Bellydancing – A cure for PMS? My Story

A tip for wannabe bellydancers – you don’t need a belly, just guts! I’ve been bellydancing on and off for 21 years, since seeing it listed as a cure for PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) in my teens. Like this post? Comment on Facebook or Instagram

I had severe symptoms before then. Things only improved with bellydancing, diet changes (going gluten/ dairy free, plus taking iron, magnesium, zinc and other supplements) and eventually, after I had children.

Spiritually, the meaning of PMS for me was linked to a fear of being controlled by my body and a resistance to female authority. I didn’t want to be a mother, creator or leader, I equated those roles with giving up my freedom and endless obligations.

I wish I had known back then how enjoyable I would find parenting. As a scientist, I just love finding hacks. Having kids really tests your creativity to the limit! Plus, they are just so fun and cuddly.

Although my PMS is mild now, I recently returned to bellydance. After all, it helped me find my tribe at Uni, to improve my flexibility while pregnant and to birth my babies with less stress.

Ziggy arrived quickly after I did hip figure-8’s in hospital. So quickly in fact, that the midwife didn’t catch him, Kris did.

Having watched many women dance pregnant and learned that bellydance was invented to assist labour (not to entertain men), I always knew I was going to use it for pain relief. I also found yoga (see this post on Yogababy Australia) and a TENS machine helpful.

Thanks Shira at Gold Coast Bellydance Academy for the classes. Ziggy and I love them. They’re really helping me during this difficult month. I performed with baby Ziggy in a harness at their last concert!

Also thanks to my fellow students and past teachers, Despina Rosales (NSW), Min and Kirsten (ACT), Tamara Taylor (Brisbane) and Aradia (GC).

Bellydancing helps to heals your 2nd chakra, your sacred space and inner temple. The people, music and outfits are amazing too. I encourage you to try it 🙂

P.s. Bellydance has a 38/11/2 numerology, same as Psychic, Hippy, Energy and Healing!

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