What Your House Says About You – A Psychic’s View

It’s amazing how much information you can pick up about someone from their house. You don’t have to be a psychic to know that people organise their homes the way they run their lives. In my experience, your home is simply your ‘inner self’, outed! Although I understand that financial and space constraints can limit what we do with our places, I also believe that you CHOOSE where you are going to live based on your priorities. That’s why your house gives away your personality whether it’s a tiny apartment or gigantic mansion.

Here are some tips on what your house says about you:
The Front Entrance – How open are you to new experiences?
Everything in and around your home either attracts or repels people. Your front entrance is a prime example. Is it easy for people to find and knock on your front door? Ideally our front entrance is kept clear and visible so that visitors feel welcome. People who use a side or back door to enter their homes tend to crave privacy. They can also be more indirect when communicating than people who have an open door policy (which is common in share houses).

The Lounge Room – Do you enjoy company?
Your lounge room tells me how sociable you are and whether you set aside time for entertaining. Do you have a comfortable lounge? How relaxing is the space? You can always tell if someone is an extrovert…they still have the mugs on their coffee table from the guests they had over last night.

The Dining Room – How formal are you?
Very few people have dining rooms these days, but the area where you eat does reflect the emphasis you place on impressing people. If I see fancy dinner mats on the table I know the homeowner values appearance and propriety.

The Kitchen – What’s your work style like?
The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms to analyse. It reflects your work approach and how tech savvy you are. Some people I read for are hippies who wouldn’t dream of using a microwave, other people can’t live without their coffee makers and gadgets. Each to their own. Do you keep your kitchen spotless? I bet you’re just as organised in the office – maybe you’re even an accountant. Do you have food all over the place? Then I’ll peg you as someone who’s more creative (or has kids!) Someone who cooks is often more entrepreneurial that someone who doesn’t – it’s definitely a sign of high creativity.

The Bedroom – How romantic are you? Do you prioritise your relationships?
I don’t get to see this room too often, unless my clients have asked for help with their relationships. Then I’ll go in and check it out. It’s amazing how many single people haven’t yet created space for a partner – they only have one set of drawers and/ or have wedged their bed against the wall so their lover would be trapped if they ever got in!

Do you have a lot of clutter in your bedroom? Then maybe you find it hard to separate your work and relationships. Perhaps you could invest in some additional storage space…In a perfect world we would only use the bedroom for sleep and lovemaking (no TV or computers!) because this keeps the energy restful (and free of undue radiation which can interrupt sleep). I can tell from your decor how romantic you are – candles and pairs of statues get a tick, pictures of action heroes not so much (unless the heroes have maidens :D)!

The Bathroom – How do you deal with your feelings? DO you deal with your feelings?!
Now this is a room which gives away a lot. It’s in the bathroom and toilet that we dispose of our mental/ emotional and physical waste. It’s also where we face ourselves and our insecurities in the mirror.If I check out someone’s bathroom and toilet and they are airy, clean and bright, they are likely to have good self-esteem and healthy emotions. On the other hand, if someone’s bathroom and toilet are mouldy or unclean I know I’m dealing with a client who is still avoiding things (especially feelings and confrontation) in their life. So folks – time to scrub that loo!

Your Garden – How connected are you to nature and the bigger picture?
People with healthy gardens also tend to be in tune with nature and the rhythms of life. Having greenery around us heals our heart, encourages our brain to relax and increases intuition.If someone lives in a place with no plants at all they are more likely to feel worried, alone and/ or disconnected from society. If you know someone like this, please, buy them some flowers and a pot plant!! Perhaps a Peace Lily to improve their indoor air quality.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it. For those who want to read more about Feng Shui, check out Clear Your Clutter by Karen Kingston or contact your local Feng Shui practitioner.

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