

8) Thank you for the chance to have Forrest Bump and Charlie Fish, after 29 years of wanting to be a parent. They are a riot.

9) Thank you for the technology to blog online. I love being part of the first wave of authors who don’t need middlemen to succeed. It’s so empowering as a female from a non-English background to have a voice that can’t be silenced. Yay for (most aspects of) the internet.

10) Thank you for my digestive issues (that one’s hard to admit), because I finally learned to cook, and to say No without feeling bad.

11) Thank you for giving me short-sightedness, so I could learn to focus on what I can change, instead of getting overwhelmed.

12) Thank you for birthing me in Sydney, Australia. This continent is full of Starseeds, ancient wisdom and the most incredible trees!

13) They say that Spirit sends you feathers, bricks or Mack trucks, depending on whether you’re listening. Thanks for the army of Mack trucks that forced me to leave my conservative, stifling, religious beliefs behind so I could experience spiritual freedom.

14) Finally, thanks for making me so weird and alien-like, that I could only survive if I chose to speak up and lived a simple life. It’s a gift not being able to lie, because although I’ve had my heart broken more often, I’ve also never had my integrity questioned. Truth.

In Conclusion
Going through the 2004 tsunami was pivotal to my ‘flip’ from science to sensitivity. I will forever be relieved that I was running a few minutes late that day. This was just one of several near-misses I’ve had (perhaps it’s an 29/11 Lifepath thing, as we’re here to conquer double beginnings – find your lifepath). I write about wake up calls in my 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening article too, they can be frequent as you enter Stage 3. I hope this post will give you a reason to breathe in today. Remember, you’re an Angel on Earth. Best wishes.

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