Wake up 102.9 Hot Tomato! Princess Diana’s death was not a punchline

Wake up, 102.9 Hot Tomato! Princee Diana’s death was not a punchline!

I’ve been in customer service for 25 years and was shocked at the reply I got to my complaint about yesterday’s program where the presenters laughed about ‘Diana going into the tunnel’.

Here it is:

“Thanks for taking the time to send us some feedback on 1029 Hot Tomato.

The segment you are referring to was about Emily’s mum spoiling the end of a show called The Crown. If you are into the Royals as Emily is, I’m sure you’ve seen it. So the fun was more around the fact that this show is from real life events and can’t be spoiled because it happened and is part of history.

Emily is a royalist and will be horrified when we discuss this with her. We will remind the team about choice of content and how it may be perceived by our listeners.

The show is always about fun, so we are sorry you didn’t hear the fun in this segment as we intended. Thanks again for your feedback and for listening to Hot Tomato.”

So there was no ‘sorry we offended you’, it’s just gaslighting that I’m an oversensitive listener. Seriously?

Here’s exactly what was said on the show:

“Emily Jade: Do you know what my Mum spoils when I’m watching The Crown? She’ll be like…and then the Queen did this. I’ll be like, Mum! She’s like It’s history, it’s out there, that actually happened…But I didn’t know it!

Male announcer: Don’t drive through the tunnel Diana!
*team laugh loudly – hahahahahaha

*Male announcer: Are you up to the bit where Lord Louie Mountbatten dies in the ship?!”

If you want to listen to the segment, it’s at 7min 53sec in the 24 August replay on their website. Look for the replay that is 26 min 17sec long. I also downloaded a copy of the file if you can’t access it.

I know it seems like a drop in the ocean, but one voice can make a difference. Disrespect to women is a poison that we can stop.

I have NO issues with Emily Jade – she is lovely and warm and real. But her male announcer totally crossed the line with his ‘joke’.

Here’s how to complain:

Go to https://www.mygc.com.au/listener-complaints-form/
Download the form
Fill it in – I believe they breached 2.2 in the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice
Email to the station manager
Let me know what they reply to you – you can post to my Facebook page or Instagram

FYI – I have worked with Diana’s spirit to prepare the Royal Family Forecast for Yahoo since 2020 – several of my predictions came true within days of publication. She was a good person who truly believed in protecting her children.

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