Spiritual thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic

Time to glow up! I rarely write about the pandemic because it’s so polarising and I have a newborn, but I get people messaging me behind the scenes. So here is my take. As a Chinese-Australian scientist who has worked for the government, the U.N., NGOs and in new age spirituality, I promote the middle path. Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts.

Here are some tips that apply, whatever side of the fence you are on:

-mask or no mask, just remember to breathe. It opens the heart chakra and boosts your immunity. You breathe, the way you live. Stop waiting for permission to do either. Make the most of your incredible opportunity to be here now. You came to Earth at the 11th hour to shed light where it has been dark. That’s why you see 11:11. You’re a Starseed. A Pioneer. A Light.

-jab or no jab, don’t vacillate (that’s an intentional typo) in your commitment to personal and collective wellbeing. Continue to pursue your passions and keep learning about others and the meaning of life. Love fiercely and vocally. Stay in touch with your elders.

-most of all, look at the ingredients list for whatever you eat, drink or put in your mind or body. Who created it? And would you trust that person to nurture your baby and/ or dreams, the way I am holding Ziggy? That will tell you about its potential impact on your future wellbeing, fertility and inner child (i.e. hopes).

If you wouldn’t bring your partner, child or pet to a meeting with the CEO of the organisation/ political system/ religion you work for or belong to, maybe you need to ask, why?

If something or someone is child-friendly, they are human-friendly. Just saying.

And yes, you can bring your kids, pets and dreams to our events…Just give us a heads up so we can prepare more snacks!

FYI, I have many smart people – doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, scientists, business owners, alternative (aka, ancient) healers and parents coming in for psychic readings.

I treat them ALL with respect. I think it’s so important that we help, not horrify each other right now.

11:11 means find strength in numbers.

Please, NO trolling. You will be blocked. #breathe#love #1111 #numerology#thenumbersqueen#sarahyip

P.S. Here is a beautiful healing song, ‘Rock This Baby to Sleep’ with Kate Miller-Heidke and Emma Dean. The lyrics ‘I want things back the way they were and If I can’t have what I want/ Dear God let me want what I have’ are so poignant. I am in Emma’s Computer Choir 2021.

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