Book Review – The Scientist and the Psychic by Dr. Christian Smith

I’ve been writing up my flip from science to spirituality, so when I saw this book about a biologist whose mother (Geraldine Stringer) was a famous Canadian psychic, I got excited and read it in one night.

My review of The Scientist and The Psychic by Christian Smith, PhD

What I gained from this book:
-Hope. I’m glad that researchers are investigating aura reading, psychometry, telepathy and sensory savants.
-New ideas. Geraldine’s thoughts on green, blue and gold auras described my sons Forrest, Charlie and Ziggy to a tee.
-An insight into the pros and cons of having a psychic mother who helped thousands.
-I liked how Christian scored Geraldine’s predictions and reading about how she helped to find missing people.

What was confronting:
-Details of child abuse and serial killings. I wish there had been a disclaimer in the book/ at checkout.
-Geraldine’s difficulties – she went through a heart attack, obesity, drugs, toxic relationships, etc.. I’ve heard of the link between heart health and psychics before and have to watch this in myself.

Numerology: Christian’s DOB is 5 Feb 1969. This makes him a 32/5 life path Rebel, healing his throat chakra (voice and intuition). Sept 2021 is a double 5 energy, so he’s likely to have good shifts soon. Find your life path

My telepathic, television engineering Dad is a 32/5 life path, as is my mentor Caroline Byrd. These people are wandering stars, who blend diverse ideas to create democracy (or dictatorships, depending on intention). They are travel-lovers who make powerful healers, thinkers and leaders.

At 5, Christian’s childhood life path turning point, his parents divorced. I’m not sure what happened at 32.

When my dad was 32, I was born, so I was his adult life path turning point! Geraldine sounds like a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger (my path).

This book is a labour of love, full of fascinating studies and stories. I recommend it to anyone interested in a scientist’s view of psychics and the dynamics of spiritual families.

Thanks Christian for your brilliant contribution.

September 2021 update – Dr Christian Smith commented on my Instagram post with this feedback: “Thank you @sarahyip1111 So happy you enjoyed the book and giving this feedback. My turn for feedback! You are very right about September! I closed on my downtown condo and moving outside the city to get more nature around me.” Woohoo!


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