Spiritual Meaning of Coronavirus & DIY Energy Protection Tips (Free Facebook live 19 March)

Join our free Facebook Live to discuss the spiritual meaning of Coronavirus, learn how to protect your energy and to watch a demo of Qigong/ Tai Chi moves, which can boost your immunity and calm especially if you are self-isolating at home.

Sarah is a psychic and Holistic counsellor qualified in Environmental Science, while Julia is a hypnotherapist, healer and Qigong teacher. See sarahyip.com and https://mindsease.com.au/

Watch the replay on Facebook (69min)

From 2-2.30pm AEST Sarah will cover:
-Coronavirus – its 56/11 numerology and correlation with Manifestation, Climate Change and…Toilet Paper?! Ah, the human obsession with ‘end of pipe’ solutions
-Why it’s about the fear of your Corona/ Halo/ Go(o)dness being lost
-Big bucks vs common sense – how the media harvests energy
-Practical tips to conserve your sanity, strength and stay centred

From 2.30-3pm AEST Julia will cover:
-How extreme climate events and pollution are often followed by invasion of pathogenic wind into the human aura.
-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)’s take on the Gallbladdder channel, which bridges crises and our reaction to them.
-Qigong and Tai Chi moves that you can do to boost immunity, dispel anxiety, and keep your spirits up.

Video: TCM nurses lead COVID-19 patients practice Tai Chi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnbjACXp-SE

-We’ll finish with a powerful meditation into I Am presence connected to Divine Rays/ Archangel Uriel. This will clear your Crown and Root chakras of trauma around being the pariah/ leper or the person who infects others as well as trauma around the Earth not being a safe place to live in/ feeling that you can’t protect your loved ones from falling ill and dying.

From 3-3.15pm we intend to have Q&A for viewers

This is a time for us to move from fear and denial to being present for what is coming up as a result of this situation. Together, we can turn the Coronavirus pandemic response into an opportunity to open our hearts, expand consciousness and express our innate self-healing abilities.

FYI, we encourage viewers to donate $22+ to the Wayside Chapel (or a similar local cause) if you find this call of benefit. Some people are fortunate to have supportive families and friends when times get tough. For those that don’t, there’s Wayside Chapel. This is one of Sarah’s favourite charities: https://donate.waysidechapel.org.au/

Background reading

Watch the replay on Facebook (69min)

Ian White’s video on Coronavirus, 5G and the Australian Bush Flower Essences. I have read for Ian, see his psychic reading
https://sarahyip.com/happy-2020-the-1111-love-is-rising-a-numerology-forecast-preview/ – quote,

‘2020 is the year we must put the chicken (Mother Earth) before the egg (Mind Ambition) to restore planetary balance. This is the next level of 11:11 Awakening, which reminds us that every one is equal and every moment is a new beginnings.’

We look forwards to seeing you on the call! Please share this event and let us know your questions in advance (you’ll be asked for these when you RSVP on Facebook Messenger)

Sarah and Julia

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