The Spiritual Meaning of Mastitis (A Breastfeeding Post)

What is the spiritual meaning of mastitis and blocked ducts? This condition affects up to 20% of breastfeeding mums in the first 6 months. I’ve had quite a few rounds as a mama of 3. Like this post? Please comment on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to hear from you!

Symptoms include: breast inflammation, pain, red streaks and hot patches, fevers, chills, fatigue and headaches.

For me, the pain of mastitis is on par with labour. I become sensitive to touch, can’t wear clothes or relax and feel weepy and anxious.

4 questions to ask if you get mastitis:

1) Where do you need to discharge a painful letdown? Hint: It could be trauma from the birth or related to your own infancy…the breast is our heart chakra, centre of forgiveness.

2) Who thinks your feelings are ‘too much’? Love and Milk share an 18/9 numerology, both are about balanced exchange.

3) What if you no longer accepted painful agreements and attachments, just to keep the peace or be seen as a good mum?

4) What if it was okay to rest, rest, rest instead of trying to be the best, best, best?

And 8 healing tips:
1) Stop and drop. Sleep when baby sleeps. Ask your partner or a helper to mind them so you can recover. You’re probably over-giving. Treat yourself even more tenderly than baby. You set the tone and they panic if your ‘cup is empty’. Show them what self-love is, from the start.

2) Get baby’s latch checked by an IBCLC lactation consultant. 2 of my sons needed tongue ties cut, I wish I’d done this sooner instead of suffering. Avoid tight bras as well as letting baby feed while you are on a phone or not attentive. Injuries happen at these times.

3) Keep breastfeeding, with more kindness. Use a hot face washer or compress before feeds and a cold pack after (I like the breast-shaped gel packs, some people use cabbage leaves). Massage the lumps. I use an electric handheld massager or you can try a toothbrush that vibrates.

4) Use an electric pump to empty your boobs. Try dangle pumping and check the flange size! My size went up after repeated pregnancies and I caused issues by using a too-small flange. A Haakaa with Epsom salts and warm water can help to unblock your ducts.

5) Focus on ‘flow’. Hydrate with soups, teas, baths, hot showers, floats, swims. Sing, dance go walking in nature. Let yourself cry. Visualise waterfalls when feeding. Try the affirmation ‘it comes through me, not from me.’

6) Acupuncture quickly cleared most of my blocked ducts and emotions, although it can be uncomfortable at the time. That said, if you are showing signs of fever and infection for more than a day or so, you may need antiobiotics. See my posts on Savitri Wiednya (Gold Coast) and Tia Yoong (Brisbane).

Don’t judge yourself. Parenting is about leadership and our children come here to ‘wake us up’, not just let us sleep!

7) Other therapies I’ve tried are lecithin (helped, but too much caused headaches), iron – anaemia and mastitis are linked, probiotics, vitamin C, homeopathy, chiro, Reiki and flower essences. I took painkillers and put baby on a bottle briefly too, so I could get some sleep.

8) Getting counselling, debriefing the birth and talking to experienced breastfeeders makes a difference. Avoid ‘gritting your teeth and bearing it’, as you’ll just burn out.

Mastitis has a 29/11/2 numerology, the same as Wisdom and Light. It teaches us to listen to our hearts versus pushing ourselves too hard.

We were designed to give birth and raise families in a group and that connection is what babies crave. Especially this new generation with lots of ‘2s’ in their DOBs.

Children choose us, knowing our personalities and Soul contracts in advance. So you don’t have to be perfect, just yourself.

In some cultures, women rest for 40 days after birth. Which means you’re fighting the odds if you are breastfeeding in a modern world. Give yourself more credit!

And whatever you do, know that your baby loves you. Your intention and creativity is the key to their calm and success.

Note: This post is not intended to be medical advice.

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