Meditation Tips with Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences

Meditation tips with Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences! Finding teachers who are masters not crooks, the power of Zen Buddhism and sexuality as part of consciousness. Also, tips for meditation flower essences.
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Trigger warning: self-harm is mentioned in this interview.

Ian is the Founder of the Australian Bush Flower essences, which are widely used by natural health practitioners. He is a 5th generation Australian herbalist, who has practiced as a naturopath for 43 years.

He has been a mentor of mine since 2014 and this is our second chat on my channel. The first one is here. We are both very passionate about numerology!

Ian is a 31/4 life path Heart Healer and Empire Builder, who brought the bush flower essences into the public eye at his life path age turning point of 31. Numbers reveal our destiny! Find your life path

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