Yes, you can still get a psychic reading after your COVID-19 vaccine. You are a powerful Soul, after all!

Hi folks. Just clearing up a fear here.

YES, we can read for you if you have had the jab. I understand some psychics are saying it blocks your intuition and our abilities, but so far we are still doing accurate forecasts.

That said, maybe wait 1-2 weeks after it before seeing us, to be sure you are feeling okay. Fatigue, anxiety and drug use can also slow down the energies. That’s why I ask for no alcohol consumption 24 hrs before.

What you put in your body is your decision.

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Background: I am aware this post could lose me followers BUT please read this before you delete me.

I am a scientist, a mother and a psychic. That’s what gives my work broad appeal, warmth and precision. I value hard physical evidence AND my instincts.

This week, I’ve had many women on calls totally exhausted and crying because they think that they are lepers due to getting the jab, e.g. so they can care for family or keep a job and support kids. Some have been told by their spiritual teachers they are no longer high vibe or welcome in their circles.

What happened to unconditional love?

I didn’t build up this business for 13 years only to turn away clients based on their private choices (whether that is medical, diet, religion, sexuality or lifestyle).

This is not to say I agree with the populist politics going on in Australia either. But we don’t have to agree on every single topic to create a better world.

11:11 is not about starting a cult. It’s about seeing the Soul in you and me.

While it’s true I have taken longer to tune in to some people who had the jab, it’s hard to tell if this is due to their mental dis-ease and worry or something else.

I write this post based on my knowledge and will update it over time as I talk to more people privately in sessions.

Diversity keeps us growing.
Yelling at others is violence.

So is swamping them with shame for whatever they have decided is their path.

A no, not now is not always a no, not ever.
Build rapport, not more cause for war.

Thank you for reading this x

P.S. I will delete any rude posts.

P.P.S Thank you to Rachel, Gina and many more of my amazing clients for the inspiration to make this post public.

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